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  1. Sorry, did you say cabin heating at 18C? I don't even go that low to cool down in the summer! 😁
  2. Conditions are everything. 15-20mpg can go just from weather. Cold temperatures - anything below about 5 degrees really starts to impact. Wet roads - the extra drag is considerable and wrecks coasting. Easily 5-10mpg gone right there. Wind - despite the slippery shape of the car, a headwind can reduce coasting time as well. Low tyre pressures are a factor, but not as much as conditions. Engine oil type being too thick will drop mpg too. There could also be a problem with the car, obviously, but that's not the first place to look. Anyway, it could be worse. Last w
  3. I don't know if it's got a 360 cam, but it really doesn't need one and I wouldn't pay extra to get it. The parking sensors and MFD proximity display, along with the rear cam (as long as you've cleaned it that day), offer everything you need for precision parking.
  4. As Alan says, it does warm up quickly with the seat heater. However, I do find it annoying that the pre-heat function doesn't operate the seat heater even if it is left switched on, so whilst the cabin is warmed the seat is still chilly.
  5. Annoyingly, there is just one mpKwh record on the MFD rather than the mutiple trip meters for mpg, and it only resets when you manually change it. It's therefore not as easy to track as mpg. It's probably also as questionable as the mpg readings in terms of accuracy. I did a few experiments manually resetting before individual journeys. On a nice dry summer morning with no AC and perfect driving conditions, I averaged just over 6 mpKwh which took me nearly 38 miles on electric-only power. That doesn't add up - if I was really doing 6+ then I should have travelled well over 40 miles on the
  6. No, I think it's Toyota Europe's strategy to maximise profit by giving us as little as they think they can get away with. The US Prius models are always better specified than what we get over here, including full electric adjustment for the seats and a completely different ICE setup with a big screen and mobile app linking. They probably even get the full un-crippled adaptive headlights, too! Still, it's probably the right strategy, given that it didn't stop any of us on here from buying one.
  7. From what I read on Priuschat, I believe the Gen2 PHV charges the 12v after it's finished charging the traction battery and is still plugged in, whereas the Gen1 charges both at the same time. Earlier this year I left my car for an extended period of time without using it (but still plugged in) and had no issues with the 12v so I'm pretty sure it charges it.
  8. Nice read, well written. Thanks for posting.👍
  9. Yeah, seconded and thirded here. Utterly worthless. However, I think the audible speed alerts the OP was after are based on the navigation map's records of speed limits not RSA. They're hardly the last word in accuracy either, though.
  10. The audible speed limit warning should be under the 'Map' option in settings. I can't remember where the speed camera audible warning is hidden away - possibly in the same place. I know it used to come on really loud and scare the bejesus out of me until I eventually tracked it down and killed it.
  11. I don't suppose the headlights work any better either?
  12. If you've got another green one, a respray would be a good start... 😁
  13. Yes Alan, it's normal. Completely stupid, but normal, and confirmed by Toyota UK as per this thread: The good news is that there is a very effective solution, which is to adjust the dipped beams up so that they aren't pointing at the floor like the factory sets them. Phil T shows how here: This provides enough dipped beam light to drive safely up to 40mph, when the AHBs will kick in. However, I actually don't bother with them now because although the shuttering is 95% effective for oncoming traffic it doesn't seem to be so good when there's traffic in front going in the same direct
  14. Interesting. Perhaps that's a 2019 update. Mine never leaves Eco mode, but still fires up the ICE on front demist.
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