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  1. Hi Keith, I have not at the moment, I only need it for occasional use with a small trailer. As I do not want the towbar to be stuck out all the time I will be going for a detachable. I was hoping for a completely hidden bracket as was the one on my SR. As the rear bumper travels a long way forward on the Invincible it will require a substantial hole to be cut but this appears to go for any bracket, fixed or detachable. I am looking at the Thule or the Westfailia and prices appear to be around sub £600 fitted with the correct electrics. In younger days I would have fitted it myself but time mar
  2. Thanks, I know of them. Regards Brian
  3. Hi Dave, thanks for your response. Went on the site and they say they could not offer one to suit. They appear to stop at 2013. At the moment I am thinking of the Westfalia with the vertical socket or the Witter which is horizontal and shows all the steel work below the bumper. I like the neatness of the Westfalia. Regards, Brian
  4. Hi Folks. I am thinking of fitting a towbar to my Invincible. I want a detachable and preferably hidden behind the bumper when removed. Single electrics. I am assuming that the bumper will require cutting but obviously would want this kept to the minimum. Any advice or information would be gratefully accepted. Regards and thanks, Brian
  5. Never used them but these are local to me, might be worth a try. http://www.northwestpropshafts.com/ Regards Brian
  6. Mechman

    B9017 Dab

    Thanks guys. The information is greatly appreciated. For the moment normal radio is fine. Regards Brian.
  7. Mechman

    B9017 Dab

    I have just sold my XT5 (it now lives with a very nice TOC family member) and bought a D-CAT SR (61 plate). This is fitted with the B9017 Satnav unit. It is listed as DAB but when the MW/DAB button is pressed I only get the MW. Do I need to buy any add-on to enable the DAB side? The radio is excellent and at the push of a button it will play and control all the music recorded on my iphone5 without the need of any connection but Bluetooth. Thanks in advance, Brian
  8. I have just fitted a towbar to my SR (2011/61 Plate) I bought a detachable Titan from PF Jones with the vertical socket and it is fully hidden behind the bumper. I used a dedicated wiring loom and it works very well. I have been told by someone who fits them for a living that the bar is actually built by Westfailia. The whole lot was around £227. Very good service with a qualitity looking bar. The electrics cut the rear fogs, do not cut the bleepers and it says that, whilst there is no audible signal for the indicators, if one fails the indicator speed doubles.
  9. I took the standard check strap off my XT5 and fitted the one from an SR (no spare wheel on the door). The door now swings a full 90 degs and the spare wheel is still within the vehicle line. I fitted a set of red LEDs on the edge of the door wired into the door switch. This necessary as the spare wheel covers the offside tail light when fully open. As the XT5 has full satnav I fitted a reversing camera as well.
  10. Hi I do not the club rules, but my XT5 is up for sale at the end of January. 9th Feb 07 (56), petrol, automatic, 50000 miles. Fully serviced from new by Mr T. As I pay monthly for service contract it will have a full service and MOT in Jan/Feb. 61 SR auto on its way. Brian
  11. O.K.. Using a B9004 with the Xcarlink and Iphone4S. Setup. With the radio out, I drilled a hole in the top left hand corner of the cubby hole infront of the gear lever. In a previous life this was probably the pull out ash tray. I pulled the iphone lead out out through this and initially stood the phone upright in the cupholder. I then stuck the carlink to the top of the cubby hole and replaced the radio. Operation. Playing with the setup, it appears that if you just connect the phone and then switch on the radio and double click the CD button, the radio plays the phone from where ever it left
  12. My 2007 XT5 is fitted with the B9004 Sat Nav unit and basically you do not have the facility to play an Ipod unless an upgrade has been fitted. What I had to do was buy the extra kit and then fit it as a plug in behind the unit. You have to remove it from the dash to do this. http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1439.l2649 Check this out and you will see what was needed. When fitted, if you press the CD button twice it looks for any auxilary input. There are many good strings in the club covering unit removal and replacement and I do not doubt that several offers of help will follow if required. Good L
  13. Try this from past postings. Replacement Stero Or Ipod Connection Started by Mtalhead72, Jan 17 2013 09:00 PM
  14. I bought a disc from here. Had it a few months and so far has worked fine. http://www.satnavi.com/toyota.php
  15. Thats OK. I am happy with the system anyway. As apposed to the single disc B9004 it allows you to play the full range with very little hassle. Again, regards and thanks. Brian
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