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  1. Good luck. Just be prepaired to spend about 1000-2000 pounds on it :) I also added exhaust muffler now. Cheap, for 10£ but looks good. And also planning to buy (one day...this year) new gear knob from here: http://www.customredback.com/
  2. Its easy to paint. I did it myself and it was my first time. You can do better with priming first then doing some extra layers etc etc. I did it simply: bought Hammerite paint (or can use spray as i did on my rear drums. But calipers have spots where is harder to reach without spraying entire brake disc) http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_167933_langId_-1_categoryId_255239 A simple brush, Sandpaper. Wire brush. Also can buy some kind of stuff which cleans metal surface but i wasn't using it. Lift a car on 2 jacks (so you could do both sides in one go). Make sure your car won't slip back. Take the alloys off. Clean the calipers well. And simply use a brush to apply first layer of paint. Try to cover each visible spot. Take your time. Then wait for 1-2 hours to let paint to dry. Don't do it on wet and rainy day. More sun more heat-faster it will dry. Repaint again. Leave for another 30min-1 hour. Repaint again. Let ir dry for another 30min-1h, put the alloys back on and leave the car overnight. For the next day or two you may smell burning paint then driving. At least i could smell it but it will go away. I did the same with rear drums just with the spray and some tape to cover spots i didn't want to spray. Btw i have a baby on the way so i may have to sell this car and buy a bigger one (Don't want to sell it now ;) )
  3. Bought on ebay with prime only. Then i had roof and mirrors planned to respray i also payed for spoiler spray and fitting. I wouldnt do that myself if i wouldnt have experience. Spoiler itself cost 60 pounds fitting and painting 70. But only because i did roof and mirrors aswell. If you look at ebay the prices of spoilers can vary from 60 to 300. Most expencive doesnt mean better.
  4. on ebay.co.uk. Aygo side stripes. It was 19.99 as i see now its not available anymore. There was several options of design. But there are similar ones. Areal was on ebay too. Quite cheap i think, about 3-5 pounds. But the radio signal is worse with short one. I dont listen radio much anyway. To add side stripes took me about 2 hours (ask a friend for help coz 4 hands are better to hold). Clean very carefuly and use the instructions because basicaly you have only 1 shot to make it perfect. If you stick it wrong you wont have another chance to fix it.
  5. Hi Rob, just joined club. Aygo on order. Planning to do some smaller changes to it(as it's new) yours looks smart. Very smart .Have sorted roof spoiler(ebay) fancy larger wheels, any ideas? will get TRD decals rear screen & side stripes I don't know about the modifying new cars but be careful with your warranty. You may loose it if you add spoiler or alloys yourself. Decals and stripes shouldnt affect your warranty as same as modifications inside the car like seat covers, trims around dashboard or neons somewhere in interior, better speakers/sub. By adding everything i did on my car my insurance went up from 280 to 440/year. Im pretty sure you will loose warranty if you add spoiler and/or alloys/or tint windows.
  6. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/147978-my-red-aygo-almost-done/#entry1274543 thats my aygo. Just painted door handles from inside today in red coz i had some spray left. Although all of these did increase my insurance from 280 pound to 440.
  7. Few more upgrades: painted calipers and rear brake drums Red trim around dashboard AYGO side stripes added today I think im done with it now. :) EDIT: nop. just sprayed the door handles from inside in red color. Looks nice, didn't do any photos.
  8. Hi. Want to share some pictures of my 2006 Aygo. Bought as standard, invested about 1500 pounds into it to look like this. Its not over yet, planning to respray rear brake drum in black and front calipers in red and thinking about some decals on the sides. Maybe it will be helpful for others who also planning to do some changes on their aygo's. Lenso 15" Samurai D1R alloys with 195/45/15 tyres ~ £630. Rear brake drums and calipers respray ~ £35 if you buy paint yourself, i was quoted £80 to do it at garage. Windows tinted for £90 in lime black 5% Spoiler itself = £70 on ebay Roof, mirrors respray in black+spoiler respray & fitting = £400 seat covers = £47 custom car mats ~ £40-50 resprayed rev counted and fan rings myself with the can of red paint. Mixed the right paint at halfords for £17. You just need to say the color code and wait. Steering wheel cover £10 (now i took it away coz it was slightly too big). Audio speakers Pioneer TS-g1021i 4" and TS-g1022i 4" (you can choose any brand for any price but the size that matters here. If you buy bigger ones than 4" you may find it difficult to install. To be honest the sound quality is better but still poor because the tiny speakers can't do any BOOM BOOM stuff. For base you may need to look for under seat subwoofer or one in a back). Toyota Seat belt pads from amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_16/276-6890019-5112436?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=toyota%20seat%20belt%20pads&sprefix=toyota+seat+belt%2Caps%2C273&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Atoyota%20seat%20belt%20pads Gear knob and new red leather cover. Leather cover takes so time to change because you need to take the plastic frame carefuly and sew the new one on (my wife helped with this one :D ) For more extreme gear knob fans i would recommend to look for these ones and if you buy please post some pictures because i am thinking about one myself but its not a priority at the moment. http://customredback.com/ Peek a boo sticker £1.89 :D Tiny areal with red tip :) More upgrades below
  9. Installed them yet?? how are they? The ones I mentioned earlier really aren't that great...we live and learn, I got advice from a local car audio specialist and will be buying some decent ones as recommended by him...I haven't cut the cables to the original tweeters as I am fitting an 800w under seat sub/amp.....(it just fits) and was told to leave them as I will need as much treble as possible... Yes. Installed pioneer TS G-1021i into rear doors. I think its better than 1022i or 1023i models coz i have enough tweeters already. Did cut the wires, connected the ones which was with the speakers, used some tape. Evenknow it sais 10 cm speakers holes for the screws doesnt really fit exactly. I used a force to push them in, bended a screw a bit but it went in. It is better than original speakers but only louder. If you really wanna base-forget to get it from 4" speakers. For base the best thing would be subwoofer+amplifier 2in1 under seat unit. But im fine without it coz the wiring would be much more difficult.
