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  1. Glad to hear it Dan, mine is on 105,000 now and still the same!
  2. Had mine fixed on Tuesday 17th, part was in after a week! I didn't have a temporary fix as not doing many miles and the leak was high up on the pipe so just kept less than half a tank in. It was corroded along the whole length though! Haven't got the bill yet (about a month later usually ! Devon!)
  3. I read this last week, yesterday found a large diesel stain under my Rav ! 2007 ! looks like it's coming up to the time for it to start happening to a few owners. My local garage said Toyota have quoted 10 days for delivery
  4. mine is also a bit temperamental , the shuffle(random) feature on the cd player stops working sometimes and the display breaks up now and then, might have a look for another. Good luck with yours Scott
  5. No , it hasn't got any worse, still the same as when I first heard it, to be hones I don't notice it now, but then I am a bit deaf!
  6. Hi there, my Rav has been making this noise since about 75000 miles and it's now done 100,000 ! My local garage that I've used for many years said not to worry, take it in if it gets worse, clutch is working fine but I expect I'll need a new one some time soon!
  7. in 4 years never found it a problem, I've always been careful with noseweights
  8. I have the swan neck version that Doosan has posted the link to, and really like it. You do sometimes find that there is not enough room to mount/dismount it if the ground is rising towards the rear of the vehicle, but I have never found that a hassle. The only other point to bear in mind is that this towbar has a 75kg noseweight limit so you must pay attention to how you load your caravan.
  9. i thought "Doosan" would be on here pretty quickly with some info! He's right, join http://www.caravantalk.co.uk it's a great forum. My Rav tows my caravan brilliantly, not as long as the op's one but it's great. Especially with retro fit cruise control for those long trips abroad.
  10. No potholes??? Where do you live, must be very lucky not to have potholes! Here in north Devon there are potholes with a very occasional bit of smooth tarmac in between!
  11. Mine is much the same Kim, quite clunky when cold but is much better when warmed up. (89000 miles)
  12. They seem pretty generous in their P/X prices
  13. For anyone looking for a second hand Rav in the south west, this is a good place to start, nice people, good customer service, www.wdvsouthwestltd.co.uk
  14. Bang on Big Kev, connector coming out of the switch, Chris, who owns our local garage was a bit surprised to see the low level airbag, which he dropped out to get at the switch, but all done in 15 mins.....no charge ! (I will buy him a pint!)
  15. Hmmm, I think there are a few people who regard the 4.3 as very good in snow, I haven't had chance to try mine in any yet. I did pull a broken down Defender 90 out of a wet field though! Wading depth is 500mm.
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