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  1. Lustral

    white smoke

    Normal id say , its just condensation within the exhaust that is getting exhausted out :) Usually happens when the car is started from cold. Usually should go within a few minutes.
  2. Lustral

    Car advice

    I would say as good to be honest , no turbo or anything to worry about
  3. Lustral

    Car advice

    Only the Swift Sport older version with the 5 speed manual. A lot quicker than any Yaris's , however that boot is tiny. Handling is pretty good if not better than the Yaris , but the ride is very firm though.
  4. Lustral

    Car advice

    Again it is ok , but I hardly use mine , I prefer using my iPhone with the Waze app , I also have TomTom installed just in case.
  5. Lustral

    Car advice

    It has to be proper wet and dirty to render the camera totally usable. If it is just normal rain , it should be still ok. but a quick wipe sorts it out.
  6. Lustral

    Car advice

    The Fiesta infotainment system is tiny compared to the Yaris. and it looks a bit naff as well.
  7. Lustral

    Car advice

    Yeah i have the Nav on mine , it was thrown in free of charge when i got the car. Im guessing you can get the GPS module to add to the existing Touch , but they are quite expensive. Circa £500-£700 ...
  8. Not impressed with my dealer at the moment , its in for the MOT at a Snows Dealer , and somehow the rear driver side has got a puncture on it ..... Never had a puncture on this car in almost 4 years .... makes me a bit dubious to say the least However i could have picked it up driving to the dealer this morning .. Anyways they will not patch it up , as they say it unrepairable , and try to sell me a new tyre of completely different brand & model. So i will have to limp it and get it replaced with the same brand & model on Tuesday. Also i had issues with the exhaust and some rattling on the driver side door , and they mention that they cant look at it as it is not covered under warranty. Needless to say i wont be using them for my next service.
  9. Lustral

    Car advice

    They are not as standard , but they are an optional extra. It has a reversing camera which is more than adequate for parking maneuvers.
  10. Lustral

    Car advice

    Not on the SR , I believe it is only on the Excel model that has automatic lights / wipers . Personally I find them a hindrance on the Golf which seems to turn on the lights and or wipers at the most annoying times .
  11. Lustral

    Car advice

    If you google hard enough , you will find a guide on what parts to order and a guide to install it.
  12. Lustral

    Car advice

    It is 'ok' on the motorway , keeps up with traffic without much issues , overtaking you will need to plan a little ahead. The SR doesn't have cruise control as standard , but you can retrofit on if needed. Noise level wise , its tolerable and you don't need to shout to hear other passengers.
  13. Lustral

    Car advice

    Im lucky to get 40 MPG at the moment out of it ;) but then again i do drive with a lead foot. But it does beat the Golf that i have which is in the low 30s at the moment. Having said that , you should get 40 something without issue at all , as long as you are easy and dont use that SPORT button too much.
  14. Lustral

    Car advice

    Picture of my SR when it was clean last Saturday
  15. Lustral

    Car advice

    I had mine coming up to the 4th year ownership , purchased from new. Minimal scratches on the plastic near the doors foot scuff area and near the gearbox location otherwise all other areas are in good condition. Right handside of the drivers seat leather bloster in my SR looks a little worn , but nothing a leather revitaliser will sort that out. The front of my SR has lots of small stone chips , but that is expected. I got the Chilli Red version and not the darker metallic version Remember the Yaris is car that does what it says on the tin and not a luxury motor with top notch materials inside. It does the job :) Let me know what else about the car you want answering :)