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  1. JerryB


    Thanks Scott - Ah,very cleverly worked out, Many thanks.
  2. JerryB


    Many thanks Mike - makes sense! I did know about the sticker stating the tyre sizes etc. it says 91v but the front ones which are fairly new are 95 w - need to replace the rears so wasn't sure whether to put 91's or 95's - don't suppose it makes much difference only for some strange reason 91 v's generally seem more expensive than 95's!? Thanks for your reply, Jerry
  3. JerryB


    Hello to all, looking for some tyre experts amongst you ! 2008 Avensis 2.0 D4D - Tyres are 215 50 17 - for the speed and load rating, should I be fitting 91V or 95W or 95 W XL? What do you think is best and why? Be very interested to hear your views on this. Many thanks, Jerry
  4. JerryB

    Egr Again!

    Hi, thanks for your advice - thought I had cleaned the pipes ok although if i'm honest i didn't pay as much attention to them as i did to the valve. If/when it happens again i'll double check the pipe. Do you think the gaskets being reused could be an issue? I will fit new ones next time. Also I have had a discussion with Mr. T who swore blind that if my EGR was failing or sticking then I would get an engine warning light! (no lights so far) Best Regards, Jerry
  5. JerryB

    Egr Again!

    Thanks, not sure about the type oil - Try to use Shell or Esso or Bp occasionally use supermarket - Just a weird frustrating problem- car fine for a couple of thousand then almost undriveable - clean EGR as thoroughly as i can - car then fine again. Will try new gaskets next time then if still no joy will have to take to MR. T who will probably change EGR (£300?) Thanks for your haelp
  6. JerryB

    Egr Again!

    Hi - using 5W30 thanks
  7. JerryB

    Egr Again!

    Very helpful, thanks very much - really appreciate your advice, Jerry
  8. JerryB

    Egr Again!

    Hi, thanks thats very interesting. No didn't change the gaskets as i thought as they were metal there was no need. It's very strange because after taking off the EGR and cleaning (actually not much soot in it at all) and putting it back together again, the car is going superbly again so not sure if my EGR is faulty or not. This is the third time this has happened - car goes from almost undriveable, then take off EGR and clean and then the car goes superbly again (but for how long?). Could it be the gasket failing after a few thousand miles and then 'reseating' for a while when I take the EGR off and back on? Any thoughts?
  9. JerryB

    Egr Again!

    Hi folks - i'm sure you're all sick to death of EGR posts and maybe may answer is somewhere on the forum (but i can't find it as yet). Anyway - a while ago my 2008 Avensis 2.0 D-4D was a bit lumpy so I cleaned the EGR - the difference was phenomenal. Then after only some 4000 miles - started flat spots, black smoke etc. Cleaned EGR again (although there was very little soot this time having been cleaned 4000 miles ago) and car back to normal, no flat spots, really smooth , increased mpg. Now after a further 1200 miles it now feels like it needs doing again (engine not pulling, bit of smoke etc.) I'm sure it's the EGR again. What am I doing wrong? Not very confident to undo the solenoid - is this easy? - is it needed to check if the valve is closing properly? how do you check if the valve is closing properly?. Had new engine with i presume new egr about 14 months/13000 miles ago. Should my EGR, if faulty, be replaced by Toyota under any new engine guarantee? Hope someone can help, thanks, Jerry
  10. Hi, done mine the other day - there is a 'flap' in the inside trim that just pulls forward to give access to the rear light cluster. The multi-plug can then be 'pulled' off (push the small metal side bar on the multi-plug then pull multi plug off). No need to remove the rear light cluster. The reversing light feed is the RED wire on the multi-plug and you need to 'tap/spllce' into this for your live from the reversing sensor unit (red), the black earth from the sensor unit can be earthed with the rear light cluster nut and bolt. Hope this helps, Jerry
  11. Thanks all, does anybody know which bl**dy wire it is?
  12. Hi, yes done that - all looks a bit confusing as I think that Toyota would pick the feed up straight from the fuse box? Easier to 'splice' into the reversing light wire - just wanted to know which one it is on the rear light cluster, thanks
  13. Hi, thought i'd have a go at fitting some - all looks pretty straight forward apart from - which wire do you splice into? Multiplug has 5 wires on it numbered 2,3,4,5,6, which is the reversing light? Any help greatly appreciated, thanks, Jerry
  14. Hi all, all the above is very helpful - can someone explain if BG is so much better than the Redex that I've been using which is far more cheaper - Redex any good?. Also - not sure if i'm doing something wrong regarding EGR cleaning - cleaned mine back in April (just as an experiment really as car was going ok but i knew it was a new EGR fitted under the new engine warranty and had now done 10k). After only another 3 or 4K miles i started having running problems - power loss, no pull in high gear,black smoke etc. - so 'cleaned' EGR again today and engine back to normal with real difference in power etc. What sort of intervals would be expected for EGR to clog up and require cleaning? Many thanks everyone, Jerry
  15. JerryB

    Egr Blanking

    Nah, not blanking mine. This is becoming a bit like Creationalists v Evolutionists! Whilst i dont' agree with creationalists any more than I believe Toyota is a God who created the D-4D, i've seen so many posts concerning 'blocked EGR problems' and I still cant see that blanking the EGR is any different to a blocked EGR. Have not seen much evidence/posts extolling the virtues and benefits of EGR blanking (maybe early days),Cleaning the EGR is good and really straight forward, i'm sticking to that, Jerry