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  1. There is quite a few options for the IQ to be honest. If I had to buy again I would steer to the H&R springs. The Eibach Pro Kit was good but pretty close to standard in terms of ride comfort. However it gave the perfect stance being 25mm fronts and 30mm rears. The Genuine Toyota springs seem good as they have had well documented reviews both on here and elsewhere. Good luck with your new IQ, you'll start to really enjoy it :)
  2. aaronfife

    New Owner

    Welcome :D 66mpg.. that is very impressive!!
  3. Great pics Taz. The silver IQ with the gold wheels looks fab! Yours is certainly different nowadays too, quite suits them wheels. Thanks for sharing :)
  4. To get a rough estimate here's what I put mine up for 2months ago, but decided to keep it as not letting her go for stupid money. I originally put my 2009 plate IQ base model, 31,000miles, FSH, loads of extras plus safety recalls completed.. the lot for £5600. After a month I kept lowering it and got it down to £5100 before I took the advert down and made the decision to keep it for good. Only had 3 people interested in this time, 2 asked for stupid money and another didn't get back to me. The price I put mine up for was in between the dealer price and private. But because it's clean as a whis
  5. Great news for you! Wish Western Toyota here in Fife were that helpful!!
  6. Take a look through this long but informative 17 page thread. Explains all about the EGR problem and what the issues are :-) http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/136556-important-if-your-warranty-is-about-to-run-out/
  7. I'm talking about the middle console section where the handbrake gearstick plastic is. The plastic unit between the seats.. whatever it is officially called lol
  8. aaronfife


    Are those standard IQ3 lights? Or have you had them tinted?
  9. Received mine too this morning :-)
  10. Question - I removed the centre console a while ago but couldn't figure how it 'clipped' back in? It' just wobbles about as it's not clipped in and have tried my best to make it secure without any luck. It's the whole centre console where the handbrake/cupholder is. Nearest the dashboard. Any help would be appreciated :)
  11. For Sale is our very clean Toyota IQ in a beautiful Pearlescent White with only 30050 miles from new. (Mileage will increase as it's a daily car) It comes with FSH, 1 Years MOT, full stamped log book and a pile of receipts from warranty work & serviceable items. All the warranty and servicing bulletin codes have been corrected by Western Toyota which is a rare sight on IQ's. This car benefits from; FREE road tax, very cheap to insure (group 2), costs just £35 to fill and gets fantastic mpg. The car has also had a machine polish & wax applied as well as getting washed weekly and will
  12. aaronfife


    If you search the forum you'll find a few good topics on this :) I've got 205/45/17 wheels and tyres with a ET37. I went for this offset as I've always wanted a good base if I had to put coil overs on it but your get away with an ET40 with ease as many on here have this. Don't go wider than a 215 wide tyre if your planning on lowering, which your not so should be fine but a 215 tyre or wider might scrap the inner fender as the IQ's turning circle is so tight.
  13. aaronfife

    Full Service

    This is why I get a local mechanic to do my services or I do them myself. Wouldn't trust anyone, especially main dealers. They will try everything in the book to mug you and do little as possible. But I do understand some people want a fully stamped 'Toyota' service book so personal choice :)
  14. Falkirk, Perth, Edinburgh are all on the table and a goer from me :)
  15. I'm easy either way.. The most popular location that people put on the list, that's the one it shall be :-)
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