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  1. From the video in this thread, it seems decent in the back.
  2. I wonder if the Touring Sports will have more leg and headroom in the back, seeing Toyota are putting their money on families buying it over the hatch (I agree, I intend to). Other than more boot space (obviously) might it be because the base of the TS will be longer and, hence, everything can be "moved back" a bit? For a pre production vers., the review is good, I think.
  3. My contacts are are set for "Device" already.
  4. Nicolai

    Creaking noise, when turning on the steering wheel

    I have a little of that. Not worried about it.
  5. Is that on the phone itself or on the touch unit of the car?
  6. Am I really the only one with this issue? No ideas?
  7. Nicolai

    New Auris Hybrid owner questions

    Just a thought: maybe because with EV mode, the car "knows" it "isn't allowed to" use the ICE and, as a result, quits EV "to early" in order to leave a bigger "buffer of electricity" "Just in case"? Whereas, in the other modes, it "knows" it's allowed to use / charge with the ICE, hence, allows for longer use and greater speeds???? I have no Idea at all, and not really sure my post makes even the slightest bit of sense LOL. Just a thought. 😄
  8. Nicolai

    New Auris Hybrid owner questions

    Pages like or may also be of interrest to the OP 🙂
  9. Nicolai

    New Auris Hybrid owner questions

    1: Don't use the electric motor to pull away unless no one is behind you (or you're going downhill). It'll take forever to get up to 50 km/h. Instead, use the ICE to get up to the desired speed and then ease off the throttle for the "Eco meter" to fall bellow the halfway mark of the ECO scale. Only cruise on EV when it makes sense and you know that recapturing the energy can be done without using too much fuel (brake gently when decending a hill etc). 2: I have never driven a manual as I can't operate a clutch due to impaired mobility of my legs, however, if by "glitch" you mean a small vibration as the ICE kicks in, that's normal, and som eime can be felt a bit "rougher" than others in my experience. Especially in cold weather when the engine is cold. 3: What's your typical trips like in length? Almost no one will be able to avarage the official figures publish by Toyota. My car gets A LOT of short trips (1-3 miles) mixed in with some 70 mile motorway journeys every other weekend or so. Use ECO tyre pressures to reduce RR and use less fuel.
  10. When I dial up FROm the car, the Contact's name AND number are both displayed on the screen of the touch unit. However, when someone call ME, only the number is displayed on the screen (despite the fact that contact name AND number are displayed on the screen on my phone). Is there a way to have name displayed for Incomming calls on the unit? Deleting personal info and re-pairing the unit / phone doesn't do it? Phone is a Samsung Galaxsy S7 with latest Android.
  11. Don't know about the regular Prius but the PHV has the same max speed on EV as the future 2.0 Corolla. Well, here's hoping the gearbox well actually be an E-CVT with programmed gears. But "sequential" makes me think of "semi auto operated clutch", which is nowhere near as good as the current E-CVT.
  12. So the 2.0 will have a lot more EV capabilities compared to the 1.8? The 1.8 (also?) comes with a lithion battery but no mention of improved EV with that powertrain. I wonder if the lithion will have less longevity compared to the current NMH battery? Based on what we know so far, would you opt for the 1.8 or 2.0?
  13. She took delivery last monday. Tail gate looks good but will keep an eye out. Another one (and a Japanese at that) joins the HSD family. Thanks for your help.
  14. YIEKES! There goes the reliability of the E-CVT. 🤯 Or what do you think? Sounds like a DSG-like / MMT like transmission???
  15. Nicolai

    New summer tires for Auris TS Hybrid

    Sorry for late reply Morton54: I must say I agree with you on the Bridgestone Turanzas. Ex wife just purchased a used Yaris Hybrid and needed winter rims and tires. Dealer spoke highly of Bridgestone and she weent with those. I relize they are not Turanzas, however, unless Bridgestone changes something dramatically, I will never fit Turanzas to ANY car in the future. I found them to be bumpy which is my main complaint with them. Ex' summer tires are Dunlop on the Yaris but I don't know what model. I've been wanting to try out Michelin Energy Saver Plus as well but their lack of grip on wet and damp roads compaired to the Continental Premium Contact 5s meant I opted for the later. I'd like a more fuel efficient tyre, however, safety and grip are more important to me. Let me know how your tyre choice(s) work(s) out, Best,