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  1. Nicolai

    New summer tires for Auris TS Hybrid

    Hi Morton. My 2013 TS is fitted with 195 / 65 R15. I like my Goodyear EGP rears but from reviews, they don't last too long. I went with Conti premium contact 5 for the fronts, this summer season. 😎
  2. I thought maintenance warning lights were standard these days (i.e. from 2013 forward)? Oh, well... I just wondered.
  3. Can this really be true? I've never had a service indicator light come on? Doesn't it have one???
  4. Nicolai many mile from a full tank?

    My car is for a disabled driver (me). This means, I startup my car everytime I need to leave my house. Regardless of distance. Loads of "trips" being between 1.5 to 3 miles taking my son to school, going to the grocery store etc. On the other hand, me and my son often go visitting my parents in the weekend which is a 70 mile drive on A roads and motorway. Been registering my mpg for over 50,000 Ks (see Spritmonitor average in my signature). Best ever full tank has been 63 mpg.
  5. As the tsilgate will be fixed and repainted professionally by the dealer, I'm pretty sure that they remove the camera. They said they would remove the "tailgate handle bar" (what's the English word?) and I'm pretty sure they will remove the camera in the process as well. But will check / ask. Thanks. Besides that, I think it's a fine little car. 😀
  6. Sounds good. How much would one need for a complete treatment of the car? In general, when repair professionally by Toyota, the rust shouldn't be a problem in the future right? This is all "better safe than sorry"?
  7. Thanks. To my knowledge, that product is not available in Denmark, however, we do have similar products available such as Sonax or Turtlewax. What do you think about the buying process of the car based on my description?
  8. Sealant meaning a professional, expensive vers. Or would a smoothing of the tailgate with good DIY products be good as well?
  9. The dealer seemed very open and trustworthy. My ex wife signed the sales contract and on our way out, I decided to check if I could see any any corrosion on the car. Naturally the brake discs had a little on them (so does my Auris Hybrid) and a few, very minor stone chips in the bonnet have turned yellow from the surface corrosion. Besides that, the only thing I noted was the tail gate. We went back into the dealership and contacted the seller again. He took his colleague with him who is in charge of warranty claims. The minute he saw the corrosion on the tailgate, he said: "Ah, yes - that's a classic Yaris weakness. We've fixed many of those under warranty. No worries, we'll get on it right away and you can pickup the car in two weeks as originally agreed". So, it seems they are on top of things. Can't remember if he said the tailgate will be completely replaced or the existing one will be fixed and repainted. Car has been serviced as pr. Toyota's recommendations, however, we couldn't find the service manual, so the seller agreed to print copies of each service (the car was serviced by them from when it was new). I THINK this is all pretty promissing, however, I can't help wonder if I should now worry about the rest of the car having unidentified corrossion problems. From new (i.e. 2015) the car was not given an undercoating but will be given a full one (the best) before my ex picks up the car in 2 weeks. Sorry for all these questions but I have never bought a used car before and, allbeit, I'm not the one buying, I tried to help her out as best as I could and would feel sort of guilty if something comes up that we should have noticed before signing the contract. I was the one who spotted the tailgate issue though. She didn't know about that weakness and the only reason I did was because of this forum. So thanks for that. I guess if anything does show, there still 9 years left of the anti-corrosion and perforation warranty to fall back on. Edit: Just mailed the dealer: Solid white paint. Tailgate fixed and repainted - not replaced.
  10. To be honest, I'm not sure of the official name of the colour. This is the car.
  11. Purchased today. Has some typical "Yaris tailgate / reversing camera corrossion" which will be fixed and repainted under warranty. Other than that, should make for a great little car for her. Thanks. Another (Japanese) joins the club that is Toyota motoring.
  12. Sadly, it does not. 6 months of warranty on a used car seems normal in Denmark.
  13. Helping ex wife buying her first car in Denmark. Local dealer has a used, white October 2015 Yaris Hybrid with 26,000 miles on the clock. All services been done at Toyota. 6 months used car warranty. Test drive was good. Didn't notice anything bad. Checking a thread here in the Yaris forum, corrosion seems a common problem? (reversing camera, tailgate). Anything else to check for? First time to buy used, Thanks,
  14. Sorry: That's suposed to say 180 BHP for the 2.0 - not 280. Yeah, I realize the the logical thing is just to charge the Plugin at homen and use petrol for journeys longer than the 30 or so EV range. Still, the car is more expensive and not as practical as the Auris / Corolla TS. The tailgate / hatchback of the Prius Plugin makes the boot quite shallow. I didn't realize the current prius is 122 BHP. Perhaps it would then be prudent to asume that the performance is equal to that of the 136 BHP 1.8 in the Auris? Honestly, the power of the 136 is more than enough for me and I'd prefer the improved MPG over the extra BHP of the 2.0.
  15. News regarding fuel consumption :1.8 122 bhp is 3.4L/100 km. 2.0 280 Bhp is 3.8. I wonder if the 1.8 is new? As far as I know, my 1.8 is 136 bhp total. Which would you go for? Wonder if these numbers are closer to real life use than those of the current model?