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  1. My other branded Japanese car does not do it automatically. But I don't care as I can easily cope pressing the little button inside.
  2. All the cars I've seen have stick on stand alone mirrors and dont have the bigger plastic surround that other cars have with auto dimming, that hides the wiring down from the top of the window trim. I cant see how they would be auto dimming with no power lead.
  3. Looks like cloth spec is getting a July delivery date. Mine is a black leather spec and I have a Aug delivery date.
  4. Looks like cloth spec is getting a July delivery date. Mine is a black leather spec and I have a Aug delivery date.
  5. When did you order yours and what was the spec?
  6. 20 - 24th July might be early compared to a lot of people.
  7. So they''ve arrived around various UK dealers. The question is why are most customers having to wait until Aug or Sept until actual delivery. All well past the launch date this weekend!
  8. Arriving in the UK? Yes they are! It's a pity that although the launch date is only a few days away now, actual deliveries of the earliest models aren't going to go to those customers until mainly August or September. I've even heard of customers placing orders now and having to wait until towards the end of the year.
  9. Toyota GB said today (13/6/2012) cars would be in UK in 10 days, and dealers were to be contacted for more info. But after contacting some dealers, they have no info to give - apart from "hope to get cars soon". WHY are Toyota being so obstructive with the delivery info, in not giving out anything concrete and diflecting the enquiry to dealers who are just as much in the dark about deliveries. Come on Toyota, we are your customers here, gives us some customer support!
  10. Trouble is, 1st of July is only three weeks away now, and Toyota UK are keeping ominously quiet about actual deliveries. No-one in Toyota will actually confirm a date.
  11. Still no news from Toyota UK on the GT86 arriving in the UK!
  12. Sorry must have misread your post. When you said "£750 isn't that bad", I looked at my fully specced TomTom at £250, which I can use in any car, and though THAT aint bad! £750 for a software download into hardware already installed in the car is bad in anyone's books I'm afraid. Especially as it sits only in that car, and has to be given up when the car is sold.
  13. Yes they might sell if they ever appear in the UK market. Although the UK market is smaller for major customising, there certainly is a niche market out there.
  14. Toyota GB made a big play last weekend about the supposedly first GT86 arriving in the UK by driving 24hrs from Spain to England somewhere. However they don't appear to be following that one car with any more. Toyota are still officially saying today cars will be in showrooms from "end of June". Has anyone heard unofficially otherwise. ie does anyone know when actual models will be available to see?
  15. It's far from a back to basics, stripped out sports car. The basic spec adds kilos all over the place eg climate control, fog lamps, etc. And as part of that basic spec comes the standard Toyota Touch system. A few hundred grammes for a tiny rear end camera (see models who have them fitted discreetly) and wiring loom. Or an aftermarket download of satnav software. Why doesn't Toyota offer the former and offer the latter at a sensible price?
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