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  1. Malko83

    Sunroof ?

    Webasto Hollandia H300. 599 € sur Voir photos page 1
  2. Sorry the translation is very bad, so I want to change the fluid of my CVT transmission on my IQ3 Racer. Who knows how much fluid I have to buy? Many thanks to all IQ fans
  3. Bad translation: see next message
  4. I switch off mine by deconnecting it because it cause to fail the car. It was working correctly for 2 years, and now problem with the connection of the accelerator. Very umplaisant to have the engine stop suddenly. And impossible to restart for 1 minute. So for for me no more rostra .
  5. Be careful withe the Rostra kit, because a year after having put on on my IQ, suddenly the engine stop, and the alarm light switch on the dashboard. After 30 seconds engine accept to restart but the alarm was still light. The day after all was ok, no more alarm. I went to toyota, and with the computer they find that it was a problem with the accelerator wiring. After 2 months, same problem. So I take out the rostra, and now all is ok. So be careful.
  6. The problem is not to find another bigger battery : Varta for instance has a bigger one 60A. for diesel IQ. My problem is to know what modification to do to fix the bigger battery. Under my actually battery there is a plastic battery tray which will be too small for the bigger one battery. So question, with a part list, have you the references of the plastic tray of the diesel IQ. Many thanks if you can help me<<<;
  7. Do you know if it is possible to replace the 45A battery of my IQ gasoline with a 60A of an IQ diesel. It seems that there is enough place in the engine compartment. Many thanks
  8. Good job David. Congratulations
  9. Malko83

    Fuse box

    Ok , finished, Rostra cruise control is working perfectly. The most difficult was to find the fuse box on my left hand drive automatic IQ.
  10. Malko83

    Fuse box

    Many thanks guys, I finally find it ,well hidden at the left of the lower airbag driver. It is done, Rostra cruise control works perfect.
  11. Malko83

    Fuse box

    A little help please. Xophe who is a fan +++ of IQ tell me that there is a fuse box inside the car. I did not find it. Do you know where it is? Many thanks
  12. May be a little oil link from the rocker cover gasket So some oil on the exaust and when it is hot !!!!!!!!!
  13. I want the same David !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Please give me somme news about your fitting of a cruise control on your IQ, and if it is working, could you confirm me the link to buy it on alibaba.Many thanks.
  15. Malko83

    Soeleys Iq

    Hello David, poor david I must say with all your problems with your Toyota dealer. I was thinking that it was only in french garage that such things can happen, but it'ts seems that the conscientiousness is lost every where. Have a nice new year, and change your oil and plugs.............