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  1. Hey all, Long story short - Dealer damaged the rear subframe of the car. I am going to take them to court as they refuse to refund me for the car or repair it. In the meantime, should I not win or not go to court (fees etc), I have sourced a new subframe, but also need to get the suspension fully replaced. As I am a newbie to this, could someone kindly let me know what parts are required to replace both back and front suspension? A link or recommendation for standard and well priced parts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. It's an 07 red with 126k on the clock. The cable was likely done by the previous owner, and the dealer is RAC accredited, so I would have expected the car to not be a total wreck!
  3. Does that cable purely control the seat airbag?
  4. So.... Picked up the car and the door now works. Apparently the issue was caused by a 3rd party alarm system, which has now been deactivated. Then on the way home the airbag warning light came on and started flashing. Took a look under the passenger seat to look at the cable to see that it is unplugged. The other end has been cut off and the wired tied together... What the hell is this car!?!?!?
  5. Update from Dealer: Lock barrel repaired and working. Actuator replaced - Still not working. He thinks there may be a broken wire somewhere. He is taking it for an electrician to investigate tomorrow. Considering how much of my time they have wasted, I am actually enjoying how much of their time this is wasting. This'll teach them to inspect a car before selling it!! I'm just lucky that my Celica is behaving for the time being!
  6. Hey, Not yet. Because of the ****show that is my Aygo I have returned it to the trade dealer with the demand that all of the issues be fixed. I am hoping to find out when I get it back. Logically it seems that both the lock barrel had seized and the lock actuator had failed. I bought the car from an RAC Dealer as I have always had issues with privately bought cars. I was told that all of their cars go through a full RAC check before they are sold. Here are the issues: Front Driver Door does not lock Key will not turn in lock Key button wi
  7. Hey, Unfortunately not yet. I am hoping to have a look today if it doesn't rain too much. I was working over the weekend so haven't yet had a chance!
  8. Sure will do! I've just squirted some WD40 into it. Hopefully that should help. Temperatures are no longer freezing here so I would expect that if it were ice related, that should have released. I am slightly worried that the previous owner swapped the door or something. The fact that the key doesn't turn at all is very odd. At the moment I am locking it from the rear driver side door! Thanks
  9. Hey everyone! I just got home from buying an Aygo to accompany my Celica! As I parked up at home, I found a problem... The front driver's door will not lock (5dr car). The keyfob works, and triggers all other doors. The key itself does not turn in the lock, at all... When inside, dropping the lock pin triggers the central locking and locks the door. Lifting the pin unlocks it. Can anyone help me figure out where to start? Thanks!!
  10. Hello all, I think I posted this a while back, but I am now in a position to get some work done (new welding kit :D). The sills on my Celica are very rusted; to the point that you can stick a hand through them! Unfortunately it has been like this, but slowly getting worse since I bought it, I just didn't notice until I got it home... Toyota say that they have discontinued these parts, so no luck officially. As far as I am aware, the safest bet would be to cut em off and replace them, but I am having issues tracking down the parts! My questions are: Does anyone know of a body shop who could mak
  11. Hello, I know this is a long shot, but I desperately need a pair of sills for my Celica GT4 ST185. Being a Jap import, the sills on both sides have completely rusted out and will need a surrogate replacement. I understand that this would need a fair bit of cutting and welding. Can anyone tell me where to find these? Any breakers in the Surrey area? Or even further out? Thanks in advance. Simon
  12. Hello all, I have a 9 month old little man named Drayke, and I need him to be able to sit in my Celica if I ever have a hope in hell of driving it! Can anyone recommend me a child seat ranging from 9 months to 12 years? I have seen this one, but not sure if it will fit: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HalfordsProductDetailsLiteView?storeId=10001&langId=-1&productId=789203&cm_sp=Intelligent_Offer-_-Product_Details_Zone_2-_-Blank&iozone=PDPz2&TB_iframe=true&TB_C_ID=productdetails&TB_C_TITLE=Recaro%20Young%20Sport%20Booster%20Seat%20Cherry/Black&w
  13. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums Arus :)

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