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  1. Hi Bitman I will have a look at them for future reference, thanks for the reply
  2. Thanks all for your replies and advice. Just as an update, I replaced the sensor with a Denso DOX-0246 (Toyota Part No 89467-42020) bought from E-Bay £85. Was a sod to get the old one out but all looks fine after resetting the engine management light.
  3. Thanks for your helpful reply, I'm wondering if the garage is talking about the cheap aftermarket sensors (some less than £30) with the Denso ones costing £80 to £110, still a lot cheaper that the Toyota bodged ones.
  4. Hi Mystic Thanks for your reply, I have just bought a code reader from eBay, up until recently I have not had the time to do my own repairs and maintenance on the Rav but now I am semi retired I will be doing what I can and replacing the oxygen sensor looks fairly straight forward, as long as the old one comes out OK. Not sure if you or any other members have heard anything about what my local garage have told me but what they are saying is that the resistance on the heater circuit on aftermarket sensors is different from OE and this is why the engine management light will not re-set, obviously you have not had this problem. I understood that the Denso sensors were OE on the Rav so this is the one I would go for. If you get 10000 miles out of the Densor that’s more than I have out of my last 2 Toyota sensors. Thanks again
  5. Hi everyone Owned my 2001 Rave 4 2 vvti for the last 7 years, it’s done 75000 miles now. In the time I have owned the Rav it’s been very reliable and not let me down, been serviced regular. The first oxygen sensor was replaced when it had done just over 16000 miles, since that time I have had to replace a further 3 with the last one (Bank 2 Sensor 1) being replaced 14 months ago, I have only done about 9000 miles in that time and now the same sensor has gone again, normal thing, open heater circuit. I have always replaced the sensors with genuine Toyota sensors, while looking for a new sensor on e-Bay I noticed that there are many other makes that say they will replace the originals and are off OE quality. I asked my local independent garage about fitting non-Toyota sensors and they say that they will fit and work but they will not turn the engine management light out. Has anybody had any experience of using non-Toyota sensors? PS I don’t use supermarket petrol.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums Oldtimer54 :)