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  1. My Yaris was at Toton, just off the train, on 26 May and was at my dealership in Northampton on 1 June. The ETA on the website (digging into the web inspector) was the end of June. It beat that by several weeks. Fingers crossed for you!
  2. I've just taken delivery of my new 2022 Yaris. I wanted to know before I bought it if a bike would fit inside and the only responses I had were that it should but nobody on this forum has actually tried it. I thought I'd post this to help those looking for such information now and in the future. It does! With the front wheel on the bike it almost fits, and if I were prepared to move the driver's seat forward it would. Taking the front wheel off makes it much easier and there's plenty of room (rear seats dropped, of course). The bike I tried is a gravel bike, size small, but I think any size bike would fit if the front wheel were removed. I've bought a generic fabric boot liner to protect the car's interior.
  3. I ordered my Yaris Design, Decuma Grey, on 15 January 2022. It went into build on 17 May, left the factory on 20 May, arrived in Toton on 26 May and my dealer rang to say it had arrived at the dealership on 1 June. I received my finance form to complete electronically on 3 June and have made an appointment to collect it on Wednesday 8 June. It was ordered by phone call and paperwork done by email - I did the test drive elsewhere. Very efficient (apart from the long wait!). I arranged GAP insurance online at a fraction of what the the dealership charges. The beauty is that I get 0% finance. I notice on the Toyota website the finance is now at 1.9%. Thought this might be useful to someone.
  4. Thank you @Stopeter44. It worked, but unfortunately lots of nuls. Early days!
  5. I've searched and found a couple of python apps but these fail with errors after "Your vehicle does not support Connected services". I'm looking for more information about estimated dates for build etc.. Can you link to one or two of the posts you're aware of. Thank you 🙂
  6. Yes, an adult bike. I was assuming I'd need to take the front wheel off, but I was hoping with the rear seat(s) folded back I might be able to fit it in. I could in my old Renault Twingo!
  7. I have ordered a new Yaris Design and will need to transport my bicycle occasionally. Is the Yaris big enough for me to carry my bike inside the car? Anyone done this? It would save me an awful lot of money if this was the case!
  8. That was my comment, lol! It fits perfectly.
  9. I bought the Westfalia cycle carrier and can confirm it fits the 2019 Aygo just fine. Easy to fit too and much better than a carrier which attaches with belts and clips. I had electrics fitted and bought a lighting board because my bike covers the reg plate and lights. The carrier comes with a socket which mounts onto one of the brackets below the bumper. It looks really neat. The carrier is available here.
  10. I think the difference is that the five door has a wider front door aperture and the scuff plates are therefore a different size.
  11. Hi Peter. Yes, plates for the front only - which is why I said 'pair' in my ad. They have now been sold.
  12. Toyota part no. PZ438-92181-00 A pair of scuff plates for a 5dr Aygo. Sealed as new. I never got round to fitting them and have now sold my Aygo. List price £41.16 I will sell for £25 inc shipping.
  13. As a current Aygo owner I can't believe how ugly the new model is. I've just gone through the pics in the AE review and the back end of the car is all over the place. The one thing about the current trio I have never really likes is the glass hatch - so much so that I have ordered a Skoda Citigo. Don't like the VW Up! for the same reason. As for the X at the front - what's that all about? The best car styling IMO works by subtly accentuating and working with the natural contours and flow of the vehicle. That X on a vehicle which has fairly rounded contours just doesn't look right. Of the three triplets I prefer the look of the C1, but all three remind me of the Fork KA. I appreciate it's all about personal opinion but I reckon this is going to be like Marmite!
  14. It's interesting how the Smart is slated at the start of this thread. I replaced my Smart Cabrio Cdi (diesel) with an Aygo last year because I needed a four-seater. How I miss my Smart! IMO some of the so-called disadvantages are like urban myths. Someone heard the gears aren't good, so the story got propagated around. The semi-auto gearbox is a delight. I've driven many non-Smart owners around then told them casually about how some reviewers have criticised the car for 'throwing you back in your seat' when the gear changes. The reaction is always tempered with incredulity. The drive is excellent - 90mph on the motorway? No problem. I rejected the IQ because it was simply too big for what is basically a two-seater. The width is quite ridiculous to be honest. Assuming I need a four-seater again when I replace my Aygo next year, I'm going to use my usual baseline of free road-tax, and 60+ mpg and it's probably going to be either the new Hyundai i10 or the Skoda Citigo 5 door in white (looks so much nicer than the Up!)
  15. The 2012 Ice comes with two tweeters in the dash and door speakers in the front doors. I found the sound pretty poor and lacking in bass. I went to my local car audio specialist and got them to fit a sub under the passenger seat. The difference is pretty significant and I can now enjoy my music. The sub has a dial fitted under the dash so I can change the amount of bass. I would recommend you explore this route before thinking about replacing the existing speakers. The in-dash tweeters are completely different to older aygo models and the way the system is set up is different too and it isn't easily possible to replace the tweeters in the dash, for example.
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