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  1. By "EV Mode", do you mean EV button pressed or just normal,"gliding" EV mode? I don't remember having noticed wha you descripe and if I did, it didn't bother me. the 2.0 i, obviously, faster but the Danish £5,000 premium is too much. For my style of driving (very cautious and not agressive) I guess the 1.8 will do just fine. I actually found the new 122 BHP quicker and more responsive than my own 2013 136 BHP.
  2. Any idea as to the EV range of the Corolla? Considerig whether I should wait for the Plugin or go with the regular 1.8. Will be keeping the car for 8 years.
  3. Does anybody have an idea as to a realistic combined MPG for 2.0 vs 1.8?
  4. Ah, I see. The TS has more rear space, although I wish it had even more.
  5. The Jazz is an ingenious model as far as space goes. Is your Corolla a HB or TS?
  6. VERY BAD. Outrageous, actually! 😪
  7. Hi Gerg, Having test driven the 1.8 Corolla Touring Sports with the Danish "H3" trim level AND an additional "Smart package" these are my observations: I agree with you that certain "hybrid elements" seem to have been given less of a priority than in the previous model(s). I like the look of the new gear lever, however, I dislike having to "click" my way through the gears. In that aspect, I much prefer the small, blue lever; easier and quicker to operate. You should be able to the "Hybrid tacho" hidden within the slections availble in the display menu. The one I test drove didn't show it but had the HUD displaying the "Prius style" i.e. the horizontal bars". I haven't tried the 2.0 but I agree with you that the 1.8 122 BHP is better than the one we both have in our cars (I see you have a 2013 Auris as well). the new 1.8 feels pounchier and more lively to me. Perhaps because the torque of the electric motor is added for longer(?) and at quick acceleration(?) than is the case in our 136 BHP 1.8? I lovbe the turbo punch and torque of a 1.4 150 BHP TSI engine but the ultimately value economy over punch. If I need it, driving the 1.8 in Normal or power is plente punch for me. That way you have the option on regular eco driving and 70+ mpg on A roads or less mpg and more punch.
  8. Surely, more people may have opinions on this matter?
  9. I wonder what the range will be like...?
  10. No. I'm very interested as to when the Corolla can be bought as either plugin or EV in Denmark.
  11. Had a test drive in the 1.8 with smart package added and the Danish H3 (middle ground) trim. Very nice car, I like it a lot. HUD is great once you get used to symbols and digits on the middle of the road lol. If it weren't for the fact that Toyota has reviealed that they will be selling 3 full EVs in Europe by 2021, the Corolla would be my choice as my next car. Not even sure I need to test drive other models. The only thing I am undecided about is engine size but the 2.0 is £4,000 more expensive and I honestly felt the new 122 1.8 was more eager than my own 1.8 136. Others who have felt the same?
  12. Happy Easter, everyone, To those of you who are buying or have bought the new Corolla, which engine did you choose. the extra cost of the 2.0 equals £4,000 in Denmark. I must admit that I felt the new 1.8 122 BHP was way more responsive than my own, old 136 BHP? I've read that perhaps the 2.0 is a lot smoother and quieter (partly due to acoustic windscreen? I feel my own 2013 136 BHP is very dull when accelerating in ECO mode whilst at the same time staying within the ECO band on the "hybrid meter". However, I have always driven the car in ECO mode to max economy. On the other hand, when I put my car in normal mode, I feel it is quite responsive, and with Power mode, I have all the power I have ever needed. I felt like the 122 BHP in the Touring Sports Corolla and in ECO mode perhaps felt equally responsive to my own 136 in normal mode. I'm a very easy (probably slow) driver so I have no doubt, the 1.8 would be enough. Then again, I like the punch form overtaking found in my fathers 150 BHP 1.4 TSI Touran. On a 17.5 mile return trip (test drive, from dealer,) I average 73.4 mpg thinking about economy. On the trip out, I only got 50.3. Which engine would you go for? I have just read, Toyota plans to sell three fully EVs in Europe in 2021. As I will be keeping the car for a minimum of eight years, perhaps I should hold of. But the Corolla is really nice, indeed.
  13. 😀😀 They're on the extra list *which I couldn't find). Both rear and front available. So, if I like the car, thue only thinmg left is: 1.8 vs 2.0. I'm a very relaxed and even slow driver at times. If I have my auris in normal mode, it's quite punchy for me but I always drive in eco to maximize economy. In eco, it's sluggish. I've heard that the 2.0 feels equal to, say, a 1.4 TSI 150? I like the get up and go punch of my father's 150 1.4 TSI Touran. I'll be keeping the car for 8 years before exchanging it again (car for diabled driver, partly funded by the state). A piece of advice?
  14. No, admittedly, I have not. I wonder if front sensors could be fitted as well?
  15. From what I can tell ( there's no option of having them fitted as an extra. In Sweden, however, the car can be tailored to ones liking with regards to options from a wide options list.