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  1. The Trek would have the same height as my current Auris. But it's more money and I can't stand the fake, "wooden dash". Also, I'm really irritated that it does 6 mpg less that the regular TS. Not having the Trek specs next to me, I wonder if this is due to larger wheels?
  2. FWIW: I've never drained the 12 volt in my Auris, and I do a lot of short 1-5 mile shopping and school runs every week. The rest of my runs are between 5 and 75 miles with the latter being at least once a month. That said, there are quite a few posts about new Corolla owners having similar issues. Perhaps the battery of my Auris has a larger capacity? I wonder if you could have Toyota fit a larger capacity battery?
  3. Thanks. Cool - will check. Edit: well, based on those numbers - the Corolla appear to have the higher seating position and ease on entrance and exit.... Makes sence as the design of the Prius is more aerodynamic (hence, probably also lower).
  4. Hi all, As most of you probably know by now, I quite like the 1.8 TS. However, as my cars are cars for disabled drivers partly founded by my municipality, I must keep the car for 8 years before I am entitled to a replacement. All in all, this is fair enough. In this day and age, keep your car maintained and it will last well over eight years easily. Thing is, as we all know, today is a bad time to buy a car as a long term investment due to new technologies like SS batteries and more charges for EV vehicles in the horizon. So, I want my future car as economical as possible, hence, why I'm giving the PHV a chance. Part on my driving pattern fits a PHV like a glove as I need my car for short (2-5 miles) shopping trips, going to the physio for training etc. Currently unemployed for several years, I have no real commute, and when I used my current Auris the most for commuting, its mileage, including leisure and other daily life transport, would have equaled 12,500 miles a year. The lowest annual mileage I have done has been a mere 3,500! The cost of the charging stand alone (over a period of eight years) would amount to the same cost that I've spent on fuel covering 44,700 miles in my current Auris over a period of seven years! I went and sat in a Prius PHV at my dealer - feels lower than the Corolla (non Trek Edition)? Is this true? Ideally, I'd actually like something higher than my current Auris (equivalent in height to the Corolla Trek) as I have a weak and sore back sometimes. Between the PHV and the Corolla, I favour the Corolla as I really like the boot size of my TS for weekend travels. Also, I much prefer the cabin of the Corolla as it's more "normal". As my father has said: son, the proper, practical car that needs an extra refueling is far better than the impractical car that doesn't. I guess the most practical car for me would be the Corolla Cross but not sure it'll be out in Europe. The RAV4 is of course better than the Corolla. Alas, even the cheapest hybrid model is way out of my price range. What other options due I have for a bulletproof and economical, automatic petrol car? Not many it seems, sigh!
  5. Not to mention the lovely smell a new car has. I wish it was available in spray form lol! The smell of the undercoating, though, is not quite as pleasant.
  6. I remember listening to radio via multimedia during a clean out of the car. I had pressed power twice and after some time, everything powered down in order to prevent a complete 12 volt drainage.
  7. Ah, I thought it required two pushes as well. Thanks.
  8. What's the point of the 1 push accessory mode, then?
  9. I believe that's two pushes - not one... isn't it?
  10. Based on another thread on this forum, be wary of leaving your car is accessory mode, as this, apparently, will quickly drain the 12 volt battery. Congratulations!
  11. If you're refering to the thread found in the Danish Facebook Group "Toyota Hybrid Forum", I believe his car is a Yaris from 2015. I haven't heard / read about any Auris failing. What is unfortunate is that he wasn't informed by his garage that after the five year warranty period he would need to have future checks done one year TO THE DATE at the latest. I didn't know this myself until last year - my garage told me that during the 5 year warranty period of the hybrid components, Toyota is more forgiving as the check being done a few days or weeks late. Not so when the 5 year warranty has expired. I hope this is true as some of my first checks / services were a week or two overdue.
  12. I hear it's 10 years in Denmark provided you get the annual Hybrid check. I was told by a Toyota garage though that as long as the 5 year hybrid component warranty is in effect. You can have the hybrid check done a couple of days over the one year mark with no effects on warranty or potential goodwill repairs. After the 5 year Hybrids warranty has ended though, you need to have to have the check done EXACTLY one year, to the date, at the latest. Otherwise, your extended warranty is gone. I hope the five year thing is true as I was some days late with my first services. These days, I make sure the check is done on the very same date (at the latest).
  13. Is the capacity of the 12 volt in the Corolla less than that in a 2013 Auris? My battery has never been drained. Low, yes, but not never drained.
  14. It'll just say "Passed" in all the boxes.
  15. Yeah, I'm referring to the better aerodynamics. 😀