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  1. When was the brake fluid last replaced prior to you bleeding it?
  2. Phil White

    My GT86

    I probably have OCD when it comes to cleaning my car. Funnily though this is the only car i have ever owned thats had so much looking after. I do a deep clean as often as possible, typically once every two weeks depending on the weather. I use a varied range of Detailing products and a have a machine polisher. The wax i use is called Zymol Rouge specifically designed for solid red cars and costs £60.00 for a small tub. I will typically spend about 3 hours on a BASIC cleaning session.
  3. Slightly off topic but i have put my name down for the Yaris GR4
  4. If i was to get another GT86 if i had the money i would get a manual gearbox and add a Supercharger to the engine but that's all way too expensive for my pocket. As for the Auto Gearbox. It works fine and in Sports Mode is pretty responsive however in Manual Mode using the paddle shifters is good fun and the gear change response time in Manual Mode is almost instant. One thing to bear in mind if you don't already know is when the time comes for Spark Plug replacement it is quite a job as the engine needs to be raised off its mountings to access the plugs properly and i believe Toyota charge 4 hours labour for the job. The Auto Box fluid needs replacing every 5 years so i am told and that is a bit of a job too and not a simple drain and refill.
  5. I have a 2015 model and love it. Very reliable and in daily use and fun to drive. FYI....... the 2012 to 2014 models have a valve spring recall being done so any potential purchase is worth asking if it has been done. The only other thing is the standard car battery is not very good and people have had theirs replaced under the Toyota 5 year warranty. I use mine daily but if left stood for two days the battery is almost dead!!! Being a mechanic and MOT tester for a living helps me keep costs down and i will be replacing the battery myself. Any other questions fire away and i will be glad to help.
  6. I put my name down for one of these last year and had a call from Toyota UK saying there was one if i wanted it. At £26,000 i thought no thanks. In the end i declined and bough a GT86 instead.
  7. Phil White

    My GT86

    Those photos were taken in the Lake District about a year ago on the Honister Pass. I do a bit of photography for a hobby and i saw this spot when passing by so stopped and took some photos.
  8. Phil White

    My GT86

    I have never owned a FWD hot hatch so i cannot comment on that. I drive sensibly so don't expect any problems in wet conditions.
  9. Sorry for taking so long to update, I got the Sat Nav module for the radio and it works very well i am pleased to say. I hated using the Apple Car Play function for navigation as this only works if you have a phone signal. For example i was staying in the Lake District and planning a route was impossible with no signal {its amazing how many people rave about such a thing but never mention it only works if you have a signal} so planning was useless.
  10. Phil White

    My GT86

    Thanks, i have many more as well.
  11. It is not a cause of concern as the screw is not taking any load and simply holds the disc flat against the hub when the wheel is removed. The wheel nuts/bolts hold it flat down so don't worry about that. I don't know why paulie b has made that absurd reply either??
  12. Thats great news, i had no luck myself and RRG Toyota were not able to help so i guess i am in trouble if anything happens. I will have a word with my local car security specialists to get their opinion on the matter.
  13. I contacted the Toyota dealer from where i bought the car and they sent me this. ALARM GT86.pdf
  14. Reading this has got me thinking. Inside the glovebox on mine there is a numpad with Sigma on it and i was not given any details on this when i purchased the car from my local Toyota dealer. I assume it could be some kind of immobiliser and i fear if and when the car battery fails it will activate somehow and need a PIN code inputting!!! Time to call the dealer and get the info i need.