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  1. Hi Keith, I have not at the moment, I only need it for occasional use with a small trailer. As I do not want the towbar to be stuck out all the time I will be going for a detachable. I was hoping for a completely hidden bracket as was the one on my SR. As the rear bumper travels a long way forward on the Invincible it will require a substantial hole to be cut but this appears to go for any bracket, fixed or detachable. I am looking at the Thule or the Westfailia and prices appear to be around sub £600 fitted with the correct electrics. In younger days I would have fitted it myself but time marches on. Dearest price was Toyota at around £720. Please note I was quoted single electrics. Harness and additional wiring could add another £100 for van electrics. Just an observation, the two I am looking at appear to remove the existing crash bar from behind the bumper and replace it with the bracket steel work. On others the bracket was under slung and was fully visible across the width of the vehicle. I do not know if this matters to you. Regards, Brian
  2. Thanks, I know of them. Regards Brian
  3. Hi Dave, thanks for your response. Went on the site and they say they could not offer one to suit. They appear to stop at 2013. At the moment I am thinking of the Westfalia with the vertical socket or the Witter which is horizontal and shows all the steel work below the bumper. I like the neatness of the Westfalia. Regards, Brian
  4. Hi Folks. I am thinking of fitting a towbar to my Invincible. I want a detachable and preferably hidden behind the bumper when removed. Single electrics. I am assuming that the bumper will require cutting but obviously would want this kept to the minimum. Any advice or information would be gratefully accepted. Regards and thanks, Brian
  5. Never used them but these are local to me, might be worth a try. Regards Brian
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    B9017 Dab

    Thanks guys. The information is greatly appreciated. For the moment normal radio is fine. Regards Brian.
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    B9017 Dab

