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  1. Big respect for all the work mate - you really are a true Mister 2 nut!!! Cheers
  2. Cheers for the replys lads. Ill get my self a Turbo XS BOV and keep you posted - if the car blows up ill let you know!! ha ha Cheers
  3. Hello all, im wanting to install a Turbo XS BOV onto my Rev 2 Tubbie but have been put off by reports saying that due to the AFM its nothing but trouble!! Can it be done and not encounter any problems? Will this result in a decrease in performance!! Cheers
  4. Its going to be definitively 16's boys, 17's on a standard MR2 just look too big and sorry to say this but daft in my opinion!!! The car suits smaller wheels and low suspension!!!! Thats the way 4ward!!! Im also loving the Retro look with cars and 17's 18's dont do it in that respect! Cheers
  5. Hello all, what do you think of these wheels? http://www.custom-wheels-rims-alloys.co.uk...heels-rims.html Now imagine them on a white Mister 2 (in 16's)! Fully resprayed with Rev 3 rear lights, higher rear spoiler and lowered to the max on coilovers.... Any good? All views welcome. Cheers
  6. They are mate - and get a load of this - THERE STILL CHEAPER THAN JAP WHEELS!!! I always wanted a set of original jap wheels on my Mister 2 but the price scared me off in the end. Cheers
  7. www.rarerims.co.uk do jap alloys! Cheers
  8. Thats the one!! when i 1st saw it i thought what on earth is that!! but i now like it that much i want one! Errm, could i buy it off you pleeaaaasse! :D Cheers
  9. Hello all, im after the spoiler which fits straight onto the center part of a Rev 2 spoiler - same style but goes higher does that make any sense?? So where can i buy one from? Cheers
  10. i thought rather than send a pm id post this thanks for all to see :) Ive been after a set of Rev 3 rear lights + center panel for a while now with no luck but thanks to this man im sorted with a set that look like theyve never been on a car. Oh all wires etc etc came with them so im well sorted! :D Cheers mate
  11. Its like the title sais folks, is anyone selling a set of Bomex side skirts? Cheers
  12. Get it slammed and those wheels will look awesome!! Good choice
  13. swales_p

    My New 18s

    Just a thought here Laurie TT, wont your car fail its MOT due to no side lights??? Im wanting to do the same to my motor (blend the bumper into the bodywork) so will i have problems. Cheers
  14. swales_p


    Get saving mate and get your self a tubbie! N/A engines cost way too much in comparison to a turbo for increases in BHP!! Remember, youl'll be going up approx 50 bhp by just getting a turbo. Cheers
  15. Cheers for all the replys boys - im in a lucky situation really, my uncle sprays, mods etc etc cars for a living so labour is erm non existent and he does a awesome job. + its way cheaper to buy a Rev 3 spoiler as ive just got my mits on one for £50 :D im well chuffed. Anyway, what options do i have in relation to the ariel? is there another ariel i can use? Cheers
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