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  1. Hi, yes I got a reply from Toyota - standard response of not currently available for model. Got a more interesting response from Thule - they said they would forward my query onto their research and development department to look into the possibility of providing a suitable product.
  2. In dealership. Interestingly the new 2019 Corolla has factory fitted Falken tyres. Wouldn't have expected that.
  3. Can't find these in the size i need - 215/55/17. Good find though.
  4. I priced up Falkens - £95 fully fitted locally. Had them before with no complaints. Managed to find Goodyears for £102 fitted so felt it was worth paying a wee bit extra for the Goodyears.
  5. Just checked out prices for Nokian Weatherproof - seems reasonable for an all season tyre. Closer to my price range than crossclimates or vector 4 season.
  6. Heard really good things about Nokian tyres. Glad they suit the tourer. Maybe worth a look next time.
  7. Thanks for replies guys. I shat it - getting 2 Goodyears fitted on Friday. Cheers
  8. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I've looked into the benefits of michelin crossclimates and have to say they sound perfect for the uk climate. Only drawback is price. Not saying they aren't worth it - just that £150 per tyre is too much for me, unfortunately. Additionally, advice seems to suggest against getting crossclimates on, say both fronts first then doing the rears later in order to spread the cost. So, £600 in one go. 😮
  9. Morning Looking for some opinions please. Had the car for almost a year and need new tyres soon. Was going to get Goodyear Efficient grips at £108 each but heard good things about Nexen Nblue HD Plus at £75 each. Any thoughts/experiences appreciated.
  10. Fair enough. I've sent an email to toyota gb. Thanks.
  11. Hi Strange question, I know. Roof rack isn't possible with current model apparently. Would be great if this was addressed. Would certainly make it appeal to a wider market.......or maybe just a middle aged man with kids that occasionally needs to strap bikes/roof box on top. 😳
  12. Update: Noise is fixed - rattling front brake caliper fixed by replacing caliper pins. All under warranty. You were spot on alan333 - thanks again. Mr Wolf, get a second opinion from a different main dealer and tell them there is a technical bulletin regarding this issue.
  13. Car booked in a week today to a different Toyota dealership for a 2nd opinion. I'll report back afterwards.
  14. Hi Mr Wolf, thanks for your comments. I think i'll get it checked again at next service. At least i'll be able to be more specific this time - check calipers for any movement and check slider pins. I'll keep you posted - not convinced i can wait until next service mind you. Love the car apart from this.
  15. The rumble does go away when i brake. So is there a specific paste or thick grease to coat the slider pins in order to stop the rumble? I'm a lot happier now that i know the cause. Thanks again, much appreciated.
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