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  1. Hi Everyone Just thought I'd let you know I went on a guided tour of the manufacturing plant in Burnaston today and can highly recommend it to you all. Amazing visit and was really amongst all the action from watching the steel unloaded, welded, sprayed then onto the assembly, robots were fascinating to watch. I can see why Toyota make such great cars which last ages, amazing place to visit. Oh and I can also confirm there were plenty of Avensis still on the line being made so production hasn't stopped yet. get on it guys well worth it cheers carl
  2. Hi chef I have the new avensis with the 2.0 BMW engine 143 bhp. It was fully loaded in the summer as we went on holiday to Cornwall and I averaged 57mpg. I was pleased with this as it's the tourer model riding on wide 18 inch tyres too. Winter time on the motorway is around 50 so if say your 43 is abit low Cheers Carl
  3. Interesting read. I've had my 16 plate avensis for over 12 months now. It's the excel tourer with the BMW engine also. So far I've done 37k now and had no issues at all. This is my third avensis now and this is by far the best one. Much more comfortable and the steering actually has some feedback now on these 18 inch rims. What issues did you experience? Shame it didn't work out for you. Hope the Honda serves you well Cheers Carl
  4. Hi andy wow how good you've found me on here. Drop me a PM with your contact number if you want and I'll run through everything with you? cheers carl
  5. I couldn't give a monkeys what the range says that's why I'm so annoyed. It's the gauge that's wrong telling me it's pretty much bone dry and there is 20 litres left. I never reply and range and never will it's aload of rubbish just like Toyota's new fuel gauges
  6. Wow.... my 2013 tourer would do just over 2 weeks on a tank. Surely you can appreciate now going the pump every week when it's the SAME tank and doing the SAME MPG is abit annoying !!! especially as I live in the country so not a major brand near by.
  7. Because when you do 250 miles a week like myself, the stupid thing is telling me I can't do 2 weeks worth of driving. Perhaps if you lived with one you'd understand, no offence like
  8. Hi thanks for the replys people. I'll see what Toyota say when it goes in. They said it doesn't sound right on the phone. I know Toyota like to make people panic to put fuel in but wow, over 20 litres and the light comes on is rediculous. It's cutting my range a lot, not a happy bunny
  9. Hi ive recently purchased a new avensis 2.0 d4d and I think there is an issue with the fuel gauage. Last week the fuel light came on around 380 miles which I thought was abit too soon compared to my last 2 avensis . Anyway I continued onto just over 400 miles at this point the fuel needle was pretty much on the red. I brimmed the tank so I could see the fuel and I only managed to get 45 litres in so around 20 litres left. Ive read on here that people mention the fuel light comes on early but over 20 litres left??? Really?? ive spoken to Toyota and it's going in this week for investig
  10. Hi i think the more mild weather has a lot to play in this. Both my avensis and Auris HSD have increased this week due to this
  11. Hi revband i had my sensor sorted about 2 weeks ago and it's works really well now. The chief technician did mine, apparently it's a tricky thing to do as they have to recalibrate everything afterward with road tests etc. hope you get it sorted soon though
  12. Correct and that issue was fixed years ago. BMW are one of the leaders in derv tech so as I've mentioned above, timing chain doesn't bother me that's not my concern. It's about the colour of my oil after supposedly 1300 miles
  13. Hi thanks for the reply its good in one sense to hear you experienced the same as me. I've got customer relations looking into this as we speak because I've found out the dealer only gave this car an intermediate service instead of full. So I've just sent them the above picture and advised I'd question if the oil has even been changed. I love the car and have no issues but it just concerned me last night when I saw this oil. My previous tourer was still abit golden after 10k thanks
  14. Thanks for the update, I've not reported any chain rattle and this doesn't concern me in the slightest. I'm aware this engine had timing chain issues in its early years but Toyota use a decent oil and have reduced the service interval compared to BMW so this illimanates any issues.
  15. Hi Duggerz thanks for your reply, do you have the same engine? I'm trying to find out if it's how the engine is , I'm leaning to the fact the main dealer hasn't actually changed the oil when they say they have!!
  16. Hi I bought a used 2016 avensis tourer with the 2.0 BMW unit. It was apparently serviced around 1300 miles ago and I dipped the oil tonight and it was black. Prior to this car I had a 2012 D4D and the engine oil in that after 11k still had a golden tinge to it, clearly a very clean engine. My question is, was the oil in my new car really changed or are these BMW units more dirty in that sense. I've attached the pics, dipstick is the old avensis after 11k, the tissue shoes the colour of the oil in the new avensis after just 1300 miles, it's black (ignore the golden colour oil on the tissue
  17. Carl1983


    Ahhh ok no probs, I ran HID in my 2012 avensis, went through MOT no issues at all. Just another option 👍
  18. Carl1983


    I have LED as standard in my new avensis. Is there anyway I can check what they are? Might be a good starting point for you?
  19. I know where you're coming from however with a 5 year warranty any issues arnt my problem (unless it's wear n tear of course). For me it's the fact we go on holiday quite a lot and the car is fully loaded with roof box etc and petrol is abit gutless for that kind of work. So far I'm averaging well over 50mpg and it goes really well when you need it too.
  20. Frosty didn't realise this was so important, updated now 👍
  21. Thanks for the replies guys, I'll get some more pics this weekend for you and give some views on a road test also. I only went to "look" at the new avensis but when I drove it and couldn't believe how different they drive and feel now. I'll give you a full report this weekend with pics as requested
  22. Hi everyone sold my 2012 avensis t spirit and now upgraded to this last week. 2.0 Excel with the BMW unit, wow what a difference this car is compared to the other 2 avensis I've had.
  23. I had this last week, 2.0 Excel and I have to say I love it
  24. Hi just thought I'd share the new addition to my Toyota family and say hi. Currently we still have the family car which is a 2013 avensis tourer T Spirit and up until the weekend I had a Corolla 2.0 D4D SR which I use for work. I was very worried about going for the hybrid as I do quite a lot of motorway miles, the Corolla would average around 55mpg. Anyway, picked the Auris Hybrid up at the weekend and I love it, great car. Currently done 240 miles of mainly motorway driving and it's averaging 61.4mpg, happy with that. It's a 61 plate only done 29k got a good deal on it, paid just under
  25. They have been measured at at professional tyre fitters also, it now has new rear tyres on the back which is my original point. Surely this shouldn't be the case on a front wheel drive car?
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