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  1. Hi. I have a faulty head unit in my 2002 350Z. It's a Japanese import vehicle, with a factory-fitted Bose stereo - the same, I believe, as fitted to UK cars. The head unit has a problem with skipping CDs and I would like to replace it - without paying for a new one! I can source Bose head units for more recent 350's, but I understand that the Bose stereo was replaced by a different design in 2003 so I need one that pre-dates that change. However, I am wondering how much work would be involved in fitting a head unit from a 2003 & onwards car? If anyone knows what my options might be (other than buying a new unit from Nissan) I would appreciate the advice. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I will try the sites you suggest - but if anyone reads this post and can help, please respond! Thanks.
  3. Hi. I am trying to find out the part number(s) for the master key, with built-in 2 button remote lock/unlock transmitter, for a Landcruiser Amazon. These details are printed on the reverse of the key fob. (They are just part numbers - I am not asking for the unique key code for your vehicle!) If you own an Amazon (ideally a 1999 model, but other years might be OK) I would really appreciate it if you would post the part numbers. Thanks.
  4. £650 is a reasonable price? Ouch! As you say, you need at least one pre-coded master key to reprogram the ecu using the standard method as used by Toyota dealers (a sequence of locking and unlocking the car, turning the engine on and off, turning the ignition on and off and opening and closing the driver's door). In the absence of a master key it is necessary either to replace the ecu or to re-flash it (Toyota won't do this, but some locksmiths have the capability). £650 seems a rather high price to pay for a lost key, particularly as the ecu re-flashing process is quick and easy. It's not as if the equipment and software is hyper expensive either; there's a guy on ebay selling kits and software for use with a laptop at very reasonable prices. (Unfortunately his software doesn't include the Amazon 4.7.) At $250 in the States versus £650 over here it would be more than worthwhile shipping the ecu to America to be reprogrammed - but no doubt the US programming will differ from ours. So I am still looking for a lower-cost alternative in the UK. If anyone has a solution I would love to hear it! Cheers.
  5. Help! I only have a valet key for my 1999 Amazon 4.7. Without a master key my Toyota dealer tells me that I can't have any other keys electronically matched to the car unless the ecu is replaced. Cost - over £1,200 for the parts alone. Ouch! Checking the internet I see that some companies can re-program the ecu to accept a new master key. I have found a national mobile locksmith who will do this, but even they want £650 (and the cost of the keys will be extra). Does anyone know where I might find a lower price to reprogram the ecu? In America the going rate is just $250. I know we pay more for just about everything over here, but £650 seems a little excessive. I am in Norfolk, but would be quite happy to send my ecu off to be re-programmed if anyone knows of a postal service of this kind. Thanks.
  6. Not too powerful, no - and on LPG it's even worse... It sounds as if we're on the same quest. The 22RE engine recommended by scionic and others sounds good, and for me it will be cheaper to run than a diesel as I can swap the LPG system to the new engine. Still, I could be tempted by a good sized turbo-diesel, so that Nissan engine you mention might be an option. I would be very interested to hear more if you get any further information. Cheers.
  7. Yes, it's definitely the 4Y engine, complete with the glories of a carburettor and an automatic choke. A forklift seems an appropriate home for it... I had hoped to uprate the existing engine as a more straightforwared job than swapping engines. In particular, installing a fuel injected engine to replace a carburettor engine is outside my experience. Time for a word with my friendly local mechanic, I think. As it seems I am looking at a replacement engine, it may well be the 2.4 litre to make things easier - and low-cost. Then again, if I have to play with injection systems and ECU's anyway, a larger engine is tempting. The engines from the States are interesting, but would doubtless involve more expense than I would wish. However, I do notice that the Toyota Surf and 4-Runner have 3 litre petrol engine options. Would I be right in thinking that these engines might bolt straight in to the my Hilux? Thanks.
  8. Whooops - quite right, sorry about that. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. A Supra engine is really more than I am looking for. Of course, I wouldn't object to more power, but the complications involved in fitting such an engine would take it beyond my intended budget. Similarly, a diesel might be the ideal option - but a petrol engine will probably be a simpler and cheaper way to go. (As I have an LPG system fitted fuel costs will be also be less with a petrol engine.) The 2.7 litre Hilux petrol engine sounds very interesting, or perhaps a few performance enhancements to my existing engine. I have now discovered that the existing engine is a 2.2 litre 4Y engine. Does anyone happen to know whether performance parts are available for this engine, and if so where I might find a dealer for them in the UK? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the information, guys - just what I was hoping for. A twin-turbo Supra engine would definitely pep up the performance but is a little over the top for my intentions. A non-turbo Supra engine is interesting, but doubtless beyond my intended budget. A little work on the existing engine, however, sounds just right; I will look into this further. The link provided by stevetubbyturbo gives information on increasing the performance of a 22RE engine. Does this mean that this is the standard engine fitted to my vehicle (1989/90 Hilux 4x4 pickup), or can anyone suggest how I might discover which engine is fitted? Thanks.
  10. I have a manual G-reg Hilux 4x4 pickup - not sure whether it is a late '89 or a 1990 vehicle. It is completely standard other than an LPG dual fuel conversion. I'm not sure what the engine size is - 2.2 litre? - but I would like to increase the power. On the road it's pretty slow when running on petrol, but on LPG it really tests your patience. Off-road (it's a working vehicle), I miss the torque of a decent diesel at low speed. I'm not looking to fit a V8 or anything drastic, although I have considered a 3-litre turbodiesel. However, I suspect this might get expensive - I imagine wiring would need to be revised, new gearing would be needed in the differentials on both axles, perhaps an uprated cooling system... So, does anyone know how I might increase engine power and torque, ideally by about 25%, on a budget of a few hundred pounds? The existing engine should be able to take some extra power - 66,000 miles and in fine shape. Alternatively, would slotting in a second hand higher-capacity petrol engine, maybe a 3-litre, be an option (assuming I can find one cheap enough)? Is there an engine out there that would bolt straight in - and would the driveline take the extra power? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I have a 1999 Land Cruiser Amazon which has been fitted with an LPG tank in the spare wheel well. So I'm wondering where to put the spare wheel. Does anyone know of a spare wheel carrier that could be fitted to the rear of the vehicle - posssibley to fix to the towbar? (It would presumably have to be a swing-out affair, to make rooom for the drop-down tailgate when it is opened.) Alternatively, perhaps a roofrack mounting would be possible? Any advice, together with supplier's details, would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi. I have a 2001 Yaris (Vitz) imported from Japan. The car has a full body kit, which includes body-coloured plastic styling strips across the top of each headlight. They look like eyebrows. One of these eyebrows is damaged. Does anyone know where I might buy a replacement? Thanks.
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