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  1. Evening all, By all means not new to the forum (I've been patiently hanging out in the background for a while) but never posted IIRC so Hi for the first time! Owner of a 05 plate Comp which I've loved every minute of for the last 2 months right up until last Thursday that is. All of a sudden she's seriously down on power. I've had a few issues outstanding which have now been resolved inc. brakes, suspension and alternator termination snapping causing battery to drain and <12v juice (I was hoping this was the problem but its not resolved it) - now they're all sorted I fail to hear anything irregular from the bay itself. I've since changed the oil and added 4.6L of 5W-30 egzactly (end of the dipstick has snapped inside the block unfortunately so I can't get an accurate reading with it). Done quite a bit of searching about regarding issues with the supercharger which I'm edging towards allthough I'm hoping nothing serious. Pretty much everything is still original or OEM replacements inc the boost hoses so I've ordered replacements to begin with in the hope that these are leaking. My questions for all those in the know are; The performance almost feels intermittent i.e. no power at all for 10miles and then once starting from a junction at full WOT power until 3rd gear ish then she drops off - does this point to blowing in the hoses? She seems to of lost power at the top end of the line - from 3/4k onwards with foot to the floor you can easily watch the needle all the way until 7.5k where she seems to peak slightly again but nothing like previously... My only other thought is with the ECU - I've always filled up with Shell V-power without any issues but I'm wondering if I've possibly had a bad batch from the local. In any case I've reset the ECU 3 times now to no avail - should I be seeing an instant improvement of performance on reset? Also I have no fault lights on the dash (all are working on ignition) - is it possible the ECU would still be kicking out faults for a code reader to translate even though engine light isn't lit up - I'm debating getting a cheapo code reader but wont bother if it should be showing. Thanks in advance for all your help guys, I'll post pics up soon as she's not upsetting me so much! :P Joe.
  2. If anything is arranged from toc I will do my best efforts to be on their stand. Looks an awesome show but yet to have the pleasure of attending 1.
  3. Will be there to view not showing though. Joe.
  4. Welshpool/Powys area with a Tsport, just joined :D
  5. Thanks for the welcoming guys. Going to take a few pictures this afternoon. She's a tad dirty but pretty pointless washing her in this weather! Joe.
  6. Hi all just a quick hello from myself. Viewed a few topics on the forum in the past so thought Id join up and start posting any advice I might be able to give today. Im the proud owner of a 52' black Toyota Corolla Tsport, all I can say is after nearly a year of driving slugish work vans on and off the Tsport really has made me fall in love with driving again! Truly billiant vehicle. Will post some photos of my pride and joy in the near future. Look forward to posting more regularly. Thanks, joe.
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums C0llis0n :)

    1. C0llis0n


      Thanks Steve. Looking forward to getting stuck in.

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