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  1. if your just looking to read codes and reset mil lights then cheap & cheerful, about a £10 Marty
  2. assume you checked oil once engine had reached operating temperature and did leave standing for 5 mins before checking oil levels ? sometimes we forget the obvious lol Marty
  3. have a look on Fleabay m8 and if you have a fruit based phone theres even wireless ones that work with an app on your phone
  4. ordered one off Fleabay for £10, got Dashcommand already so we'll see............. gotta love a JB lol ;) Marty
  5. cheers guys appreciate the comments thanks for all your input :) Marty
  6. glad ya sorted m8, shame your in Ireland as thinking of trying them out, so off to trawl fleabay ;) Marty
  7. if your fruitbased phone is jailbroken you can make it run non apple devices............. Marty
  8. Hi guys, my 2.2 avensis TR D4D estate shows me a yellow exclmation mark along with the message 'oil maintenance required' thought initially this was due to low oil level but on checking dipstick oil level is fine (?) also does the Avensis have the 15pin fault reader/error code connection and if so where is it situated. any help appreciated, thanks in advance Marty
  9. thats exactly what it is............... turns sensors on or off lol
  10. @Konrad C yep I did see that episode lol phone/audio shop was actually a connect2 outlet, the guy even had a connect2 app on his phone pmsl Marty
  11. as @ipher said turns out to be total bo****ks there are plent of leads available on the net, I ordered one with the intention of buying a parrot 3100 and taking it and lead to local fitter who originally told me they werent available ( actually a connect2 outlet !! ) Have since found a very helpful local man who fitted everything from stock !! so if anybody wants an ISO lead for an Avensis for a bluetooth hands free kit give me a shout :) Marty
  12. hi guys, what bluetooth kit is compatible with my avensis, I have a 2008 TR tourer and local phone fitters say there isn't a lead listed that will allow me to use a Parrott 3100 with satnav/radio/cd unit any help much appreciated Marty
  13. Hi guys, just bought an avensis tourer, where is the 14pin port that code readers can be plugged into? any help mucho appreciated lol thanks in advance Marty
  14. wheres the obdII socket on an avensis tourer ?
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