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  1. Hi! I wondered some time ago how one could use the small 'hidden' compartment area under the ordinary boot in my IQ. After about 3000km of travelling in my 2009 IQ2 this summer, with my fiance, I also learned that a separate area for packing our underwear would be nice, in order to avoid cluttering in the ordinary bags. With this in mind I took some meassures, made a sketch, and talked to one of my friends wife who is good on handling her proffessional sewing machine. A month later, this weekend I finally got the result: a 10 liter taylor made bag for the packaging area under the lid in the boot! I tested it today and it fit very well. Best regards Jon Lindholm, Sweden
  2. Hello, thanks! A shame it does not seems solvable..maybe it could be worth talking to a toyota workshop if something can be done with the ecu. The positive side with my fridge is that it only draws about 18W when the compressor is active, and that it is active only periodically, like an ordinary home fridge. The model is waeco cf-18 and I can really recommend it! Over and out, Jon
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone know if it is possible to get the 12V outlet allways live? I have a Waeco (energy friendly compressor version) coolbox which would be nice to use even when the car is parked.. Thanks in advance! BR Jon
  4. But I don't think the HIR2 bulb can be replaced by a H4 bulb. Neither optical centre of the filament nor the socket is the same. Philips has a model called 9012, which has the same optical, electrical and mechanical interface as the original HIR2 bulb. I think the lumen output also is higher. I actually has bought a piar via ebay which I will install these in time before the long, dark swedish winter.... Best regards Jon
  5. Hello johnan, I have had an IQ2 from 2009 for about 2 months soon, and really love the car. I was going from a Merc E320 with 220hp and automatic tranny. What I like most is the handy feeling of the car and that it is so engineered. I use the car for day to day city commuting but have also used it for several longer trips on motorway and extra urban drvies. A positive thing is that I match the EU specified values of the gas consumption when I focus on my drive. I see the consumption figures as the 0-60 figures. They can never be reached if you dont focus on what you are doing. One will never meet the official 0-60 figures if roof rack is mounted, slipping on the clutch, and gear changes are done flimsy and without timing. I think the same applies for the official gas figures - to meet them one need to be focused and drive with care on what one are doing. Before the purchase me and my fiance tested the 1.0 manual first and we were positively surprised of the engine performance and sound! To be sure we also tested the 1.33 with manual but were disppointed. I more or less felt the 1.33 to be less powerfull, and without the rewarding sound of the threepipe. My theory is that the 1.0 is the optimum engine and that the 1.33 is a "needed" performance step that Toyota offers in order to meet customers who dont think a three cylinder is a real engine - and I respect those customers and think Toyota does this well. Also after the 2 months now I like the 1.0 engine. It does well in town, on extra urban drives with one passenger and fully packed, and works well at motorway speed. I hope you find a good IQ! BR Jon Lindholm My former cars have been: MB E320 Sedan 1996 (W210) (2010-2012) Ford Mondeo ST220 Estate 2006 (2009-2010) Ford Mondeo Estate 2.0 1998 (2005-2009) Buick Wildcat 6.6 1965 (2002-2007) Mercedes 280 1973 (1997-2009)
  6. Hi Does anyoe knw if the storage tray under the passenger seat fitted on Scion IQ can be fitted to the Toyota IQ? It would be a great retro fit imo! Best regards Jon
  7. elt96jlm

    Mpg Display

    Hi It seem to me that the IQ can be seen like fine instrument. To get the best mpg you need to drive with care and stay focused. I have learned a lot since I bought my used IQ2 in about 5 weeks drom now. I drove it home from the dealer approx 150 miles mostly extra urban at 52mpg. After that I use the Instant mpg on the trip computer and catch a glimpse onit every now and then. This has resulted in an urban consumption of approx 56mpg and last weekend me and my fiance took a 600mile trip (back and fourth) wich ended in 69mpg. From that trip I also I found out that the IQ is very fuel efficient at around 50miles/h. My advices are: - use the instant mpg to learn mpg at different speeds, gears and iclines. - use the gear change sign and high gears. Its e.g. no problem to drive on flat road at 31 miles /h on fifth gear. - on flat road, slightly loose the accelerator pedal. This often work without loosing speed. At the same time, check instant mpg and see how it reacts. - read eco driving info and practice. Its fun and the IQ is good tool and will gve a lot back! To sum up, I think the IQ is not the only solution if you want to cut the fuel bills. It has to be combined with theory and practice on how to drive the IQ. On the other hand, it will then reward you during the learning, and will then be the right tool for really good mpg figures, at or very close to the official mpg figures! Best regards Jon
  8. I think the slots intended to hold the belt pads work fine - why not use these? BR Jon
  9. Hi everyvody, Thanks for all comments! Jon
  10. Congrats! Have had mine for one month and still love it! A bold car for bold people... :-) It seems to me the mpg is really good to! It's like a Porsche, you need to drive it right in order to get use of its full performance! I really like trying to reach mpg spec and I have almost succeed for urban spec. My next challenge is to reach extra urban spec. Best regards from Sweden Jon
  11. Hello! I saw this topic has been discussed before, but I wonder if someone has ordered the Phillips 9012 bulb sold on ebay and tested in on the IQ? I plan to buy a pair in order to have in stock when one on the car breaks but have learned that the original HIR2 was supplied from Toshiba and not Phillips. Is light pattern the same etc? Thanks, Jon
  12. Hi David, Thanks a lot for the pics, wit will help doing the upgrade! BR Jon
  13. Hi David! Thanks for a quick reply! Would be nice to see pics from your retrofit. BR Jon
  14. Hi! I saw that the 2010-11 interior upgrade also included a door grab handle for the driver and passenger door positioned in the area where the window buttons are located.. I personally miss that on my IQ from 2009 where you have to grab on the grey part carrying the tweeter when closing the door. Question is, could there be a possibility to retro-fit the plastic piece with the grab handle used on facelifted interior, on the pre-face lifted doors? It seems this piece could be de-tachable? Thanks, Jon
  15. Hi everyone! Thanks for your advices - didn't know about the price for the 16 tyres. I'll think it over again, thanks for your proposals! Jon