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  1. Had an amazing weekend, reminded me of the JAE's of days gone by :P (Although im sure we never went to bed at 12am at JAE, people must be getting old! lol) :D Huge thanks to Les & Anne for organising everything, thanks to dawsey and ali too for letting me follow you home And thanks to the gal who helped me pack my tent away - really sorry i didnt catch your name Had great fun messing around with the camera and the cars on both nights - the shots ive got are so cool (was a good solid team effort :D ) i will post them up later when ive processed them, Les im looking forward to seeing
  2. Thanks Anne - i will try and squeeze the marquee in then, im pretty sure it will go :P Supplying bacon butties for free!! - cant be having that , we will sort you out with some cash when we get there :P or im sure i can pimp Rob out in payment See you soon - dont think we will be convoying down cos weve got to collect chris first (i.e dont wait for us at FBS :P ) xxxx
  3. Argh im so unorganised - havent sorted anything out yet! I know its annoying when stupid people ask stupid questions last minute but ....... Ive got a few questions - how much is it for the camp site , is it per tent? or per person? (Just so i know how much cash to take with me) Did you do another list for breakfast? Are we too later to chuck a few quid in and get a buttie? Do you need any marquees? Ive got one we can bring - if it will go in the car! And is anybody really excited? BECAUSE I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Teegs xx
  4. Can I have the same please thx Copy cat :P xx
  5. Hi Les, I will have: Chicken Dansak £7.95 Veg Rice £2.95 Ta xx
  6. I trust the garage - one of the guys that works there is my dads friend. They couldnt see anything bent out of shape when they had a look after the ditch accident asha I just dont know if i want to put any more money (or time for that matter) into this car - its had enough of my cash now , its never wanted for anything - always had every problem fixed as soon as its shown up but i dont think i can be bothered any more. I have too much else going on to have to worry about the car aswell. Ive been thinking long and hard about it and decided that it may be best just to let it go - i think ive gra
  7. The garage checked all the brakes - no problems apparently It actually does it more under acceleration - ie when im trying to pull up a hill etc. Im convinced that its more than a brake problem. Ive registered for imoc again to let them try and diagnose the problem as they have always been quite helpful in the past, think i need to take it to somebody who drives mk1's and knows them inside out. Tegs x
  8. Long time since i posted a question on here but my car is starting to annoy me now Its been pulling to one side for quite some time now and i cant seem to find out what the hell is wrong with it - even thinking of getting another car if i cant find the solution When we had the bad snow earlier in the year the car and me ended up in a ditch - was only a small slide off the road but i thought this might have been the cause of the pulling (as only one side went into ditch) thought i might have bent something I took it to my local garage who i use all the time - at first they couldnt find anyth
  9. Thanks ben , no i didnt click it - my common sense prevailed (for a change) :P
  10. I just got a link forwarded from Anne's msn - im presuming this is the hack? I didnt click on it , hopefully that means im not at risk? T x
  11. Im not sure whats worse - the media telling us all we are going to die of swine flu or them telling us we'll all starve to death because there is a recession on (if you hadnt already heard!) and we cant afford food! I gave up watching the news/reading the news papers a long time ago, hence the reason i had no clue why everyone kept asking me if i had bird flu.... sorry , swine flu!
  12. We have such annoying neighbours! Most people wont think that my neighbours are hellish but i do! and its that bad that i want to move as soon as possible :( We share a driveway with a rented house - and the landlord is a ***** who doesnt care what the house looks like or what his tenants do. This means that our house looks scruffy by association with theirs which annoys the cr*p out of me! Also they have four kids, who regularly swear at their parents, skip school and smoke, all of them are under 16. The youngest kids, play football in between our houses everyday that probably doesnt sound
  13. I have to say i dont believe in 'ghosts' but i do accept that some things cannot be explained with science when i was younger i used to get ill a lot - i always had the flu - proper flu not a cold, and would be laid up in bed for a few days, i used to halleucinate quite regularly and saw my soft toys move around on their own, heard glass breaking like it was my bedroom window and heard somebody whisper in my ear to tell me to go out into the garden! As scary as it was i knew they were just dreams/halleucinations. Obviously these were due to my illness and i believe sometimes that we experie
  14. Halfords are useless to be honest - i really dont know why i continue to shop there... must check my brain one day! Went in to get some new wiper blades, checked the flip chart thing and picks out the ones they said would fit my aw11 - i had in one hand a 20"wiper blade and in the other hand a 14" wiper blade Seeing the look of sheer confusion on my face and staring down my top one of the guys comes over to ask if i need any help - obviously i do as those wiper blades clearly arnt gonna fit! I told him they werent right and he checks on the computer Halfords guy: 'we dont even have a mk1
  15. Friday 13th is very lucky for me - the next one is my birthday :P Ive never been stupidstious about the number 13 as it can only be a good thing if it brought me into the world :D :P Oh and i thought you meant the film aswell - we went to see that and it was pants lol Didnt really expect it to be great just wanted to see a scary film :P
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