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  1. Sprint dates out for next year already 👍 Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all on here 🎉🎄🍾
  2. So at Snetterton I finished 2nd in the sprint and overall for the year 3rd well happy as the mk3 had never been on track before so I had to relearn quickly through the year.
  3. Hi All 👋🏻 So only one day to go before the final round of the 2019 Japanese Sprint Series & RRG Toyota Sprint Series, and a big thank you goes out to Flywheels for supplying these awesome Speedlines for the mk3, it's ready to go just needs another quick wash.
  4. Here is the summary for round 7 of the Japanese Sprint Series & RRG Toyota Sprint Series 2019 🏆 After a very very wet start to the day and with lots of standing water on the driving line it did start to get better by run 3, but changed back rain after that. Times were being traded from the off between all of the regular Team Ya'race drivers and also some new faces jointing us for the day to get a feel to what the series is like. Even though the weather was bad the new guys got stuck in and give it a good go and with them not doing any track driving before the Team Ya'race regu
  5. Hi everyone so a little round up on the mk3 from Croft circuit in North Yorkshire. So it was a very frustrating day due to a couple of thing i.e. rain soaking the track and causing stoppages to the runs and the car taking on some gremlins that finally disappeared by run number 5 from 6. It was a very close competition again in our group but this time had to settle for 2nd place and missed out by 0.13 of a second. On the upside I'd not used the mk3 at Croft before but on the 5th run the car felt great and pulled lots of time back from the morning. We only got 2 full dry warm runs so here a
  6. Some pics from our win at Blyton Park Saturday 10th Aug'19
  7. Hi everyone so we now added a front splitter to the MK3, it may not be to everyone's taste be we are happy with it 👍
  8. Well it's been awhile but we have managed to get the new air filter system working and the wheels have had a make over too plus a bit of weight loss too 👍 IMG_4172.MP4
  9. So close now mick, it will all come good 👍 The car looks great with white on white wheels combo too 👍
  10. Those look great now mick it's all guns look fantastic when done 👍 When you start looking for performance parts PM me and I'll point you in the right direction 👍 if you want to know more pm me later
  11. Japanese sprint series: 1st in class 🏆 Toyota sprint series : 1st in class 🏆 Driver No2: Steve Allison. Also the maiden win for our MK3 Yaris Sr the teams project car. Brilliant day sprinting much laughter with everyone as always 😂 Great results for the Team and great competition from our guest driver Jaik Dean as it was very very close! The final time and on the final run was won by only 3 hundredths of a second. Had to push so so hard to win the class. Many thanks for the javelin team and our drivers for today also our Team Ya'race photographer too 👍
  12. Well there's no point have a fun car and only polishing it on the drive, so a bit of B-road driving is always good.
  13. Who says the mk3 can't bring you happiness and rainbows 🌈☀️😎 (All we are missing now is a unicorn 🦄) 🤣🤗 Another great job from my Team Ya'race Cleaning Kit! 👍
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