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  1. All sorted. It turns out I did need a back plate afterall. I had the choice of ordering one online for around £25 or going straight to a Toyota dealership and buying one for £29. I chose the dealership as the extra £4 is worth it for the genuine part and the fact that I didn't have to wait days for delivery. My passenger side wing mirror looks all shiny and new now :) Thanks for all the help, guys!
  2. Thank you for the fast reply. So, what you are saying is that I do not need a new back plate? Just the glass will suffice? Would this be suitable? http://tinyurl.com/c9zyyk9 or this http://tinyurl.com/cg2dxfc
  3. It seems that somebody has clipped my passenger side mirror. There is no structural damage to the mirror at all but unfortunately the glass has fallen out and shattered :( This is what my mirror looks like: Can anybody please help me in telling me how I would go about repairing this and what parts I would need? I'm hoping alls I need is the glass. Car: Yaris mk2 (06+) My mirror is just a standard electric mirror. It isn't heated. Edit: I've also just checked the electric mirror controls. The square plate in the middle of the wing mirror moves just fine when I operate the controls from inside the car. I'm guessing/hoping that alls I need is a new sheet of glass. I've seen some adhesive ones online. Are the adhesive ones the correct ones?
  4. Thanks for all the helpful replies! Especially you, Cyker. You guys convinced me so much that I went out and bought it and I'm very happy with my purchase. 1st gear = not as good as the petrol megane but that is to be expected. The car feels alot more lively than the 10.7s 0-62 time suggests and in-gear urgency in 3rd and 4th is awesome. Hell, it was even pulling strongly up a hill in 2nd/3rd! I can definitely feel the torque difference between this diesel and my old petrol. I will admit that the diesel isn't quite as good off the mark as my old petrol megane but once you hit 2nd gear and onwards, the torque just takes over and puts a smile on your face. I no longer have to worry about hunting around the gearbox for some power thanks to the extra torque available and as such, my motorway journeys have become much more pleasant. Add that to the fact that this car is more comfortable and less noisy than my old car at speed, and I think I've made an excellent purchase.
  5. Hey guys, I'm thinking of picking up a diesel yaris and was wondering what the performance was like. I know that the quoted time is 10.7s to 62mph and I know that it won't win any races but I'm looking for a small car that can cope decently with motorway stretches. I'm coming from a 1.4 petrol megane (0-62: 11.4s) which had adequate performance provided the revs were high enough but had disappointing in gear performance leading me to have to often hunt around the gearbox for some power. How is the diesel when pulling away from lights/roundabouts? I've heard of the dreaded turbo lag on small diesels before and was wondering if the yaris suffered from the same problem. Finally, how is the in-gear pace? 30-50mph in 3rd? 30-50mph in 4th? 50-70mph in 5th? I'm hoping with ~200nm of torque before a remap, the yaris will feel to have better in-gear grunt compared to the petrol megane I'm driving around now. I've never owned a diesel before but feel that the higher inital buying cost and higher fuel cost per litre will be offset by the increased fuel economy and the mileage I intend to do.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums furifo :)

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