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  1. Fixed this yesterday guys, a good squirt of silicone spray down the channels was all it took! :) Jase
  2. Hi everyone, just thought I would give a bit of an update. Cleaned maf sensor, new sparks,filter etc. Checked for air leaks but still no joy. Idle still fluctuates when slowing down with clutch depressed, although settles somewhat when in neutral. Did notice that the temp gauge maybe reading slightly low, but only very slightly, just a tiny bit lower than horizontal if you know what I mean? Don't know if this is the norm or not? Any other ideas for me to try? Also how lively are these 1.4 engines? Does anyone else find as soon as you hit a hill the speed drops off quite quickly? Jase
  3. Does anyone have any ideas? Friend of mine has suggested the maf sensor, is there anything else it might be? Thanks in advance Jase
  4. Does anyone have any ideas? Friend of mine has suggested the maf sensor, is there anything else it might be? Thanks in advance Jase
  5. Hi guys. I was wondering if you could help please, recently bought a 2000 corolla 3dr hatch 1.4vvti, although i am happy with it I feel there might be something wrong, seems to have little pull up the hills, sometimes I have to drop right down through the gears.I understand it's not going to set the world on fire but thought it would be a little more lively,also my idle seems to fluctuate when coming to a stop and depressing the clutch. Does anyone have an idea what may be wrong? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance Jase
  6. Hi everyone Just thought I would say hello, I have just bought a 2000 corolla 3dr hatch 1.4 vvti. Love it so far but no doubt will be after some info when needed. Bye for now Jase
  7. Thanks mate, I will do that and post what I find. Jase
  8. Hi everyone I'm new, just bought a 2000 1.4vvti 3dr. Was thinking some of you guys maybe able to help me with a little problem. The drivers side window does not go all the way down for some reason, is there any chance anybody here could give me some advice please? Everything else about the car seems great! Any help would be very appreciated. Look forward to talking to you all in the future and picking your brains about any problems that may arise. Thanks in advance. Jase
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums rowieboyz :)

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