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  1. Some pics from our win at Blyton Park Saturday 10th Aug'19
  2. Hi everyone so we now added a front splitter to the MK3, it may not be to everyone's taste be we are happy with it 👍
  3. Well it's been awhile but we have managed to get the new air filter system working and the wheels have had a make over too plus a bit of weight loss too 👍 IMG_4172.MP4
  4. So close now mick, it will all come good 👍 The car looks great with white on white wheels combo too 👍
  5. Those look great now mick it's all guns look fantastic when done 👍 When you start looking for performance parts PM me and I'll point you in the right direction 👍 if you want to know more pm me later
  6. Japanese sprint series: 1st in class 🏆 Toyota sprint series : 1st in class 🏆 Driver No2: Steve Allison. Also the maiden win for our MK3 Yaris Sr the teams project car. Brilliant day sprinting much laughter with everyone as always 😂 Great results for the Team and great competition from our guest driver Jaik Dean as it was very very close! The final time and on the final run was won by only 3 hundredths of a second. Had to push so so hard to win the class. Many thanks for the javelin team and our drivers for today also our Team Ya'race photographer too 👍
  7. Well there's no point have a fun car and only polishing it on the drive, so a bit of B-road driving is always good.
  8. Who says the mk3 can't bring you happiness and rainbows 🌈☀️😎 (All we are missing now is a unicorn 🦄) 🤣🤗 Another great job from my Team Ya'race Cleaning Kit! 👍
  9. Location: Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire Date: 06/04/2019 Weather AM: Dry,cold,windy Weather PM: Wet,cold,windy Entries: 73 The first round of the RRG Toyota Sprint Series & Japanese Sprint Series 2019 was at the fantastic Cadwell Park Circuit in Lincolnshire. Traditionally having changeable and challenging weather, it was a pleasure to have some blue skies “well until the afternoon anyway”. It was generally dry and cold and windy throughout the day but in the afternoon the rain descended to make it very slippy on track. The day consisted of two convoy runs and one practice run and finally six timed runs. As expected, there was a wide variety of cars, from the modern and sporty GT86, the economic yet well handling Yaris, and more classic Celicas, Corollas, MR2s, and Starlets. RRG and Japanese Sprint Series put on a great event and a very special thank you goes to all the marshals and Vicky as she is always available to answer any questions us teams have throughout the day plus all the others as without them we could not hold these events. “Thank you all”. Team Ya’race finished 65th & 67th from 73 other drivers which wasn’t too bad as we were up against a lot of faster cars but within our J16 & E-street group we had a 1 and 2 finish. Driver1(Neal-mk1 Yaris) got his fastest lap on his 4th run of the day a 1:56.49 and Driver2(Steve-mk3 Yaris) got his fastest lap on his 4th run of the day to a 1:57.63 a difference of 1.14 seconds. The best parts of the day was not the inner-team rivalry but to be faster than cars that on paper are higher performance cars outright and we did too such as a Yaris Tsport, Celica, MX5 and a GT86. A great day was had by all, thank you everyone involved with Team Ya’race including our sponsors:- Opie Oils Ulter Sports Exhausts GRS Engineering RRG Toyota UK Team Ya’race also used this day as a test session for the modifications we have already got on the MK3 and to see if the car has improved or needs more work and if anything needs to be modified further. This was the second time ever the MK3 had been pushed and pushed fully and used on track in this way and I had to modify my driving style massively from my MK1 sprint car to the MK3 which was very difficult at first but after a few runs I start to get grips with it but this was made harder by the very slippy surface. The car felt really good through the tests with a very positive turn in. I was able to carry lots of speed through the corners and the car never felt out of control or unbalanced at anytime. The car also felt a lot less asthmatic and wanted to rev through the rev range when accelerating hard out of the corners and from a standing start too. Overall the grip level was very good but I still feel that a few extra tweaks and parts are needed to complete the goal the team are aiming for. The induction noise was also good to hear and also the Ulter Sports Exhaust was sounding nice too plus the Nankang tyres were also doing a good job out there too. Overall this was a very positive experience with lots of data obtained and notes made and exciting things to come from Team Ya’race and for the customers of Team Ya’race Ltd.
  10. Ant182


    As above there's no point on a 1.0L so just take the heavy back seats out or buy a faster car 👍
  11. If your not planning any performance upgrades I'd recommend using what Toyota recommend for the engine i.e. Denso I've always gone to Toyota and got my service kit from the parts department and just give it to my mechanic never any problems 👍 It's the best way to run them 👍
  12. Great purchase 👍 You don't see many of these Yaris these days, if your going to tinker with it the guys to talk to are Se7en Motorsport great guys and with the engine been a celica one they know them very well.
  13. Not long now until the season start on the 6th April at Cadwell Park, we are very excited here at Team Ya'race with all the new products/parts coming and that are also on sale now! Please come support your dedicated Ya'race Team 👍🏁 on FB Twitter Instagram
  14. Did a Dyno day just to see 😳😊 IMG_3283.MOV