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  1. Not had the full list you've had there Linda, but I've had a "Radar sensor malfunction.." once which knocked out the cruse control as well and a "pre-collision detection malfunction..." once, like your first pic, but with a message to check radar sensor. The Radar error cleared when I stopped the car and switched it off and on again (I know, oldest IT trick in the book ). The pre-collision error cleared after I left the car for the day parked where I park to go to work. Both days, it was very wet, in fact the day of the "pre-collision detection.." error it was snowing and very cold, so I'm w
  2. I've done 2,300 in my Hybrid Excel now. It's very good at what it does, pulls away very sharply till about 30 mph and still very responsive after that, but as Parts-King says, does tend to get quite "revvy" if your in a hurry though. Its a very stable platform on twisty roads. I'm getting nearly 58 mpg so far on average on the daily commute, which is mostly 70 mph dual carriageway driving (I tend to sit around 65 mph or down to 60 mph if the traffic flow allows it). I recon its well matched engine / electric motor wise for the size and bulk of the car, suits my driving style very nicely I feel
  3. I do like the puddle lights in the wing mirrors. Didn't realise it had them till we walked up to it in the dark the day we picked it up :-D
  4. I doubt the Cygnets will drop much Craig. If anything they will rise in value. As far as I heard they only ever made 150 of them before calling it a day, so they are rarer than gold plated hens teeth even in Aston Martin circles...
  5. Thanks Mat, looks not bad at all that. Not sure though, I did really like my leather with the orange flashes and iQ logo in the headrest area though, it matched the car so well and was such a style statement. Cheers Gordon
  6. Hello folks, mind if I join you lot :-) I've just taken delivery of a new Hybrid Excel C-HR, so thought I'd pop in and say Hi. I've floated about the iQ and Hybrid forums for a few years, but we've just traded our Yaris Hybrid Excel in for the C-HR and so far very impressed with the car. Look forward to keeping in touch in here with you all. Happy to say after 150 mile drive home, the C-HR is showing a better average MPG that the Yaris did already :-) Cheers Gordon
  7. Hello, back again, managed to get some improved pics of the iQ this afternoon if anyone's interested. Now off to post pics of another new car we'v just acquired on the C-HR forum ;-)
  8. Cheers Soely, I got more than a litre into it, but less than half the 5 litre tub i had at hand, sounds not far off
  9. Hi Peps, Strange thing, I can't find any info anywhere stating how much the windscreen washer bottle holds from empty to full on the iQ, anyone able to confirm how much they normally have to put in to fill it up? I'm in the habit of using almost 5 litres of washer fluid in the Yaris Hybrid & the Rav4 I've both had recently. I can't remember how much I used to have to put in with the last iQ I had to fill it up from empty though. I found after I got the car home from the garage when I bought it that the washer bottle was empty, only a dribble left in it. I therefore topped it up,
  10. Thanks Folks, much appreciated. Hi Bob, no they are just the standard iQ2 wheels I believe, same wheel style as the standard iQ1 aloys but the iQ2 wheels have a deep Gloss finish on them to make them different. Might have to change the front tyres though. The fronts are new but cheap Rovelo RHP780P which I've never heard off. The back wheels still have the Bridgestone Ecopia EP25k fitted. Anyone hear of the Rovelos and any idea if they are any good? Cheers Gordon
  11. Hello folks, Not been in for a while, at least 2 years ...oops.. Well, having been iQ less for 2 years, I've only just gone & bought another 2nd hand one. Its a 2012 iQ2 model same age as my last one, with only 1 owner and 22,000 on the clock. I've attached some pics. The last one was also a burnt orange but was an iQ1 but did have the Custom leather seats fitted. This one being the iQ2 has the next spec up but not the leather seats. I'm on the hunt now for a set of leather seats same as I had to fit to it if I can to match the old car's interior as well as trying to makes sure
  12. Not sure if this helps you barry, but when I had my 2012 model year iQ, I used to carefully brim the car each time and keep an accurate mileage and MPG log. The bottom strip would normally start flashing at about 4.5 to 5 litres left in the tank for me, or for me about 55 miles I'd think. The most I ever got into the tank and filler neck was 32.010 litres, must have been on fumes by then 8-) When my RAV4 (2013 but previous style) gives me a fuel warning, its normally still got about 10-11 litres left in it or approx 90 miles by my average mpg.
  13. Yep! Struggle with that one myself! Nought wrong with old Fiat Pandas, salt o the earth the are.. I did prefer the "new panda" that came out in 2003 though. I had two of them in 4x4 form between 2005 and 2012. Traded the last one in for the iQ. Brilliant little cars, like a mountain Goat could really go anywhere. I did buy an Urban Cruiser as an alternative as well but found it very uncomfortable so ended up having to change it for a RAV4. Sorry, drifting off topic...
  14. As a relative newbie to the Hybrid world I thought I'd give an observation to this. I used to spend a lot of time in the iQ forum because I had an iQ, but now I spend most of my time here in the Hybrid / Toyota Prius forum, because i've a Yaris Hybrid Excel. I admit I've never really looked at the Yaris Forum (no offence to those lovely people there ), because I find but my interest is primarily in the Hybrid aspects of the car rather than the Yaris itself. I'm finding there's a lot of Hybrid technology discussions here re subjects common to all the Toyota Hybrid cars that would be lost in th
  15. Yes i suppose it was a bit of a jump Dark Matter, but we use the iQ & now the Yaris as the daily commute car, the Mrs and me car share to work each day. We do about 17,000 miles a year on the daily run, 35 miles each way, so wanted something as economic and comfortable as the iQ or even better. We have a previous model Rav4 for big jobs and long runs but it's not cheap to run like the iQ. We're planning to hold onto it long term cos its a very good old faithful pack horse of a car so we're trying to limit the millage we're doing in it to keep it as good as possible for the long haul. We fe
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