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  1. I put my name down for one of these last year and had a call from Toyota UK saying there was one if i wanted it. At £26,000 i thought no thanks. In the end i declined and bough a GT86 instead.
  2. Phil White

    My GT86

    Those photos were taken in the Lake District about a year ago on the Honister Pass. I do a bit of photography for a hobby and i saw this spot when passing by so stopped and took some photos.
  3. Phil White

    My GT86

    I have never owned a FWD hot hatch so i cannot comment on that. I drive sensibly so don't expect any problems in wet conditions.
  4. Sorry for taking so long to update, I got the Sat Nav module for the radio and it works very well i am pleased to say. I hated using the Apple Car Play function for navigation as this only works if you have a phone signal. For example i was staying in the Lake District and planning a route was impossible with no signal {its amazing how many people rave about such a thing but never mention it only works if you have a signal} so planning was useless.
  5. Phil White

    My GT86

    Thanks, i have many more as well.
  6. It is not a cause of concern as the screw is not taking any load and simply holds the disc flat against the hub when the wheel is removed. The wheel nuts/bolts hold it flat down so don't worry about that. I don't know why paulie b has made that absurd reply either??
  7. Thats great news, i had no luck myself and RRG Toyota were not able to help so i guess i am in trouble if anything happens. I will have a word with my local car security specialists to get their opinion on the matter.
  8. I contacted the Toyota dealer from where i bought the car and they sent me this. ALARM GT86.pdf
  9. Reading this has got me thinking. Inside the glovebox on mine there is a numpad with Sigma on it and i was not given any details on this when i purchased the car from my local Toyota dealer. I assume it could be some kind of immobiliser and i fear if and when the car battery fails it will activate somehow and need a PIN code inputting!!! Time to call the dealer and get the info i need.
  10. I looked into this myself but didn't find anything. I have swoped out the original head unit for an aftermarket that supports a reversing camera but don't fancy wiring one up and mine is an Auto transmission too so i would imagine that the wiring would have to detect a reverse gear signal from somewhere so i will love it alone for now.
  11. Or as we cll them in the motor trade Arnold Shark.
  12. Very nice i am sure you will enjoy as much as i do mine.
  13. Phil White

    My GT86

    Here are some photos of my GT86 i took this Easter weekend while in the lake district. DSC_7727 by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr DSC_7683 by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr DSC_7702 by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr DSC_7570_1_2_Enhancer by Philip Whitheead, on Flickr
  14. As some of you may know i bought a 2015 GT86 recently and the factory fitted radio is not very impressive so i duly bought a new Pioneer unit with touch screen and has things like DAB+ and Apple Car Play for example. Now i am also considering the Pioneer satnav module for it to make it complete. The satnav has things TMC lane guidance and text to speech for speaking out road names etc. Not a cheap option at a price tag of just over £300 but i think it will be worth it and i will be fitting it myself too. I will keep you posted on this one.