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  1. Hey guys. got my spoiler delivered and painted at long last. and im very happy. fitted it yesterday. what you think? sorry for the crap cell phone pic.
  2. Sorry my bad. there are 4 little tab areas but the meassurments you can do yourself. the curved side is the finish side. some thing you might have to eye ball. just showing measurments etc... as you can see the one side looks complete the other all the sharp points etc.
  3. swich

    Range Error

    Hi all im wondering if you guys can give me some insight. fuel tank is 55l. avarage consuption is 6.5l/100km. when i fill up my tank (auto stop) my range tells me about 540km odd. but im going about 720km before the range hits 0km. but when i fill up im only putting in 47l. i would prefere to get futher and fill up a bit more. last tank i chanced it and drove on 0km range till i hit 800km. filled up and put in 52l. is there a way to reset this or is it a problem any one else is having? another thing. as so as i get the low fuel warning light i feel tat the power is pulled on the motor. im sure it does that to conserve fuel. but for over 100km on the pulled power is killing me. insight?
  4. So sorry it took me so long to get it posted up. just been swamped at work. Let me know if you guys need any more help with this.
  5. Yeah i do i'll messure it up for you. post up after the weekend
  6. 3M textured matt. im very happy with it. and would help you. but im based here in south africa.
  7. Its a DIY home job as stated. that CF vinyl looks so fake. and i laugh at the honda guys that say look i have CF bonnet when its a rap. then i pop my Civic paint CF bonnet and say "that is a CF bonnent". and i walk away laughing. but thats just me.
  8. im liking the feel of this But again no feedback to the company in question. and nothing from ether of there dealers. problems of living all the way down here. @declan yeah i have seen that one. little bit small and shouts knock off imo.
  9. like. yeah my car doesnt have mudflaps. but i do like the look. but the 2 looks are very diff IMO. Juvenile's decal looks like the one you can get from Toyota(sadly not here in SA) which is why i made mine myself. i will get you a better pic as soon as i can. as the car very rarely sees sun light due the times i work. Speed_Chaser what spoiler is that the TTE one? posible you can get a quote on one for me?
  10. Hy guys just finished the vinyl on the rear bumper of my auris. Now i just need to get a spoiler. been quoted 226.60 pounds which is R3k which is a bit of money. any one one know where i could get one for cheaper? yes the botom left wasnt 100% lined up but that has been corrected. what you guys think?
  11. @auristr01 its a 2.0 turbo diesel. model err here in SA its the RX im not sure if that means any thing to you. im still trying to learn the toyota codes/lengo etc. yeah white is very hard to keep clean but it looks good. well im wondering if you guys can help me. im looking for a spoiler like below http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/toyota/auris/first-drives/toyota-auris-sr180 any is that rear bumper. the black part , just paint? that car looks really good nice an simple but has a small edge. that all i want. as the honda is my over the top race car with millions of mods. so far i am loving this car. is fun yet relaxing and a bit of a lazy drive.
  12. Where you get the spoiler from. im looking for one like that. only issue is im in South africa
  13. cool i found one. 09 RX. push button start all the fun bits. should pick it up by the end of the week. so you guys will be seeing alot more of me.
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