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  1. Frank, your car must be worth somewhere in the region of £10,000, with a major fault it will be considerably less. You still have the benefit of the Toyota 5 year warranty which is known to be very generous to owners who have had their cars serviced correctly by their dealer network. For the sake of a relatively small amount of money is it worth risking a compromise to that warranty should something go wrong. So for a very small percentage of the cars value you will have peace of mind.
  2. From my perspective neither of your issues is normal. I owned my 1.8 CVT Tourer for about 4 years, changed it earlier this month, it was very quiet with regards to wind noise and I was averaging 37mpg in winter and 39 in summer with just over 40 on long motorway runs cruising at 75 to 80 If you are new to driving a CVT then this may be some of the reason for low Mpg. Good acceleration can be had by using a medium throttle as the ratio changes up much quicker thus using less fuel, also lifting off the throttle earlier will help as I found it rolled easily without throttle input.
  3. Some free phone apps are reasonably good. I have used "Navmii" on an iPhone to find a location that the TNS510 couldn't. I had the Avensis for 4 years and each time I used the 510 found it difficult to use and often gave up except for just basic mapping, you can't enter a full postcode for example. If you should want to spend money then you would be best to spend it on a standalone system than pay for the Toyota maps.
  4. The original SD card has a Toyota sticker on it, sorry can't check mine as have just sold the car.
  5. Not sure whether it is fitted to a manual gearbox version or not but on the CVT box version it makes a huge difference if you want to get off the mark or overtake quickly. It gives a better throttle response and holds the gear longer before changing up.
  6. You haven't stated in this thread or your previous one what it is you are contemplating buying. If it is an approved used model from a Toyota dealer then there is no problem if you have a Toyota dealer near you as the Toyota warranty will be honoured. If it is outside of this then you may have the problem you have identified. Buying an older car is always a gamble where ever you buy it. Go and look at it, check what history it has and size up the dealer to see if they seem honest. In my opinion buying a used petrol engined model will be much safer than diesel. Either way a long test run is essential as is a thorough examination. If possible take a mate who is not a fan of the car so he can give an unbiased opinion as to its condition and whether it's a good deal or not. A good deal is a good deal how ever far you travel.
  7. The question is does the computer only work out the mpg when the car is moving? If so the fuel used during stationary warm up won't be included in the calculation so a tank to tank calculation is needed to prove this.
  8. Is that a manufacturer or dealer warranty Heidfirst?
  9. A tip passed onto me from n AA man who came to my assistance when I had a flat battery: if attempting to boost start ensure the ignition key is out before connecting the batteries as a power spike can corrupt the chip in the key.
  10. I have had a 2010 version since early 2012. Have had automatics of various guises, large and small for many years and this one replaced a 2.4 petrol Honda Accord. The main difference between the diesel you have and the 1.8 CVT is the low down torque. You will need to adapt to a different style of driving, it will be more relaxed with less low down power but that's not to say the 1.8 is a slouch. No it's not a hot hatch but once you master and get used to the CVT box and the sport mode when you need to get away quickly it will be just as useful. On a long motorway run cruising at 75 - 80 with a moderate load I have returned around 40mpg. In general everyday use with a combination of short, mainly rural and once a week motorway journey of 100 miles I am getting 38mpg. This is the only Toyota I have owned and have been very pleased with it. Would I buy another? Yes and probably will when it's time for me to change though it might be an Auris Hybrid Tourer but still undecided.
  11. Fortunately I don't get the heat setting problem as I have it on the the Avensis. I did have a quick look at the Motorpoint website earlier, they do have some delivery or low mileage Auris' available at what seem reasonable prices. Assuming they are UK cars the warranty shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Only thing I have seen is 0% interest on some models but they all seem to be linked to PCP's which is of little interest to me.
  13. It was the cost of the CVT box alone that made me decide to extend the warranty on my Avensis at the time of purchase. Had it been a conventional auto box I probably wouldn't have bothered as there are plenty of auto specialists around who could repair them at less than half that price. With the current warranty expiring in September 2016 I have plenty of time to consider what to do, if a further extension is available and there are no other problems then I will probably take that option over changing cars. The Auris Hybrid is a tempting option though, but whatever it is will be either a conventional automatic or CVT and not a dual clutch system.
  14. I have had two long test drives in the Auris Hybrid, the method of driving is almost identical to the CVT petrol version of the Avensis. The car is very comfortable, relaxing and easy to drive. In comparison to my Avensis though it does have more road and wind noise (though not excessive), however it is a smaller and lower sector car than the Avensis so that is probably to be expcted. Having had dealings with three Toyota main dealers I would expect them to be happy for you to take a test drive.
  15. Here is an older thread on the subject: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/151518-range-accuracy-on-2011-18-valvematic/ I have found that when the low fuel warning light activates there is still about 10 litres left in the tank. My gauge tends to show lower than the actual content in the tank.
  16. If the reservoir is empty then you have a leak, no point in bleeding until that is fixed. Playing with brakes if you don't know what you are doing is dangerous not only for you but everyone else on the road. Take it to a local garage and let them do it.
  17. Alan is correct to remove the key it has to be in park, but the shift lock button does allow you to move it to neutral without the key. This is how it works on the CVT Avensis though you will need to check it out on the Hybrid as it may be different.
  18. If the satnav mapping is by SD Card then it won't work without the it. As far as I aware the audio system should work without the SD Card. If you have just bought it from a dealer then you should take it back.
  19. It's certainly possible with a normal automatic and with the Toyota CVT by selecting neutral. I can see no reason why it wouldn't be possible on the hybrid provided they have a neutral position.
  20. On the whole motoring journalists are what they would call "expert" or "keen" drivers. In Everyman speak it means they like to tear around in sporty cars. They get invited, at least the better known ones, to new car launches and test days which most likely includes free lunches and goody bags. They rarely drive in the ame way as "Mr average" and rarely spend much time in cars like the Auris Hybrid. Their views, therefore, are not objective. I am not a so called expert but have many years of experience driving innumerable vehicles of all types. I have test driven the Auris Hybrid on two occasions over all types of road and have found it to be as good as any car in its class. Yes some of the German cars in the same class have a more sporty handling characteristic but they don't have the same warranty length nor the same reported reliability as Toyota especially where their DSG gearbox is concerned. Toyota hybrid transmissions act in much the same way as a CVT gearbox, their idiosyncrasy is that they allow the engine to rev more freely than other types of automatics when accelerating, this is not unique just to Toyota CVT's. Some people seem to describe this as a noisy gearbox when in fact it is just that the engine revs higher at a given point than other automatics do. My current Avensis is the only Toyota I have ever owned so I am not a Toyota fanboy. My next car may be an Auris Hybrid but that decision will be based on my experience of Toyota to date and my own test drives and research not just the scribblings of a journalist. The best thing you can do is to get at least an extended test drive so you can judge for yourself whether or not the critics re correct.
  21. If your unit is the TNS510 there is a USB connection on the bottom right hand side. I have a very small USB thumb drive loaded with music and it displays artists, album and track names on screen but not album art.
  22. There are reports that insurance companies will not cover any damage to them under the glass section of the policy as it is seen as an integral part of the body not a replaceable glass section.
  23. Whitewagon


    Just for information, my 2010 60 plate TR has cruise and satnav but it doesn't have auto lights or wipers thankfully. Most manufacturers load end of line models with extras to encourage sales just before a facelift to move the older shell on.
  24. Unless you want a diesel then the only real change is a nose job. Will definitely have a test drive later but not likely to prise the wallet out just yet.
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