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  1. about 6 weeks ago the vsc check came on and upon having the codes read said the egr valve was dirty or faulty os first i cleaned it although it wasn't dirty,sould i mention mines the later water cooled type.All was well for about 250 mls when it came on again. i removed it and checked it was still clean so refitted and again all was well but for about 60 miles. took it to a local garage who do the servicing of all our works vans and he checked it over and said he replace the egr valve so i have with a denso unit now after 4 weeks the light has came on again. what else should i be looking for?
  2. Happy Birthday eddie096!

  3. left hand on my sr 180,got cought out and it turned into a pig of a job as i didn't have a lefthand wind back tool!
  4. thanks for the link Heidfirst thats interesting reading
  5. yes getting gears ok but just not centering in neutral
  6. thanks I'll give that a go
  7. Has anyone suffered a problem with the gear change on an sr180.Just today mine is reluctant to "center" when in the first and secong gate but is fine in the fifth and sixth gate returning as normal to rest between third and forth. Hope that makes sense. Is there a way of adjusting this or an exploded diagrem of the shift? TIA eddie
  8. use newspaper to take off the glass polish
  9. the tool is on offer at the minute with sealey at £8,just got one at the local motorfactor
  10. eddie096

    Dvd Player

    to the switch that brings on the warning lamp on the dash or if you earth it will work but be illegal
  11. eddie096


    Hi Aiden if you intend to do this you would need to buy /make a parcel shelf from mdf,even then if you build an enclosure under it it will be very heavy,so heavy that you boot struts may not hold it up,now you can always leave it down but that restricts access to the boot,not very practial. if your sub is capable of running free air this would help as no enclosure required but you will loose out on base. a small box about 12x12x12 in the boot wont take up that much room ,if you angle it to suit the slope of the back seat and would suit a 10 or 12 inch sub ok and still give you good "thump"
  12. over the last few month's my MPG had been steadily dropping down to about the 33 mark,not unusual going by some of the posts so as I,ve had the car a year and it was comming up to 10,000 miles I gave it a service,all i can say is WOW mpg today on a mixed run of dual carriageway and town driving of about 100 miles returned and average of 43.9 more than 200 miles covered and still on the second bar !! result
  13. adl often source there parts from the same parts from the same factories that produce the genuine parts so I'd have to disagree on that one and you get a warranty so you should have no worries
  14. non genuine parts I'v found locally adl pt no adt38587 cost 15.24 + vat or firstline pt no fdl6973 cost 14.57+vat
  15. try you local motor factor they might be alot cheaper usually 10 to 20 pounds for the pair and have them fitted by an independent garage or diy if you have the tools
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