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  1. this thread is like a night down the bar with a bunch of over enthusiastic kids.
  2. I've had a few 'performance' exhausts on my rolla since i got it, the last being a mongoose system that sounded quite nice although a little noisy and i found i was loosing a few bhp, I spoke at length to my father-in-law who once worked for TRD and i found out why, most aftermarket exhausts are 2" ID which common and easy to get but is too large for the 4age given the heat they produce and the length of the pipe, what you really need is 48mm ID (1.8") which is very very hard to find, i sourced the stainless pipe through a friend that works at a metal stockists and had the pipe bent up by a powerflow fitter to run the whole length of the car without boxes as the next part would take time and some hefty calculations i then asked around to see what type of boxes people were available, when i worked out what i needed i could work out the lengths of the pipe between each box, i opted for a collector style box upfront for compression a free flow box behind it to act as a scavenger for redundant gass build up and finally a refraction style box out the rear to deaden the sound. the reason i had the pipe bent up without the boxes was so i could engineer the length of the pipe from the header to the first box and then space the other boxes accordingly to get the best heat transfer, flow and compression using flow meters and compression testing its a minor work of art and increased my bhp on the rolling road by 17.5bhp over the old mongoose system plus it sounds meaning full without being deafening and stupid. i couldnt have done it without input from people that know and understand the 4age and i didnt compromise any part apart from having to have mandrel bends in the pipe. no its not for sale as i cannot get 48mm id pipe anymore, although the car is just sat on my drive waiting for me to do something with it.
  3. 140 is achievable (debateable) on a stock small port Gti, i've been there but only once and my 'speed' was confirmed by the lotus elise that couldnt over take on the m6 but i was completely maxed out too. My car is pretty much not stock anymore though and my exhaust makes all the difference in the world its an absolute masterpeice ! i spent ages finding 48mm ID tube with a guage of 1mm (the optimum size for a late spec 4age) and spent ages with different boxes to get the required amounts of flow/restriction and sound deadening - without compromise :) shame its still sat on the driveway, but on the plus side i do have a rear screen for it now, just got to remove it from the crappy gate its in at present.
  4. shame you've managed to pick up the wrong 57i kit, there are two listed for corolla 88-91 one for small port and one or large port, but they dont specify that on most listings they are designated a different letter in the code. Dont despair though you can make it work just fine. The blue plug is a vacuum sensor attatched to the throttle inlet, as long as the small blak pipe is connected and no longer than it is now (thats quite important) it can be anywhere, Toyota (rather yamaha ;) )just hid it in the airbox because its ugly and it makes a sucking noise like a mcdonalds shake ?) plus it means the throttle body smaller and cheaper to manufature. It doesnt matter what temperature its sits in as it only measures vacuum, you can reduce the noise by covering it in airfilter foam ;) The black sensor is your incoming airtemp sensor this needs to shoved into a hole in the base of the filter, make it a really tight fit and uses all your effort to push it in so it cant come out, but dont handle or bust the black rod, keep it as clean as can be. then your done. Enjoy.
  5. mine has worked fine for over 5years (57i) and greatly improved throttle response
  6. 0-60 in 7.2 and top speed of 124 @ 8200 on a rolling road. 1991 AE92 Gti.
  7. For the plastic pluig lead cover there's no need for plastic primer as its a non-flexing part, it just sits there (unlike bumpers etc) just make sure its totally grease free, use some 'cheap' thinners carefully to wipe it over, and do it at least twice let it dry thoroughly, then prime, let it dry over night to adhere and sink (its on plastic ;)) then paint with very light coats of paint in a warm environment. If the primer looks 'rough' sand it lightly with some 400grit paper and blow all the dust off before painting. etch primer (high acid content) is best used on smooth bare metal surfaces exposed to the elements as the acid 'eats' into the smooth surface providing a key (lightly sanding with 400 to take the shine away from the clean metal has a similar effect, Red 'oxide' or even high sulphur content primer is good on clean metal elsewhere.
  8. the only thing you can do is fit a fuel regulator (but dont buy an expensive one) all they do is make a bottle neck at the entry to the return fuel line which builds up more pressure in the fuel rail as the excess fuel cannot escape and it shoots through the injectors at higher pressure helping atomization, you need to beware you dont build up too much pressure making the system leak at the joints and you'll only get more fuel in by adding larger capacity injerctors and a higher volume fuel pump, you'll also need to remap the ECU to deal with the increase as the stock maps will struggle with more fuel than the stock injectors can supply.
  9. Thanks but i picked one up (also totally rotten) on Friday of this week. now i need to get the glass out without busting it !
  10. need a replacement glass or even better a complete hatch door, GL or GTI makes no difference to me as long as its 87-92 shape Cash waiting.
  11. Fit it... there are Two sensors there's an air temp tensor in the side of the original filter box (blue) , just tie this up out the way in the engine bay away from any heat sources ;) and there's an AFM sensor (black + red i think) that needs to be pushed into base of your cone filter and sealed pretty tight. Run a bit of pipe from outside the engine bay to the filter to supply cooler air than that in the engine bay as it helps a little. alot of people say that the 'intake' is very good as stock and they're nearly right, the throttle body is extremely good in manuf. and design (thak you yamaha !), the induction pipe sadly is just that, a bit of pipe. Some people also get the intake anifold mixed up with the exhaust manifold, the exhaust is superbly designed and there is next to bugger all benefit from fitting different extractors/downpipes/manifold what ever you like to call it.
  12. take a drive down the coast to Somerset West on the N2 and drop into Jimmy's Service center (0027 2185 37194) and tell him you want the engine fitted...
  13. you can drop 272' cams into a non-tvis 4age but the ECU is on its fuel/air mapping limit to cope with them. but damn they're good :)
  14. i've got a full set with good tyres, the wheels need a good clean and refurb prob, will swap all four for a tailgate (GL or GTI not fussed)
  15. hows the tailgate ? wonder how mucha courier will cost to ship it to Southend !
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