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  1. A quick update report. I was lucky to get a genuine Toyota upgrade clutch kit from a kind chap on Ebay for around £120. I decided to get a local mechanic to fit it for me for £120. Toyota would have wanted considerably more than that and would not guarantee me a "good will" getsure, even though their part and failed due to poor design. The fault was, as suspected, caused by two broken drive straps. Anyway, I'm not bitter. In general the car is fine and does what I want it to. It runs well with the new clutch and now I have the obligatory Brembo disks, rerplacement water pump and now uprated cl
  2. Thanks for the replies on this. The more I read up the more I am appalled by the service other Aygo owners have had. I am glad I did a bit of investigating before handing over £650 as requested by my local dealer. I just had a chat with Robert at Calder Clutch Ltd. http://www.calderclutch.co.uk He said this was a common problem caused by a lack of "drive straps". Apparently, the 180mm diameter plate isn't the cause of the problem but dropping in a 190mm unit from a Yaris seems to do the trick and eliminates the need for Toyota to make a new part. Therefore, that is what you will get if you go
  3. Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. I own a Toyota Aygo Platinum, 2008 with 77k on the clock. 90% of my driving is motorway at around 60 to 70 mph. Today, the engine started making a terrible knocking sound whenever the cluch pedal is pushed down. It seems to drive OK but the noise it makes is worrying. Here is a video of the problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI7VzZicJds&feature=youtu.be Anyone know what's going on here? Am I looking at a new clutch? How much is this likely to cost me? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. Many thanks for the advice. I think i'll keep it. It runs fine and the high miles would be a problem on resale. If I can get another trouble free 70k, I'll have done well.
  5. Hi, I have just signed up so be gentle with me. (I did a "hello" post in the new members section) I bought a brand new Aygo Platinum in 2008 and other than a replacement water pump, the car hasn't skipped a beat. I do mostly motorway driving at around 60 to 70 mph and have a 110 mile daily commute. I have it regularly serviced professionally but I did tackle a front brake pad and disk replacement a while back, which seemed to go well. I fill her up every four days or so at a cost of £40-£45 and get in the region of 420 miles from it. My car has now done over 70,000 miles. It looks like new and
  6. Hi, Finally signed up after bying and Aygo from new in 2008. I have a Platinum and it has now done over 70,000 miles. It's been great but now it's time to ask some questions.
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums bux112 :)

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