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  1. Hi I also agree about the Michelin Primacy 3 tyres find them very soft. Also have the traction light on when pulling out on to roundabouts and the worst is if if you are stopped and waiting to turn right and the on coming car gives u the lights to go half lock on the steering put the foot down and the tyres light up. I also had cross climate on my last car found them excellent will go for them when tyres are due for change.
  2. Hi Chris I have the same problem as u also driver side as well. Did u get it sorted.
  3. In the boot pop out the light thats for the boot.. About 4 inches long just enough to get 2 fingers in and wiggle it back into place. Sounds like something out of 50 shades of gray lol.
  4. Hi i have a 2010 avensis saloon and the brake light on the backboard has come lose. Anybody know how to get at it. By lose i mean it is after falling into the slot it is now rattleing around. Thanks in advance.
  5. Took the car back to MR T ran a diagnoses on it and just cleared the fault that was on the dash. And hey presto parking brake back working . They said they have no idea why it showed a fault.
  6. Hi thanks for the feed back after digging out the paper work that i got when i bought the car. And from what i can take from it it had a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty and a 24 month/60000 warranty . When i bought the car it had 60000kms on it in June 2012 now in December 2013 it has 90000kms on it So looks like im still with in the mileage warranty plus has been fully serviced by Toyota. .The car was 3 years old when i bought it. Valvematic their was no indications it was about to go plus i was always aware that it was pricey to repair so yes i was the guy in traffic who kept his foot on the brake . only used it when leaving the car parked.
  7. Hi my Electric parking brake has stopped working on my 2009 avensis started car up and went to let the clutch out to release it and noting. Except warning light on dash and CHECK PARKING BRAKE SYSTEM on dash. Two questions, how much am i looking at it to have it fixed? Second, as it is released i presume its ok to drive. Thanks for any help.
  8. Hi my fathers avensis as started displaying this fault. On start up it says check vsc system the traction control sign stays on as does the abs sign. Any ideas would be a great help. It's a 2010 d4d 2.0. If u turn it off and re start it up it gis off?
  9. Hi im going to replace the headlight bulbs on my 2009 new shape avensis .ive no manual for the car so im not sure on what size bulb i see on the net H7 been said and H11. So which size bulb is it i have read good reviews about philips x treme vision. Any body ues these or recommend anything better . Have to say the ones in it at the minute are ***** poor . Also had a look at changing them and they look a lot easier then my old avensis 2005 model. Would i be right in saying they are easy to get at. Thanks for any advice ..
  10. Thanks for the feed back guys looks like i dont have that option.
  11. Hi i cant seem to find the MPG setting selector when going through the settings. In the owners manual it shows a setting for it but it does not show up on the dash . Any help with this would be great thanks here is a photo from the manual and a photo of the dash. thanks . GAVIN.
  12. Hi rang around a couple of places to get prices on 2 tyres . Its a 2010 avensis saloon diesel original wheels on it. Now the tyres that is on it at the moment are infinity"RUBBISH" 215/55/16. Tyre fitter says they are the wrong size he says they should be 205/55/16. Phoned another place and they said 215/55/16. So which size is it . Thanks in advance . GAVIN.
  13. Thanks for all the feed back on the above .Brought the car back to MR T they took it in checked glow plugs and a few other things . ran a diagnostics on it noting showed up. So they took a sample of the diesel they reckon the diesel was basically rubbish. They asked where i fill up from and once i said Tesco they said that wots more they likely the problem. So they drained the tank wasent much in it about 20 euros worth . Put in about a tenners worth . all seems fine now no more smoke and no more tesco diesel so.
  14. Hi dave yep still under warranty dont know weather its me just be paranoid .When i start it and give it a good rev ill get a bit of white smoke but after about 3 minutes of it ticking over and rev hard theirs no smoke ,has for what igormus suggested i may aswell be looking in back end of a donkey . think ill just pop into mrT on monday.
  15. Well, you must admit that, although you had to watch half the world pass you (probably even a Mini or two), you achieved seriously good mpg. At least you have a choice now - drive fast or drive economically... Having had four Passats in a row, prior to this Avensis, I must say that I love the Passat, but I just couldn't afford to keep he last one (the first one that wasn't a company car), due to it being worth less than the settlement figure. The Avensis, on the other hand, came with a five year warranty and the promise of good fuel economy, in a fair-sized car. Although I miss the Passat, I do really like this Avensis, as well. I agree about the fuel economy at higher speeds though; the Passat is built for the Autobahn, so I'd expect it to some extent. Hi how do u get the MPG to show up .on my dash it shows KM,/100KM or km/km theirs no mpg im averaging around 17.1 which i think is about 48mpg on motorway at 80mph.