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  1. So in light of impending Fleabay listing this will now be taken down from the site if not sold by end of the weekend.
  2. Yes, although I'd forgotten about it. Again! May put on the Bay of Fleas as have some free listings to use up.
  3. Thx for suggestion, the ad has not long been amended to reflect the tuning box fits models other than the Auris so there may be interest yet. As per my bump thread I'll leave the price as is (my inclination is to actually raise the price given it will work with a greater range of vehicles than I first thought when setting the price) if it doesn't sell at that price then so be it. It's circa 70% saving from the price new so is a massive saving and still cheaper than the only other seller I can find who from memory is not even UK based. In no hurry to sell, it's been off the car for over a year. It sells for the right money or not at all. Thanks again for the advice.
  4. Thanks Kingo Well on the basis postage is £8.50 UK mainland lets say midway then at £275 delivered including PayPal fees...that's getting on for 1/4 of full retail price. Should also mention that it's for sale in a few other places so reserve the right to withdraw if it sells elsewhere. Come on people quality product at a bargain price...
  5. My bad, apologies to all. Not my intention to cause any problems or break any rules. You will see from my post count I am not a prolific user of the site but nevertheless I appreciate rules or rules so sorry once more. I only know what the item retails for new so not really sure of value now. If anybody is interested then as Mod has stated PM me, I will in the event of a sake post to that effect.
  6. Make me an offer...what's the worst that can happen, I say no!
  7. This will hopefully be a link to the Steinbauer site, the specs may have changed as bear in mind the box I have was fitted to a 2008 57 plate car... http://www.steinbauer.cc/gb/products/passenger/toyota/auris/22-d-cat-piezo-eur4-lt2009-130kw__4jp/aa3/
  8. Item no longer for sale via this forum. Mods please feel free to delete thread if you like. Thanks.
  9. I forgot to plug the wiring loom back in and engine went into safety/limp home mode. Got 2 warnings for my troubles, check engine and VSC! Disconnected battery and all fine after that. Had replaced standard air filter with K and N but still getting lousy MPG so must resign myself to having a right lead foot ;-)
  10. I have a 2008 57 plate SR180, bought at 14 months old and has full Toyota service history. Other day sunroof failed to close from open. Was due at ante natal appointment with my wife so was on the spot and had no choice but to pull the sunroof forward whilst pressing the close button to secure the car! I'll have a go at fixing most things but suspect this is not for the feint hearted, worried about disturbing curtain airbags when taking headliner out. Anybody had any problems with their sunroof and any joy with Toyota Customer Services? Clearly out of warranty but to me something you use once in a blue moon given our weather and should not break at 4 years 3 months!
  11. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums MBD :)