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  1. bilstein b4 + eibach pro kit from corolla e10 + goodridge brake line my last upgrade
  2. new photos of my car... a little different no? with 129000 kms.. bilstein B4 + eibach pro kit: Consumption:
  3. Hello In portugal some diesel models are converted in Portugal to comercial vehicles to pay less taxes. For example, the corolla e11 2.0d was sold only with 2 places.. for example, the Auris T180 d-cat 5 doors costs 42000€ .. :censor:
  4. Your Auris is fantastic!! The auris handling is better than the corolla e12? what you think about the new 1.6 dual vvt-i?
  5. more photos @ http://www.toyotistas.com/forum/index.php?topic=14254.60
  6. no more words please, we need photos!!
  7. Good luck with your new car TMS = TTE ?
  8. I don't want that code, i want the other.. start like PZ439 ...
  9. What is de tte part number of corolla e11 springs? the code is something like PZ439 ....
  10. I want to buy 4 :)
  11. hello Do you know If there are any corolla e11 headlamp different from the original in glass? To corolla e10 I found a lot of products in ebay and for my corolla no
  12. Hello Anyone with corolla e11 and tte spring have a invoice of them?
  13. use silicone bulb cover (like the original) in red. If you paint, after some time you have to re-paint
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