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  1. Hi Where can I buy the cables for iPod integration for the TNS510 by internet ? Part numbers are: PZ457-00261-00 (user cable) Thanks
  2. MR IQ


    Hi where can i buy this Daytime running light for Toyota IQ
  3. Hi David From where you purchased the SD card? Is it available for TNS510? Are they able to supply me the (middle east map) SD card to my TNS510 European version? MR IQ
  4. Hi all, I have a few questions hope you could help me. My car is 1.33 engine and I have ordered it from France. 1. The owner manual is in French, where will I be able to find one in English? 2. Which synthetic oil should I use? Since I am from the Middle East and the temperature could reach up to 50 degrees. 3. I ordered oil filter from the UK specifically from Pentagontoyotaparts It says on the box that its made from china, I was just wondering if it was original or not.
  5. Ohh David Finally it's working brother Thank u Thank u Thank u
  6. Mr David Thank you for your interest with my case, the fact is, I bought my car from France and I don't have local warranty that is way I am looking for another solution where I fix the problem.
  7. Thank you all for your responses David I disconnecting the battery for half an hour and still got same problem
  8. The problem is my IQ I order it from france and in our toyota dealer they dont have this car. I am from Kingdom of Bahrain in Middle East
  9. Hello everybody I have a question regarding my car it was stopped for more than 6 weeks the battery had discharge and because of that my TNS510 navigation system had stopped working and it is show a massage in the screen which is saying ( call the dealer ) so my question here is there any way to reset the TNS510 navigation system ? MR IQ SOORY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH :)
  10. Love the white brake calliper from where you buy it
  11. MR IQ

    Rear Spoiler

    I am from middle east if you can give me the ebay link I will be appreciated thank you
  12. MR IQ

    Rear Spoiler

    ??????? I prfer from ebay site
  13. MR IQ

    Rear Spoiler

    Hi all where can I found the genuine IQ rear spoiler the Europe type. and what is the part number.