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  1. Hi all, anyone know the exact location of the outside temp sensor on my 4.2? It reads a bit on the high side much like the average fuel consumption does! Thought I'd whip the sensor off and maybe fit a new one or would I still have the same problem?
  2. How very droll Kev, but yes I suppose so :) Edited to add that the price is for a set of 4.
  3. I recently had my alloy wheels refurbished but the original centre caps were rather scruffy, so I've been hunting on the bay of e to find some new ones. I'd almost given up when I came across Item number: 221127780735 which arrived today. Absolutely brilliant and fit perfectly on my standard 16" alloys. The guy has loads of them and only £11 inc postage. Just thought it might help somebody else looking for centre caps for their Rav. Needless to say, I have no connection with the seller, just a happy customer. Edited to add that the seller has been in touch with me to say his listing has been removed by ebay; something to do with copyright infringement. If anybody still wants some centre caps, PM me for his email address.
  4. Steve, have a look here: ,lots of info including deleting all keys except the one you have obviously! Might work for you but no joy for me. The annoying part about it is that I bought privately and was told that they had another key but just needed to find it and they would contact me when they did. After a couple of weeks they called to say they couldn't find it anywhere, damn! Might take a trip to Mr T and see how much they want if there's no other options left. Let me know if you have any joy with the link I posted.
  5. Steve, I'm in exactly the same boat as you having bought a key from the same place. Have tried every combination of pedal pushing and door closing with no joy. The only conclusion I've come to is that my existing key is a valet key and as such won't allow you to program a new key. The confusing part of it is that if indeed I have a valet key, it should take a few seconds to extinguish the security light, but mine does it instantly which is a sign of a master key! After several email conversations with Patrick from carkeyhelp, he suggested I send him my existing key and the new one he made to enable him to code the new key. As you can imagine, I'm a bit reluctant to post my only working key so as yet have done nothing about it. Did you have any joy?
  6. Just a quick update chaps; whipped out one of the plugs and it's an NGK IFR6T11 and is definitely new. Incidentally,there seems to be a huge variation in price with these NGK iridium plugs; I can get a set of 4 delivered to my door for less than £30 and that's from a motor factors in the UK, not China! So what gives? If I was cynical I'd say we poor motorists are being fleeced
  7. Tomorrow looks like being a dry day so will have a look; I have some electrical contact cleaner so will give the MAF a blast as well.
  8. Just found an invoice for the last service in November 2011; it was itemised and included new plugs @ £40. It was done at a small local inde which has an excellent reputation so I assume, wrongly or rightly, that they put the correct plugs in. Also the CEL goes out as normal when the engine is started so not a sensor problem. Appreciate all your comments by the way.
  9. Thanks Jason, very informative; don't suppose you took any photos whilst you were doing the throttle body?! The guy I bought it from must have had a very light right foot as the digital consumption display was showing an average of 39.4mpg when I collected it, so fuel consumption is pretty good, although I suspect the readout on these is fairly optimistic and is now down to 34.5 with my heavy right foot after an Italian tune up Still not decided if this is going to be a keeper, so I'm hanging on to my trusty old CRV for the time being; bit of a hard act to follow!
  10. I'll certainly check them as soon as I can; just remember reading something about them not needing to be changed until around 60k, so kind of assumed they're still the originals. I know, never assume anything
  11. @ anchorman, as it's only done 56k would it not still be on the original plugs?
  12. ok follow the way proposed by Anch cheers I've ammended my profile igor!
  13. Thanks igormus, but mine's a petrol engine!
  14. Thanks for the suggestion anchorman,i'll take a look at the plugs. I have already changed all the transmission fluids thanks to your excellent tutorial!