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  1. No reason at all, turned engine on and lights stayed on, however just to let everyone know before you panic or rush your cars off to Mr Ts and fork out your hard earnt dollars, check your rear brake light bulbs, thats all it was. Removing the rear lens was a bit awkwaed though, you have to squeeze the top clips together and pull at the same time, once the top part of the cluster has come away from it's holding brackets move your hand down to feel the lower clips which are behind the indicater bulbs, give the clips another squeeze and pull the whole clister out, hay presto job done. Regards, Nick.
  2. Apologies if this has already been dealt with but.......... Yesterday for no obvious reason my ABS, VCS & TRC warning lights came on and will not go out, l am runnng a 2005 2.2 d4d estate if that helps, is there a way to reset them without going to Mr Ts ? Regards, Nick.
  3. The MAF sensor is on the top of the air cleaner box, remove the electrical connection and undo the two small screws then remove, you will see on the side of the unit protected by a shroud are two wires with a tear drop shape on the end, more than likely the side furthest away from the intake will be nice and clean, unlike the side which gets all the crud stuck to it. Use electrical contact cleaner and don't be tempted to touch it, also give it a good squirt down the tubes too, it make take half a can or so but once it's all nice and shiny give it time to dry off the reconnect and bobs your uncle. Nick.
  4. UPDATE :- the car is running like a dream (fingers crossed) I cleaned out the EGR valve but took it apart again as l could smell diesel in the cabin, I gave the re-usable gaskets a thorough clean back to bare metal then took the solenoid off the EGR to be able to push the valve in/out to further clean it, I also used the wire off an old coat hanger to get inside the port holes and pull more soot out then blew it out with my air compressor, I gave it all a good clean with brake cleaner. After this re-cleaned the MAF sensor with electrical contact cleaner until the wires looked shiny. Torque settings for the EGR I used was 18lbf taken from another thread in the Auris section. When I tried to start it, it took four attempts and a big cloud of grey smoke which I assume was the brake cleaner being burnt off. Took it for a run and an Italian tune up, now sounds great, pulls well and zero smoke even when I nail it. Between this clean and the initial one the other week I've seen an increase in MPG from low 40s to high 40s and it starts first time every time even at -deg temps. I have ordered a tub of bg244 to clean the whole internals with, and from now on I shall not be using cheap supermarket fuel on every fill up and instead treat it to some Shell. All in all, well worth doing and very simple, around 1 hour in total but most of this was cleaning the gaskets. Nick.
  5. That answers that then, no need to reset anything as l bought an unmodified scv. Thanks.
  6. Will just disconnecting the battery for a short while do the job of resetting the ECU back to factory settings ?
  7. Update, after reading other posts I cleaned out the egr valve and was shocked at how much soot came out, put it all back together and it fired first time. I won't feel comfortable until l try it again in the morning, but fingers crossed anyway. Nick
  8. OK so swapped SCV, nice simple off and on job. Got up this morning and it's a no go, no change what so ever, so I'll do a search and maybe start a new topic called cold start problem. Nick.
  9. Just to let you all know that Diesel injectors let me down and said the Denso price was £140 so I ordered it from Brooker Zhao via Aliexpress for £79 inc vat and postage, arrived today after less than a week from Asia.
  10. Diesel Injectors UK by the way.
  11. Thomas diesels got back to me with the Denso part number 294200-0300 and priced at £85 + VAT, I did a google search and found the same item for £78 including VAT and free P&P so well happy now. This is for a 2005 2.2 D4D. Thanks for the lead Milky bar kid, the milky bars are on me ! Nick.
  12. Thanks, I've dropped them an e-mail l just need to find the part number off the pump for them. Nick.
  13. also what year and engine size is your car ? Nick.
  14. Is the RESTRICTOR CAP self explanatory to fit and do you have the parts number please ? Nick.
  15. Hi Just reading your post and lm a bit confused, did you just change it over without the software update ? Devon Aygo says it needs the software update from Mr T, How much was it and was a simple change / regards, Nick.
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