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  1. Thanks guys for clearing that up!
  2. Hello all, Is anyone able to explain the different models / trim levels of the E11 corollas? I see the words GS, GLS, Vida, CD etc but I cant appear to find the differences between each one. Also, which ones are the rarest and which is the most reliable? Cheers
  3. * Update * The EGR valve was especially gunked up ! The valve was very sticky. I followed this very useful thread on how to clean it ( see attached ) . Took the car for a test run , ragged the **** out of it, power has stayed consistent. Will test on the motorway soon! * Update 2* Driven car for a good week or so, no problems since! Hopefully this helps future readers. Thanks guys for your responses
  4. I know this is almost a year on but thank you so much! Very helpful
  5. Added some Redex and some Shell Nitro. Drove around for a good 70 miles today , problem still remains :( . I've read up a lot on this forum about the possibility of it being sticky SCV's. Although it looks like they are integral to the fuel pump on my Coroll rather than being separate components shown in some videos and pictures I've seen on other D4D models. I may just be blind but I can't seem to find them :/ I have the 2 litre 1CD-FTV engine. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Edit : I'll investigate the components fordulike suggested also
  6. I usually go for standard fuel from Shell / BP rather than supermarket stuff. I'll try some of this intake cleaner and get some of the super fuel , or I can add in fuel system cleaner to the tank now. Thanks for the responses guys, I'll keep you updated. I'm hoping it's not the injectors........ (touchwood)
  7. Hello all, While driving on the dual carriageway my Corolla e12 D4D experienced a sudden loss in power - I was struggling to get over 50 mph with the acceleration pedal to the floor. Additionally the car would ***** a couple of times , more noticeably when pulling away in the lower gears. This occurred for about 15 minutes. But as I was struggling to make it up a hill in 2nd gear, suddenly the power came back and the car shot up the hill no problem. The car then responded normally for another 100 miles or so but now the power loss has occurred again! No check engine light h
  8. Thought that would be the case! I'll try not to ride the clutch uphill too much..
  9. Hello All, The Topic title says it all, I have a D4D 2.0 Diesel Corolla with about 110k miles on it, It hasn't had the clutch replaced yet. Just wondering how many miles on average you get out of the clutch? Cheers
  10. Ok, took a look in the manual. I'll just copy what it says, i couldn't test it myself as i no longer have the default stock radio in my corolla. My corolla isn't the same model as yours either, but here goes: Push the "ENTER" knob repeatedly until the hour display appears and blinks. To set the hour: turn the knob counter clockwise. To set the minutes: Turn the knob clockwise To return to audio mode, leave it for approximately 15 seconds or Push the "TRIP/NAVI" or "AM-FM" button.
  11. i have the 1.4 terra version with no additional clock and i don't have the manual to see if my radio unit displays the time. I'll take a look in my manual tonight and see if there is a clock function
  12. I cant recall that it does pal, but there is a clock just a few inches below it that can be adjusted, can you not use that?
  13. The diagram did help, thanks :) Took a bit of head scratching bit i figured out where to find it. I used a multimeter, put it into AC mode, connected the black wire to ground ( such as the bolts that attach your seats to the floor). Removed the instrument cluster and unplugged its attached connector blocks. I then probed each pin in the connector block with the red wire, i found a pin that was at 12V AC while the engine was idling and when i revved the car to about 3k the voltage dropped to 11.7 ish so this proved to be the tachometer signal.
  14. Is it worth it? I've been told it doesn't provide any performance increase on diesels. Will it make it sound less like a tractor? Thanks
  15. I'm planning on installing a shift light in my E12 Corolla, i took a look at the connections feeding into the instrument cluster but there is no notorious 'green wire' that is meant to be the tachometer signal, instead it is just a heap of light blue/white wires. Is there a wiring diagram or any way of possibily finding out the tachometer signal wire by using a multimeter? Im guessing the voltage on the tachometer wire would increase with the engine rpm? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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