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  1. Hi all, My wife has the 2015 Aygo Xcite 2 in orange. When i clean the car and at the weekend I notice what I thought was a small piece of black tape hanging off the rear bumper. When I moved it with the sponge i noticed it was the rear bumper paint. Does anyone have any experience of this and Toyotas' response before I take it to the dealership. ps I only use a bucket & sponge and hose pipe to clean the car so no pressure washer blasting at the bumper.
  2. Hi all, Just to let you know we suffered from a knocking noise from the rear in my wifes 2015 Aygo X-cite. After removing everything from the rear it still did it so when it went for its first service last week I mentioned the TSB in this post and got the rear shocks changed without any problem. Knocking noise has now gone.
  3. Sorted ! EGR valves stuck open. Had to have it replaced + ecu update = £550 On the plus side the car now goes better than it has ever had in the last 2 and a half years.
  4. Did Toyota do a diagnostics check and get a fault code ? My Auris SR180 developed an engine light and vsc light and went into limp mode on Thursday. It has shown code P2002 DPF problem but first I am having the EGR valve cleaned as it may be stuck open which may prevent the DPF from regenerating.
  5. Had my 2008 Auris SR180 now 2 and a half years , its done 62000 miles and I have done 30000 miles in it, has full Toyota service history,used Shell V Power and now the Nitro+ every week , top up oil with Mobil 1 ESP and it still goes into limp mode !!!!
  6. Had car 2 and a half years,done 30000 miles in it, used Shell V power every week, full Toyota service history,top up oil with Mobil 1 ESP and still went into limp mode yesterday P2002 !!!

  7. Brought mine with the Toyota motorsport package already fitted.
  8. Is it just me but as soon as Toyota have any recall regardless of which country it is in it makes headline news in the press and tv. General Motors have now recalled around 15 million vehicles this year for numerous safety issues resulting in 13 deaths and 47 accidents which they admit to and all you see is a little post on the BBC News website under the business section. And another thing , Toyota agreed to pay 1.2billion dollars fine for faults and General Motors fined 39m dollars for 13 deaths ! Rant over.

    Sr180 Mpg

    Drove from Scarborough to Derby and set trip to zero. Averaged 45.1mpg. M1 was restricted to 50mph. Getting better mpg now weather warmer.Now around 37 - 38mpg. Winter around 32 - 35mpg. Figures include playing with the torque when accelerating on duel carriageways.
  10. Don't mean to sound negative , but every mod needs declaring on your insurance and it could become expensive.
  11. Hi Seth , regarding your interior lights not working In the engine bay there is a large fuse box between the air box and the LH wing. Take the lid off and on the LHS column of fuses 4th from the back there should be a large white/creamy coloured short pin. This is removed at the factory and placed in the middle of the fuse box next to the fuse picker. This is removed to prevent the battery running flat if a door is not shut properly at the dispatch yards. It is possible that it may have not been put back into its position .I think if you look on the inside of the lid it is called a DCC SHORT. Hope this helps. Steve.
  12. Hi all , anybody out there had an engine changed in Derbyshire under the extended warranty ? Mine fine at the moment , but you never know !
  13. Anybody out there had an engine changed in Derbyshire under the extended warranty ? Mine fine at the moment , but you never know !

  14. Hi, I had the same problem last summer . I've got a 2005 2.0 petrol and my drivers side wouldn't get cold. Had a mobile air-con company to come out and the pressure had dropped due to me not using it often enough.It took more than one attempt to re-gas before getting cold.It is fine now.
  15. Hi all , Got a SR180 and so far so good. I live somewhere inbetween the Toyota dealers in Derby and Ilkeston and was wondering if anybody has had an engine replacement done at any of these or anywhere in the East Midlands. Just like to use someone who knows about this concern as i have seen posts where some dealers have denied all knowledge. Cheers Steve.
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