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  1. Hi I took have a 2008 Aygo and the clutch has just gone at 30,000, release bearing. Couldn't get it into gear at all, just managed to get it to the dealer. However, Toyota didn't want to know because I didn't have my last service which was due last August. I couldn't believe it could go at that kind of mileage, and am totally disillusioned with the build quality now. Ended up costing £577! which I just couldn't afford. They said that was their trade price which I don't believe! they have put in the newer clutch which the newer models have which says it all really..... Good luck and hope they are more sympathetic with you!
  2. I think the 2011 model would be the better bet as the newer ones have modified clutches I have since been told! I bought a 2008 Aygo in Aug 2010 and the clutch has just gone (you may have read my previous moan about it) the baffles also went in first few months, water pump and glove box catch. I wouldn't recommend the older Aygo after experiencing these problems, although I was chuffed to bits when I first got it, thought it was a great little car, but sadly the build quality hasn't been what I expected from Toyota, been very expensive for me too since it is no longer under warranty. Finding out that all these problems are quite common in Aygos...........
  3. I bought a two year old Aygo in Aug 2010 and like you the glove box wouldn't stay shut when I drove. Fortunately at the time I had a year's warrantly and they adjusted it and it's been fine ever since. Great little car at first I thought but haven't been happy with the build quality as seem to have seem to have everything go wrong that could go wrong. Clutch has just gone and only done 30,000! All good when still under warranty but did not bother to extend it as thought it was a relatively new car and shouldn't need to! how wrong was I.
  4. Totally hacked off! Bought a 2008 Aygo 18 months ago, it had done 20,000 miles, really pleased with purchase as never had such a new car! First few months the baffles went, fortunately still under warrantly so had replaced, they also replaced the water pump as also faulty! The garage actually said the baffles often go on Aygos!! hmmm Two weeks ago the clutch went. It's done 30,000 miles! couldn't believe it but since found out that they are renowned for going and the new aygos have different clutches. Toyota helpful at first saying the Customer Relations would only look into the case if they knew what was wrong so I had to commit to having the gearbox taken out to find the problem. Having done that they managed to wriggle out of helping out by saying because I hadn't had my last service with them six months ago they would not help in any way. The fact that the clutch and release bearings would not have been checked in a service didn't seem to register at all, they just kept repeating it was because I hadn't had a service they would not help out. Am totally furious with them as thought Toyota are a reputable make, hence the reason I bought the car. They have actually put in a new clutch which all the new models have which is interesting. Why can't they admit there was a fault with these clutches and issue a recall. Sorry rant over, but so fed up and around £600 lighter!!
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Rachel D :)