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  1. Hi everyone, i'd like to pick your collective brains on the choices of suspension upgrades/options for the E11 corolla's. Firstly i'v nothing against the stock setup as it's superior to alot of similar cars, unfortunatley the dampers of my G6 have long lost their ability to perform even the most basic of function. This has left the ride choppy and generally pretty poor, making driving anything above a snails pace rather annoying and covering ground with any degree of speed somewhere between hilarious and ...dangerous! :( In an ideal world i'd rush out and buy the absoloute best money could buy... but in reality this really will have to wait (for the best setup that is). I'd be very interested to hear from anyone with any shock's rear's, front's or perhaps a full set that are in good working condition. But more to the point i'd like to find out more about the coilover setup's availible to those of us lucky enough to drive an E11, and people's opinions on the performance (and value i guess) of the options. So please feel free to share your opinions on the matter, any help/discussion or opinion on the matter will be muchly appreciated!! Many thanks in advance :)
  2. Good skills, the g6/g6r grill is the dogs dangly's in my opinion! If you were still looking for a set of TTE Mim's, i noticed on my routine scouring of flebay there is a set for sale at the moment (up for £250 if my memory serves me right) however they've been re-listed a couple of times so a possible deal to be struck there! just thought i'd point them out as i remember all to well the desperation i had to find mine :)
  3. Sweet as! what are the special wheels you have lined up for her? kudos, looks like a genuine TTE subframe. did you pick that up from wever's by any chance? I'v never done the maths, but was wandering wether you'll have to adjust the length of the 185 propshaft to accomodate the corolla body? maybe you could enlighten me :) keep up the good work!
  4. Interesting build you've got going on!! just a little confused as to why you'd want to retain the 4stud hub setup, rather than transplanting the 5stud from your donor celica??
  5. Thanks! yeah she certainly isn't the most explosive powerplant thats for sure haha! mind you once she's up to speed in the twisty's she does well at holding her own! As far as conversion's go, im going to go down the EFTE route (most likely 5E) just for the relative ease of doing so to be honest. how was your AGE conversion? in regards to engine mounts, loom modification, gearbox? sounds a nice conversion to do from what i'v heard! oh and that was my old project that i relinquished in the name of the rising sun ;) Charlie
  6. Hi guy's I joined the forum a few months back, at the time buying a friends G6 after he had spun one of the big end bearings. Needless to say after a lot of blood sweat and beers she's now back in full form, replacment engine 4efe (for the time being ;) ) all the usual suspects; cam belt, water pump, oil pump, clutch, brakes all round, new fluids etc etc, with not much avoiding a thorough clean and overhaul. threw in some larger injectors and manifold and she is now returned to her former glory... if not improved with the edition of genuine TTE rear spoiler, and a set of TTE Mim 16's to set off the look. shortly to be followed by genuine TTE front bumper, and a set of Tein super strut coilovers to tighten thing's up a little! not the most photogenic of picture's i must add, but thought it aptly time to at least put one or two odd ones up :) big plans, for the old girl... watch this space :)
  7. Hi paul Thanks ! i'v seen your G6R on here before, respect for the original TTE look, don't those mim's look so good in contrast with the red! i'v got the genuine TTE splitter, spoiler, remus exhaust for my G6 yet to go on at a later date myself! (unfortunatley two of the mim's i have are buckled so i think a set of compy's might have to do the trick ;)
  8. Hi there everyone, my names Charlie and i'm a newbie here! i'm based in somerset and am a big fan of all things toyota! i currently own a corolla E11 g6 which is the beginning of a project! and i'm looking forward to using the forum and getting some advice from you guy's! :) Charlie
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums Charlie23 :)

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