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  1. j1s15n

    Camry Stalling

    Starts great all the time, even after a stalling problem.. However, I may have found a fix. On the 3 Vacuum hoses that go to the top of the intake, I noticed that the one "P" did not match up with the EGR vavle, so I swapped the Vacuum line P and R, and ever since then, I have not had a problem. I found this 2 days after my last post.. I also cleaned the intake butterfly with a rag to eliminate sticking at idle. So after this swap of vacuum lines, I have been getting better gas mileage also.. I'm at 290 miles, and the gas gauge says it's just below 1/2 a tank..
  2. When you pull your starter out, ensure that your connection to the case is clean.. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean it up.. Have you used an amp meter to find out how many amps your starter is drawing upon start? You could have a bad wire in the car somewhere.. Also, check your fuses for corrosion and moisture..
  3. On the floorboard by the brake pedal, locate the steering shaft as it goes into the firewall.. There is a black seal around it.. Get some WD40, and lubricate it, you can use the handy little straw with the can to get as close as you can get in.. This was my fix for the noise when I worked at Toyota..
  4. j1s15n

    Camry Stalling

    I have a 1992 Toyota Camry, Japan Model, and I have the same, well kind of, problem that everyone else is having. 92 Camry 4cyl 5 Speed Below are the symptoms: When driving on the highway/Freeway and coming off an off ramp, (I usually take it out of gear and keep it in neutral, so the car drops from 2500+ ROM to an Idle RPM) the engine will act like it is going to die when I am slowing way down, like coming to the stop light/stop sign.., RPMs fluctuating between 200-1100 in 1 second intervals, but it will not die.. If I rev the engine up to about 3ooo rpm, the problem disappears.. What I get from this is that it would be a fuel or air flow problem, am I right? Well, My handy dandy Toyota dealer told me that my injectors were dirty, so I let them do the flush, and now I'm out $150, and the problem still exists.. There is no black smoke, so It can't be running too rich, and I looked at the intake pipe (the plastic one going to the air filter) and did not find any cracks.. How Can I check my IAC/SCV, and my EGR? If it was one of these 2, what other problems would I encounter? The other question I have is, could the PCV cause this problem? Now that I have found that mine only does it when coming from high speeds to a stop, does anyone think they have my same problem?
  5. I have a 2003 Toyota Corolla LE for sale. I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It has 17500 miles, never been wrecked, and never been smoked in. It is in mint condition. I am asking 13000 US dollars for it. I currently have an updated sound system including all Infinity speakers, and an Apline head unit. I will lower the price if you wish "not" to include the sound system, which at that point I will reinstall the factory system. Email me for details. It is the Dark blue color with beige interior. Automatic, Power steering, windows, locks, and Toyota Security sysytem. It has slightly tinted windows also. It's been an awesome car, but my wife doesn't want to work anymore, so I told her we would have to sell the car then, so I am! Email me for details again.. Jasonfranklin@cox.net