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  1. I had read this too. I wonder if the value of the GT86 will increase as a result. I plan on keeping mine as original as possible and in mint condition too.
  2. Anyone been looking at these? My local UK dealer will shortly have one in and i will be taking a look.
  3. Are the sensors brand new? I assume the each contain a small battery? Could this be the issue. Also from what i understand is that some aftermarket sensors simply won't work.
  4. I have been pondering over what to get for mine too. Lots of choice out there.I want to get a slightly better sound but not a loud one. I was looking on eBay at a cat back system and seen a YT video on it but i am still unsure about it.
  5. I love my GT86 very much, it will be a shame if they will be no longer available in the Uk dealers. My only alternative is to get a Yaris GR4 as a next car.
  6. Why have they done that. I am that a new model is in the pipeline if there is any truth in that though i have no idea.
  7. My daughter has a 2017 1.2 turbo model and with me being a mechanic and MOT tester comes in handy. I have just carried out the first MOT on the vehicle and thought i had come across an issue. When switching the headlamps between dip and main beam there was no main beam functioning but the headlamp flash was working. I was not aware of the auto main beam that was activated so had to deactivate it to see it working in the normal manner. I am not really sure of the purpose of an auto main beam though!!
  8. As a result of unplugging it there will be a load of codes generated that need to be cleared to see what codes existed prior to it being unplugged. ALL OTHER control units will need to be checked for fault codes too as a result of it being unplugged. Just a thought but perhaps there is a relay at fault somewhere.
  9. Does the pump run constantly after you start the engine and do this before you even start moving. If it runs after you start moving it is possibly a wheel sensor at fault. Worst case is you will need a new pump that will cost a small fortune.
  10. Something like this that is the proper one for the vehicle and not some universal fit rubbish. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anemoner-Protector-Scratch-Adhesive-Installation/dp/B082Z253KJ/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=rear+bumper+guard&qid=1587384969&sr=8-8
  11. NO, i mean a scuff protector that attaches to the top of the rear bumper to sop it getting marked / scuffed when items are place in or removed form the boot.
  12. My Wife has a 2004 Estima ACR30 and along the top of the rear bumper the paint is coming off. I want to get one of those protective strips you can stick on it. Would prefer one thats specific to the car but cannot seem to find any online here in the UK. A universal fit one would be considered and i know there are plenty of them on eBay . Can anyone point me to one please. BTW the car is silver so i would be looking for a black colour if possible.
  13. When was the brake fluid last replaced prior to you bleeding it?
  14. I probably have OCD when it comes to cleaning my car. Funnily though this is the only car i have ever owned thats had so much looking after. I do a deep clean as often as possible, typically once every two weeks depending on the weather. I use a varied range of Detailing products and a have a machine polisher. The wax i use is called Zymol Rouge specifically designed for solid red cars and costs £60.00 for a small tub. I will typically spend about 3 hours on a BASIC cleaning session.
  15. Slightly off topic but i have put my name down for the Yaris GR4
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