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  1. sorry to bump old thread, were did you guys fit the ballasts and did you need to drill the rear panel of headlight, i had hids fitted to my old leon but had to drill the rear panel also had two different sets over period of owning car and both interferred with radio which is putting me off trying them on auris
  2. Has anyone retrofitted DRL's i was thinking of trying it as i dont have spots just a blank grill so i could mount them onto or into them, seen some on ebay that also act as indicators too
  3. does anyone know the widest profile tyres that will fit unmodified on a 17inch rim onto the auris, im looking at a set of alloys but they have 245/55/17 tyres fitted i would refit for 225 when the tyres wear down
  4. is the offset important i know the auris is rated with an offset of 35-45 so would an alloy with an offset of 30 rub?
  5. im googling now, any idea on prices?
  6. been googling and looks like no one makes a strut brace for the Auris, I see that OMP make them for a few models would one for a Yaris or the old Corolla fit the Auris?
  7. suits the car alot better, it can be seen much better on your car than mine since you have 16" alloys, it really lowers the back which i felt looked way to high
  8. i paid €100 round £80 through a local independant garage
  9. i fitted those very ones, lowered the car a considerable bit, ride is slightly improved, auris still rolls on corner think thats its nature, and ride is rough as hell going slow over rough ground but it was like this before, however im on 15inch alloys maybe on 17s be different
  10. cheers for replies, i dont think its worth it so i really couldnt put up with them being black, i think it looks out of place and then as for painting as you say they will look wrecked after while, that and i think the damage is already there, the previous owner had no heed on the car at all, and the worst dents are on the arch lines. There is a cheap set of brand new ones on ebay if anyone fancies them think ill let them slide this time
  11. im sick of the car being bashed by other peoples doors and shopping trolleys and was wondering on side mouldings, i have seen them before but in the black non painted state which looked horrible, i tried a google image search but cant find a decent no brochure picture of colour coded side mouldings does anyone have a picture, im afraid it will take the sleak look away from the car
  12. @Swich, seen this on ebay might interest you its not genuine however
  13. funny enough i had been looking at the new auris with the rear garnish and had thought vinyl would do the same job, any chance of a picture outdoors in daylight
  14. changed gear knob and can confirm it simply screws off, the new knob is a big improvement never noticed it was leather the old one was a horrible fake plastic
  15. i have the bottom engine bay cover in place but i noticed today it is hanging low, on further investigation it is only held on with cable ties, does anyone have the part numbers for the screws which should hold it in place, also i think there is 2 removalable flaps to gain access to oil filter and drain plug they are missing too if they can be ordered separately aswell, if not perhaps part number for complete new cover with all parts required