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  1. Yeah, when it was FFRRRREEEEZZZing !!! Told you it was gna be there man. Maccy D's, here we don't come !!
  2. Yeah, i read it ages ago, that the Toyota Corolla was the LEAST called out car in a survey conducted by the major break/recovery companies, i.e AA, RAC, Green Flag. Therefore making it the most reliable, thats why most are driven by old people. Rolla's and Hando Vicci's. <<< can YOU guess what this says? :D
  3. Hey guys and gals, did anyone watch Fifth Gear tonight (Monday) at 8pm? They were trying to do a 200mph project car using a Lotus Esprit. They got some people to the strip to show it could be done. Fensport's Rolla was 1st up, got to about 160 or 170, and the gearbox blew up!! And they say Corolla's were voted least called out cars by the AA!! HA. The programme repeats Tuesday night at 23:55 pm, CH5.
  4. Hi guys, whats the best place for price/stock for Jap spares? I recall there was some place down in Devon right? Anyone know the number?
  5. Am after a HKS backbox from anything, preferably from a turbo'd car. Minimum of 4'' tailpipe.
  6. On Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson said that ' Nice people bought Saab's '. There are nice people in the whole world who buy all kinds of cars init. And then there are the idiots who buy nice cars and drive them like idiots. Its all down to the individual person, and how the act towards the rest of the population. If you're a nice person, you act nice, if you're an idiot, you act idiotically init.
  7. Hey Boro Sera, into SHADOWs eh? I thought they had cool ships too. B5. Classic.
  8. Hmm, ok, the car is an AUTO. It DOES dump, however it sort of sounds like someone snoring when it does when you drive. It only does the ptsssh sound when giving it some, so it actually gets up to 4k rpm. Thats why I mentioned it does it at those revs. Below that, it 'snores'.
  9. Hmm, well, if cutting one of the spring makes the dump lower in the revs, would that affect the preformance of the engine then? Cos it's dumping so early, it isn't getting up to proper pressure. AM I correct in saying that? This is the dump valve I've got.
  10. The Wonderwoman joke is an oldie, been changed since I knew it, and Fred Flintstone one old too. Am sure we can do better than that.
  11. Hi boy and girls, here we are again, another question for those technically minded in the know how of turbo engines and accesories to make them go faster, sound cool and put smiles on our faces. Today's question is, How DOES one make a BOV/dump valve more audible? This is what is on the car at the mo: HKS big green mushroom air filter HKS EVC-4 Electronic boost controller Forge motorsport twin port dump valve The car is running 1.1 BAR max boost at the mo, but I want the dump valve to be more audible. It dumps at 4k rpm, but sounds,.... slightly muted, unless you open the bonnet of course, b
  12. Sounds as complicated as my HKS EVC-4. I am running my HKS one at 0.8 BAR low, 1.1 BAR high. Not enitrely sure I've done it right, but it sure does kick butt!! I have attached a link to my fitting instructions here, scroll down to page 4, it's a BAR - PSI conversion table. Sorry, I don't know how to just get a single page from the site. http://www.mygen.com/users/dbruce/myz31/HK...anual%201.0.pdf
  13. Hi guys, I know some of you have upgraded your turbos, but from which to which? Which one gives what power or spins quicker and what not? Are they water cooled? My turbo is a Garret T25, which is water cooled, so am looking for a water cooled replacement. I'm running 1.1 BAR at the mo. Not sure how much BHP I got, but it &#33;Removed&#33; spins wheels at rolling starts!!
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