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  1. Got it direct from Lindop, Kingo is on holiday till next week so got to wait until then, the booster plug on the car is 2 pin and 3 pin on the kit
  2. Just to follow the first pic shows the plug on the car, second is the plug on the kit and the third is the position under the bonnet back left of engine. Its a 2 L d4d
  3. Trying to fit a Lindop chip kit to my 60 plate Avensis, Following the instructions I'm sure this is the right one as shown in the attached pictures. The problem is the plug on the car is 2 pin and the one on the kit is 3 pin? Any advice please
  4. Had mine for 2 weeks after part exchanging my T180 estate on a 56 plate. I think it's a great drive but slow so i've ordered a box of tricks from Parts King.
  5. I had the new engine over two years ago, the local dealer topped up the oil and told me to come back after 1000 miles, they then recorded how much it used as more than half a litre is a sign of head gasket failure, this was the case and i had a 3/4 engine replacement a couple of weeks later. All in i think it cost me about 2 pounds for the initial oil top up.
  6. Loved the bike pump idea but it didn't work, changed the y connector under the bonnet, result!!!! Back washer still not working but the wife is safe and i've got brownie points in the bank. Thanks guys
  7. Ill try the bike pump on the morrow, sounds like a good plan.
  8. There's one under the bonnet but that wouldn't affect the rear washer too would it? I suppose my next question is what's the easiest way to get to the bottle?
  9. Hi, any advice please. No water coming out the front or rear washers on our Auris. Bottle is full and both pumps are working so i suspect a blockage in the filters. Really don't want to start dismantling the car to get to the filters so does anyone know of a quick fix? Was thinking about dropping in a dishwasher tablet? Cheers Rich
  10. Thanks, test drove it today, deposit paid. Will buy a chip box, it is a bit plastic inside though, suppose ill just get used to that. Oh well in 5 years ill get the new model on a 3 year old plate, mate works at Burnaston and says that they have finally cracked it lol
  11. The time has come for me to say goodbye to my Avensis T180, I've seen a T4 on a 60 plate at my local dealers and thought i'd ask here for peoples opinions on this model. Less power, but the cars seems to have all the gadgets and very low mileage. Are tuning kits any good, I've read that you can increase the power to 160 bhp, but would also like some advice on the best companies for these products, Thanks
  12. EGR valve, had the same trouble on my Avensis, Mr T wanted £400 to replace it, but thanks to advice found on here I fixed the problem with £5 of carb cleaner and an overnight soak. Perhaps it's worth doing the same on the IQ. Is it easy to remove? Any clues as to where to find it, thanks
  13. I mean I love the car more than the wife loves the car, not how it reads doh!
  14. After owning an Avensis T180 tourer for the past 18 months, I decided to replace my wife's battered old fiesta with a little Toyota. We both liked the look of the IQ and the cheap running costs. I don't like small cars but I love the IQ probably more than the wife lol. If we didn't need at least one big car, I'd trade in the Avensis tomorrow. Just thought I'd share my thoughts :)