    I have just sold my XT5 (it now lives with a very nice TOC family member) and bought a D-CAT SR (61 plate). This is fitted with the B9017 Satnav unit. It is listed as DAB but when the MW/DAB button is pressed I only get the MW. Do I need to buy any add-on to enable the DAB side? The radio is excellent and at the push of a button it will play and control all the music recorded on my iphone5 without the need of any connection but Bluetooth. Thanks in advance, Brian
  8. I have just fitted a towbar to my SR (2011/61 Plate) I bought a detachable Titan from PF Jones with the vertical socket and it is fully hidden behind the bumper. I used a dedicated wiring loom and it works very well. I have been told by someone who fits them for a living that the bar is actually built by Westfailia. The whole lot was around £227. Very good service with a qualitity looking bar. The electrics cut the rear fogs, do not cut the bleepers and it says that, whilst there is no audible signal for the indicators, if one fails the indicator speed doubles.
  9. I took the standard check strap off my XT5 and fitted the one from an SR (no spare wheel on the door). The door now swings a full 90 degs and the spare wheel is still within the vehicle line. I fitted a set of red LEDs on the edge of the door wired into the door switch. This necessary as the spare wheel covers the offside tail light when fully open. As the XT5 has full satnav I fitted a reversing camera as well.
  10. Hi I do not the club rules, but my XT5 is up for sale at the end of January. 9th Feb 07 (56), petrol, automatic, 50000 miles. Fully serviced from new by Mr T. As I pay monthly for service contract it will have a full service and MOT in Jan/Feb. 61 SR auto on its way. Brian
  11. O.K.. Using a B9004 with the Xcarlink and Iphone4S. Setup. With the radio out, I drilled a hole in the top left hand corner of the cubby hole infront of the gear lever. In a previous life this was probably the pull out ash tray. I pulled the iphone lead out out through this and initially stood the phone upright in the cupholder. I then stuck the carlink to the top of the cubby hole and replaced the radio. Operation. Playing with the setup, it appears that if you just connect the phone and then switch on the radio and double click the CD button, the radio plays the phone from where ever it left off and you can just track up or down on the wheel. I have not yet worked out where it jumps to. However, if you turn the phone on and select music before the radio is switched on, the music selection on the phone stays valid and you can choose music at will using the music icons on the phone. As normal, after a few moments the phone screen switches off and goes blank. If you then scroll up or down on the wheel it comes back on showing the album and song title being played. You can also just touch the phone screen and it comes back on line and you can then scroll through your albums and choose a new song. Obviously any responsible driver would not do this whilst driving. Regards Brian
  12. My 2007 XT5 is fitted with the B9004 Sat Nav unit and basically you do not have the facility to play an Ipod unless an upgrade has been fitted. What I had to do was buy the extra kit and then fit it as a plug in behind the unit. You have to remove it from the dash to do this. Check this out and you will see what was needed. When fitted, if you press the CD button twice it looks for any auxilary input. There are many good strings in the club covering unit removal and replacement and I do not doubt that several offers of help will follow if required. Good Luck Brian
  13. Try this from past postings. Replacement Stero Or Ipod Connection Started by Mtalhead72, Jan 17 2013 09:00 PM
  14. I bought a disc from here. Had it a few months and so far has worked fine.
  15. Thats OK. I am happy with the system anyway. As apposed to the single disc B9004 it allows you to play the full range with very little hassle. Again, regards and thanks. Brian
  16. Dont understand why you cant adjust or select from the steering wheel cos my one does it perfectly.. Are you absolutely sure you have the correct unit ? There are many just for Toyotas ......................... Edit.. Looking at you Ebay link suggests you have the wrong one.. Cant see the B9004 in the pictures they supply to help with compatibility ?? They list RAV4 2003 onwards and the unit is a direct plug in. Also the iphone is shown in the main picture right next to the unit. As I have 52 CD s on the Iphone I do not expect 6 buttons to cover these. On the wheel, volume control is as normal and I can seek up and down song to song. Mode still cycles through radio as normal. Are you saying that from switching the radio on and selecting CD you can then cycle through 52 discs and choose the one you want and play from the wheel? I have not set the albums as playlists and I wonder if it could be a phone setting rather than the car itself. Thanks for your input. Regards Brian
  17. I have just fitted the X Carlink to my RAV with a B9004 unit. It gives good quality sound but the control is not fully available at the steering wheel. I find that the best way is to set the Iphone playing and then plug in to the radio. When you press the CD button twice, the radio connects to the Iphone and plays from there. When you press audio on the radio, 3 of the 6 buttons appear to forward to the next album but 4,5 and 6 do not appear to do anything. When you unplug the phone and replug it later it starts off from where it stops. The steering wheel controls do operate volume and scroll up and down. Hopefully this is the Ebay link where I bought the kit.
  18. Mmmmm Not sure why you have such a palaver to access the music ? The X car-link unit allows everything to be accessed via the steering wheel controls and displays the track being played on the nav screen.. Its a simple plug it in item and if a clown like me can fit it anyone can.. Was this with a B9004 and can you search through different albums/playlists from the wheel when travelling?
  19. Update. I have fitted the unit, this is Toyota Part PZA73-00261-01. (This the same unit shown being installed in the link referred to by Gus in his posting above. Anchorman has covered it fully). First, the positives. The unit does plug staight into the B9004 and connects to the ipod/iphone. Mine is a 4S. The 9004 charges the player, and music quality and volume match the existing internal CD player. Pressing the CD button cycles between the iplayer and the CD player. The external player reacts the same as usual when an incoming phone call is received. Now the negatives. when the iplayer is connected it comes up with a fixed page "Accessory Connected" and is frozen and cannot be over ridden. To play the music you have to select what you want and set it playing before connecting to the 9004. It will then play the selected album or playlist. If you stop playing using the radio and then restart it appears to pick up where it left off. You have volume and skip up and down on the steering wheel. The only display on the screen when Audio is selected is an option showing for 6 tracks or discs but they have no relevance and no other information is shown. Just turning the 9004 off does not release the iplayer. you have to unplug or switch the ignition off. Just for the record, I drilled a 28 dia hole through the top left hand side of the back wall of the cubby hole in front of the gear lever and passed the wire through it. With the iplayer plugged in it just sits in the cup holder. Thanks to the TOC team. Brian
  20. Hi Tony, out of interest, which Sony unit did you go for? I replaced my B9004 unit with a XNV-L77BT and I find it an improvement in most circumstances. Certainly the TomTom mapping is cheaper to update. I managed to pick up a XNV-L66BT for a very good price, while I wanted a 77 the price premium now they have been discontinued was just too big a nit on the wallet. I love the TomTom mapping (once you get MyTomTom to work properly!!!), certainly cheap to keep up to date. Music wise it's excellent, I would like to have a proper 'Random' play function from where you are in the music directory on USB so ALL Music or Artist Or Album. I may look at making a few music DVD's with everything in one directory (although IIRC there is a limit to the number of files in a directory) which might work. Blue tooth is great, although having multiple devices connected at the same time would be really helpful (Work Phone and Personal Phone for example), and Blue tooth music is good . . .but limited to the same 'functions' as USB/CD Love the rear camera input . . . complements the Beep Beeps well . . . Allows me to part within a cm of another car . . . as some Merc driver found out :D . . got him quite worried for some reason. Brian, I have no idea if it will fit the B9004, but it is no use to me at all (I have an allergey to anything i related :D ), so PM me your address and I'll stick it in the post, if it works make a donation to Kingos Movemeber appeal. Hi Tony. Thanks for the "bit", it arrived very promptly and who knows it may even work. Looking at photographs of the rear of the radio one socket looks a possible. As per your request a donation has been forwarded to Kingo's Movember appeal. Enjoy the hols. Brian
  21. Hi Tony. If you think it may fit the 9004 i would be interested in trying it. Let me know what you want for it and how best to progress it. Regards and thanks. Brian
  22. Hi all. I have just upgraded to an Iphone 4S. Does anyone know of a suitable kit to allow playing of tunes etc through the B9004. My present Nokia handles calls etc through BT and I have all necessary phone numbers already individually inputted as I know that the B9004 will not accept a full transfer. The B9004 is a single play and on a long journey it is a bit of a bind along with disc storage. The usual thanks go out to all who can help. Regards Brian
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    99P Tailgate Mod

    Thanks for the reminder Brian - it was your post that prompted me into nearly getting it done at the time but OBE unfortunately............... You are welcomeBrian
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    99P Tailgate Mod

    Hi Davrav. If it is of any help check out "Rear Door Mod". I fitted the LEDs to my XT5. Regards Brian