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  1. Iq Mpg On Bp Ultimate Unleaded

    Mines been averaging between 28-32mpg, cry for me, I think she must be very broken
  2. Avg 32Mpg?! Is There Something Wrong With My Iq?

    Hi it's a 1.0 manual I do about 250 miles a week with a mix of rural and town driving, but it doesn't seem to creep up on motorways, when I first got the car a year ago it returned 45mpg, can't work it out
  3. Hi i've had an average mpg of 32 recently? Does anyone else get similar figures?? Thanks, Corey
  4. 2 Weeks Old And Look What Someone Has Done...: (

    oh no, dont use chips away, no paint applied on a driveway will ever stay looking good!!!if you unbolted the bumper the you could probably use a heat gun,(or a lot of hairdryers-about 5-worked as a quick fix when my bumper was bent out at a 90 degree angle!!) to get the dent out, see if there's a fix auto garage near you instead, my experience of them is very positive, will beat chips away hands down!
  5. How Much Fuel Can You Fit In Your Iq?

    Its a manual, i'd say between 30-35mpg but not got a definite answer :/
  6. How Much Fuel Can You Fit In Your Iq?

    Hmmmm sorry for the slow reply, yep 40 quid gets me just about 220miles, toyota checked emissions and all is hunky dory but im going to check my air filter, do a lot of short journeys but still cover an average of 350 miles a week, hope i can sort it! thank you for the advice!
  7. How Much Fuel Can You Fit In Your Iq?

    This is worrying me slightly, my iQ takes around £40 of fuel and is only returning 33 mpg atm, had it checked over by toyota but they say all is fine, surely my right foot isn't that heavy!!!
  8. Juddering Solved-Hopefully

    I'll ring and check that they have a look the EGR valve as they're replacing exhaust related parts, forgot to mention it,hope the gearing sorts itself to, thanks for the advice :)
  9. Juddering Solved-Hopefully

    Hi all, took my iQ into Toyota this morning for the standard recall work on brakes and steering, and decided to get the juddering when cold/stiff gears checked before the warranty runs out. I just received a call to say they discovered it was a problem with my cars manifold and they are going to replace it, anyone else had similar problems? Thanks, Corey
  10. Gutted

    Half sorted, fixed her mechanically but left the panel damage, she'll probably be pretty again by the end of the month. Im sending it for a pamper at Toyota on Wednesday before the warranty runs out :)
  11. Gutted

    Sorry to hear that, thats gutting! At least your iQ hasnt seen the bottom of a ditch, when I took it on holiday, that really did break my heart and ruin my summer, saying that, duct tape and cable ties suit the iQ well......
  12. Wing Mirrors Vandalised :(

    What part of Essex are you based in? If you are anywhere near broxbourne I could get you sorted at a Fix Auto Bodyshop, british standards approved so proper job, dealer will cost an arm and a few legs!
  13. Flashing – Yes Or No?

    Worrying as I may look like a bit of a plonker
  14. Flashing – Yes Or No?

    I flash/wave but never get a response, even more worryingly in my time owning the iQ I've only seen one male driver, the rest are all older women...
  15. Juddering

    Also mine judders like no ones business at biting pint, shakes the whole car, does that sound like the reported issue?