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  1. Unlikely for me. Cost prohibitive i'm afraid.
  2. I have a 2015 86 and the standard radio isn't very good. I replaced it with a DAB head unit of my choice. Some people say the standard speakers are rubbish but for me they sound ok. Plenty of head units and fitting kits available for these.
  3. That is correct but mine went flat after being stood for 1 week unused. I am a mechanic for a living so understand these things. We have some of our vehicles stood outside for a month in the cold weather and start without issue. I just replaced my GT86 battery with a different brand and the biggest i could get to fit in the tray and the problem went away.
  4. In the video at 3:59 there appears to be 2 cameras mounted either side of the interior mirror? Perhaps they are or maybe some kind of sensor.
  5. It sure looks great. I love my GT86 and would like to view a GR when they hit the UK showrooms.
  6. I have just called RRG Toyota Macclesfield here in the North West who are very clued up on these cars and have an excellent reputation. They sounded like they can help me out and i await there call back.
  7. So as i already said. If i was never supplied a PIN (used car) and i got the car from Toyota how do i get the PIN if Toyota cannot help me.
  8. its a common issue with the GT86. Toyota will replace it under warranty but from some reports i have read is that they only replace it with another of the same and the issue will persist. I am a mechanic and i replaced my defective battery with a different brand and is the biggest that will fit in the tray. I left my car standing outdoors in the very cold months for six weeks and it started no problem.
  9. I got my 86 from a Toyota main dealer. I was never given a PIN for the keypad in the glovebox and the dealer did not know how to apply to have it. The keypad was fitted to all UK models. I just hope i am never locked out by the immobiliser or i am in big trouble.
  10. Hs the vehicle got a keypad in the glovebox that might need the PIN code entering if it is immobilised?
  11. I have a 2015 GT86 and the TPMS warning lamp sometimes comes on when its very cold weather. I own a 50ltr compressor and garage type tyre inflator so check my pressures every week at home.
  12. I had read this too. I wonder if the value of the GT86 will increase as a result. I plan on keeping mine as original as possible and in mint condition too.
  13. Anyone been looking at these? My local UK dealer will shortly have one in and i will be taking a look.
  14. Are the sensors brand new? I assume the each contain a small battery? Could this be the issue. Also from what i understand is that some aftermarket sensors simply won't work.
  15. I have been pondering over what to get for mine too. Lots of choice out there.I want to get a slightly better sound but not a loud one. I was looking on eBay at a cat back system and seen a YT video on it but i am still unsure about it.
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