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  1. Phil White

    Used GT86 Purchase.

    I am with AXA
  2. Phil White

    New radio installed.

    Sorry for taking so long to update, I got the Sat Nav module for the radio and it works very well i am pleased to say. I hated using the Apple Car Play function for navigation as this only works if you have a phone signal. For example i was staying in the Lake District and planning a route was impossible with no signal {its amazing how many people rave about such a thing but never mention it only works if you have a signal} so planning was useless.
  3. Phil White

    My GT86

    Thanks, i have many more as well.
  4. Phil White

    Sheered brake disc retaining screw.

    It is not a cause of concern as the screw is not taking any load and simply holds the disc flat against the hub when the wheel is removed. The wheel nuts/bolts hold it flat down so don't worry about that. I don't know why paulie b has made that absurd reply either??
  5. Phil White

    Trying To Trace Previous Owner

    Thats great news, i had no luck myself and RRG Toyota were not able to help so i guess i am in trouble if anything happens. I will have a word with my local car security specialists to get their opinion on the matter.
  6. Phil White

    Trying To Trace Previous Owner

    I contacted the Toyota dealer from where i bought the car and they sent me this. ALARM GT86.pdf
  7. Phil White

    Trying To Trace Previous Owner

    Reading this has got me thinking. Inside the glovebox on mine there is a numpad with Sigma on it and i was not given any details on this when i purchased the car from my local Toyota dealer. I assume it could be some kind of immobiliser and i fear if and when the car battery fails it will activate somehow and need a PIN code inputting!!! Time to call the dealer and get the info i need.
  8. Phil White

    Adding a Reversing Camera.

    I looked into this myself but didn't find anything. I have swoped out the original head unit for an aftermarket that supports a reversing camera but don't fancy wiring one up and mine is an Auto transmission too so i would imagine that the wiring would have to detect a reverse gear signal from somewhere so i will love it alone for now.
  9. Phil White

    Screw in Brake Piston advice

    Or as we cll them in the motor trade Arnold Shark.
  10. Phil White

    D-day minus 3

    Very nice i am sure you will enjoy as much as i do mine.
  11. Phil White

    My GT86

    Here are some photos of my GT86 i took this Easter weekend while in the lake district. DSC_7727 by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr DSC_7683 by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr DSC_7702 by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr DSC_7570_1_2_Enhancer by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr
  12. Phil White

    New radio installed.

    As some of you may know i bought a 2015 GT86 recently and the factory fitted radio is not very impressive so i duly bought a new Pioneer unit with touch screen and has things like DAB+ and Apple Car Play for example. Now i am also considering the Pioneer satnav module for it to make it complete. The satnav has things TMC lane guidance and text to speech for speaking out road names etc. Not a cheap option at a price tag of just over £300 but i think it will be worth it and i will be fitting it myself too. I will keep you posted on this one.
  13. Phil White

    Used GT86 Purchase.

    I got the Waze App for my iPhone and my new pioneer head unit has support for Waze and Apple Car Play so I'm sorted with what i need.
  14. Phil White

    Traction Control & VSC Sport on GT86

    The only button i use on mine is the SPORT and combined with the paddle shift it goes like a rocket so i have to watch my speed. With the snow we had around here today, about 2 inches i used the snow button and got round reasonably well in that mode.
  15. Phil White

    Used GT86 Purchase.

    So i have finally bought a Pioneer head unit, the SPH-DA230DAB which has a good spec, no nav but i'm not bothered about that. Also i treated myself to some Valenti LED tail lights so i have plenty of fitting to do when i get chance. The head unit and tail lights have set me back the best part of £900 quid so thats my spending done for a while.