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  1. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply - very helpful - sounds like that could be it, and wear in the belt will account for it apparently getting worse over the last few thousand miles. Thanks again!
  2. I have had similar noise between 1,500 rpm and 2,000 rpm when accelerating under load. It is also 2013 model. Had it for some time but has got worse as it approached 20k miles Did you find out what was causing the noise on yours please? Thanks
  3. I've had a couple of goes at mending one of mine. The last time it seems to have worked. I drilled a hole through the centre of the broken bit of the peg so that I could use a long wood/self-tapping screw to gain some "grip" in the aluminium profile within the load cover. I then put some two pack putty material (from a diy shop, you mix it with your hands) in the "hole" of the porfile to give the screw some adhesion. I think I did see an old E-bay listing for a Toyota peg kit - so they may be available. It is a PITA when car manufacturers try to rip off customers for parts that break beca
  4. Is this the second new shape Avensis diesel with this problem on here?
  5. A good habit to get into. Not only does it take the "drag" load of the gearbox off the starter motor (espcially when the gearbox oil is cold), it also is a wise precaution just in case you had accidentally left the car in gear AND hadn't noticed it was still in gear.
  6. Any water in your rear light units - although they may not be covered by your warranty. Are you aware of the head gasket problem - if not have scan on this section of the forum. Unless you have obvious symptoms, the most important point is to keep the servicing up to date by a reputable garage in case there is a problem in future and you want to take advantage of the "extended" engine warranty for this issue that Toyota have provided (so far).
  7. Thanks Colin, That might be the more reliable solution than trying to seal it. I see there have been a number of views, but no other responses, so we must be the unlucky minority! Cheers Steve
  8. I had one replaced under warranty when it started to "fill" with water after a period of heavy rain. The other side has now developed the same fault. I don't know if I should see if I can get a small goldfish to make use of this water feature or try to find a solution! Frustratingly light units are one of the exclusions under the T extended warranty and the T dealers won't replace without an extended look see in the workshops to estrablisht5he cause (it was the same with the last one - it seems T won't let them be replaced without a thorough investigation.) Does anyone know if this a common
  9. Great, Thanks very much for the comprehensive reply. I had guessed it might be worth giving them a good blast every now and again to help clear carbon. Cheers
  10. I have found the postings on this topic very helpful and I'm very grateful to the many and various informed contributors. A few questions ome to mind: 1. If there is, or was a problem with the coolant, should it be changed to a different type? Or will this have been done in the normal services by main dealers? 2. Was there a year when Mr T accepted that there was a problem with the coolant and have they more recently used less aggressive coolants? (in other words do owners of cars after say 200X not have to worry about this?) 3. Is there anything that owners can do to reduce the carbon buil
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