  10. Ah, i already installed them without disconnecting that wire. Yes it quite a lot of "high" sound so i bought rear ones dual cone without any tweeters. Going to install them now.
  11. Yeah i saw them. So basicaly as i understand the best way to install speakers without cutting anything is to use 4" in front and 4" in rear? Or there is some 6.5" speakers which would fit without cutting anything? And once more, anyone knows would be the difference in sound if i would use coaxial ones in a back or dual cone? EDIT: did some "investigation" myself and took off front and rear speakers off. I hope this info will be usefull for others not so skilled engineers like myself :) Firstly, took off dashboard speaker off. Was really easy. Here is what i found: Rear doors: to remove the plastic part all you need to do is unscrew 3 bolts and carefully use force to take whole plastic part off at once. But be carefull. Inside everything is more simply than i thought: The speaker itself is same 10cm size as front ones so as i understand the easiest way to replace them for better ones without cutting anything is buy x4 10cm speakers. Here is the connection for rear ones: So i still have few questions who understands about it more than me: What about Omh's? On standard ones sais 6, Pioneer TS-G1022i has 4Ohms. Would be any problem with that? I don't know what connection the new ones would have but would i need to use Aygo speaker adaptor leads like this one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Aygo-Speaker-Adaptor-Lead-PC2-824-/260491730567?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item3ca6845e87 And last one, is it ok for the sound quality to put 4 coaxial speakers instead of 2 coaxial in a dashboard and 2 dual cone (without tweeters as i understand) in a back?
  12. Hi mates. Im modifying my aygo, already resprayed roof, mirrors, added spoiler. Gonna do more things like alloys and windows tinting but now i want to upgrade these "very good" standard speakers. My car is 2006 aygo sport and it has dashboard speakers and rear doors ones. I was browsing forums and desided to put: pioneer TS-G1022i 10cm ones in front http://www.pioneer.eu/uk/products/25/131/201/TS-G1022i/page.html and i need an advise about rear ones. Thinking about Pioneer TS-G1723i coaxial: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pioneer-TS-G1723i-3-Way-Coaxial-Speakers/dp/B006NU56F0 or Pioneer TS-G1721i Dual Cone speakers http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pioneer-TS-G1721i-17cm-Dual-Speakers/dp/B006NU55EC/ref=pd_sxp_f_pt The thing is would it be a difference? Because 1723 has tweeters mounted inside so as dashboard ones. And 1721i works more as a bass speakers? Which ones would be better? And anyone installed these into your own Aygo? Any difficulties installing rear ones or they fit perfectly? Depth seems ok but what about diameter? Thanks for answers.
  13. No, i didn't use original toyota oil filter. Used Halfords one (probably crap, but can a filter be so important?) C_U Jimi. Sound is in a background of normal engine sound. as i said, kinda poor sound quality. At video link to youtube i posted the timing then it can be heard best. In real, its much more louder. Plus some of the reasons cannot be the problem since its rattling only in gear and its fine in idle.
  14. Any ideas? planning to go to garage but would be better at least to know what to look for first.
  15. Hello Toyota owners. Recently i bought my aygo. Its 2006 and done 100k miles (yes, a lot, was used on motorway probably), drove back home, parked it into garage, kept there for few weeks, changed engine oil (used castrol magnatec 5w30 fully) , filter, gearbox oil. Started driving and after 2 or 3 days (or it was from the start, i just didn't notice it) heard a strange rattling sound coming from the engine. Tried to google for it but there are countless of different sounds and countless possible problems starting with poor quality petrol and ending with water pumps, oil pressures, timming chains or bearings. As far as i noticed i get this sound on cold engine, only from ~1800 rpm's and only then accelerating in gear, no sound in idle. Then engine gets hot rattling disappears or very very quiet. I tried to record this sound with my phone so sound quality isnt the best. Plus it become even worse after uploading to youtube, so please, listen loud and i hope you hear it. Below the video i left a comment then it rattles the loudest. Thanks for your advises. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE9QcLC5CVE i also attach short version for winamp or any other program to listen: Voice 002 (1).mp3
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