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  1. You sir are a genius, a prince amongst men. Charged the battery up and it turned over instantly! That'll teach me to think I have a clue and ignore the simple stuff.
  2. Well now, that would certainly explain why I couldn't find it :D Many thanks for that, at least I know I'm not going crazy. Anyone any ideas where else might have got water in that I could check?
  3. Hi All, I've done something rather stupid in cleaning my engine bay with some warm soapy water. I thought I was being super careful but, clearly, not careful enough and now the engine won't start. I've tried airing it out, leaving it several days to completely dry but to no avail. When attempting to start I get maybe half a turn or so then eventually just the clicking noise and not engine turn over at all. Given that the engine does sometimes try to turn over I assume that the battery is fine and I've taken out the ignition coils (but not the spark plugs since I don't have the right tool) but there doesn't appear any moisture in there (the plastic engine cover was on so pretty unlikely anyway). The other obvious area to check is the distributor cap but I can't for the life of me find it! Looking at the engine from the front on I can follow the leads from the spark plugs over to the right-centre of the bay where they dip down between the engine block and the battery area but I can't see where the distributor is. Not sure If I'm just being stupid and it's obvious to anyone who's done this before (I've never had to locate a distributor cap before this) or the Celica Gen 7 is a bit different but I'd always assumed it was one of the obvious, easy to get to components of an engine. I've looked for a Haynes manual but there doesn't seem to be a Gen 7 one, looked on this forum and others but can't find anything except the huge official workshop PDF online but despite going into huge detail on every bit of the ignition system I can't find any mention of the distributor. Anyone help me out? (or suggest any other areas to look at to fix the issue) Thanks Steve
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums indieinferno :)