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  1. Anyone done it on a 2003 d4d? Anyone got a how to guide at all if it's not too hard? Thanks .
  2. So it's not needed, I could just bin it?
  3. What's this part called please? It's caused my clutch to fail, it's above the clutch slave cylinder, leaking out of the back of it. Got to order one I am guessing its a Dealer part only ggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Ta folks!!!
  4. Anyone help please? We are running out of ideas now, the fault code showing relates to a part only found on a petrol model???? Blanked egr no change, changed fuel filter no change, checked turbo,no fault, latest guess was throttle pedal sensor, but that's just a guess, or throttle body but dont want to go there on a guess seeing as Toyota want £340+Vat for the pedal sensor thieving !Removed!, dread to think what a throttle would be. Once again symptoms are, starts first turn of key and sits at idle no problems at all, push down on throttle pedal and the engine management light comes on but won't accelerate, it will slowly pick up to about 2500rpm bit if you dump the clutch it just looses power immediately, no torque at all.
  5. Oh god this thread is like reading my own wows and have been since I got my Rav 18 months ago, all the same symptoms took it to Toyota in the end who said 'new turbo mate' because the fault code said 'turbo system malfunction' but it wasn't the turbo after it was stripped and checked, so saved £1450 (thanks Toyota dealer you robbing ,...,.) anyway changed sgvs no change in hiccuping and dying, changed the fuel filter, nope, cleaned the ERG that worked for about a week and then on Saturday this week it finally gave up all together and only ticks over now, and will if pushed hard on the pedal will climb to 2500rpm with no power at all, so now it's in the garage with the guy scratching his head as he can't find the fault and the code he is getting doesn't relate to a part fitted to the D4d, poor lad I have left it with him.
  6. My Mechanic has a problem reading a fault code, its something like P11 1d or something, anyone have a code list at all please?
  7. I had both valves done who I bought her 12 months ago, I think there was a red and green or blue can't remember now but both done.
  8. My Rav gave up today, went into limp mode and wouldn't accelerate at all. RAC man couldn't find fault, if you try and accelerate the engine management light comes on, however it will very slowly rev to about 3000rpm but absolutely no power at all, and will tick over and start no problems at all, any ideas?
  9. Oh mate I can't than you enough!,
  10. Can anyone tell me the part number for my 2003 D4D turbo please? Apparently my long suffering occasional stutter on acceleration is caused by the wastegate sticking ! dealer wants £1400 for the job, ........yeah that's not happening so may tackle it myself.
  11. Thanks for that, now ordered, got to be worth a tenner eh?
  12. What ever you do.....dont touch those tiny little sensors with ANYTHING....just spray them thoroughly,and let them dry for at least 45 ins. ( i put mine in my airing cupboard for a while to make sure it was dry ).,or another tip is to take car for a drive ,get engine warmed up...then do the work,use the engine heat to dry it off....fully. Best of luck. As above mate where do I get this magic cleaner from ?
  13. Jamie, where can I get this cleaner you used mate?
  14. many thanks mate I will give it a go!